2.3.0e Patch Notes

I'm disappointed and confused as to why in these decisions (discharge buff, shield charge nerf).
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Why would you do that? Why the hell would you do that? :|
See ya in 4.0. Let's hope no big title launches at the same time so there's no delays.
GGG_Neon wrote:
  • Shield Charge now has 20% less area of effect and the maximum distance has been increased from 50 to 60.
  • The number of targets that Discharge can hit has been increased from 20 to 30.
Just rework CoC already.
Max one cast per skill activation or something. Pls.

GGG_Neon wrote:
  • All rare or magic monsters spawned by prophecies now have unusable corpses.
Just rework raise spectre already. God damn..

So many half-solutions lately.
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Knee jerk nerf to something fun. And you buff discharge. What the actual hell is your goal?
We just got to use shield charge. It feels good and is fun. Why on earth nerf it just after we've had a chance to invest into it? Earthquake wasn't touched between leagues, discharge was buffed????, but shield charge needs a nerf mid league? Makes no sense at all.
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I might have to revisit my discharger ;)
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eb0nbane wrote:
Kelvynn wrote:
GGG_Neon wrote:
Fixed a bug where NPCs were not playing their greetings and farewells as often as they should.

Noooooo! Leave it alone! It was a good change. So much better than before!

Please consider making the chance of them playing their greetings/farewells inversely proportional to the player's level. Let them always talk to low level players and STFU when dealing with a lv 90+ player. Nobody will miss their speech if they never say anything again.

This!! SO MUCH this!

not so much THIS! xD i missed my life is precious from siosa
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