2.3.0e Patch Notes

pls dont nerf me shield charge

i worked 2 days on my shield charge dude cause papa mathil was playing it

Bug Report:

If you are walking and you have your mouse over obstacles you can't cast Vortex even though it is a AoE skill centered around your character.

It is pretty annoying for me because I always have my mouse very far away from my character while moving.
Kelvynn wrote:
GGG_Neon wrote:
Fixed a bug where NPCs were not playing their greetings and farewells as often as they should.

Noooooo! Leave it alone! It was a good change. So much better than before!

Please consider making the chance of them playing their greetings/farewells inversely proportional to the player's level. Let them always talk to low level players and STFU when dealing with a lv 90+ player. Nobody will miss their speech if they never say anything again.

This!! SO MUCH this!
Hm, nerf shield charge, buff discharge. Because that makes sense.
oh no people had fun with a melee skill for 3 fucking days, better nerf it already.
Last edited by soulpoetry on Jun 8, 2016, 12:52:20 AM
Honestly the more I think about this nerf the angrier I get. I've never been seriously angry with you guys at GGG for any major decision, balance or otherwise, but right now I'm absolutely fucking outraged - I don't even want to play the game any more tonight : (
The current version of shield charge is very stupid. I'm all for melee buff's but this one was over the top lol. It's a bit more balanced after this patch.

still the discharge buff is lolwut tier.
Last edited by JusJev on Jun 8, 2016, 12:50:05 AM
Balance changes mid-league boys.
No sir, I don't like it.

Shield charge was fine. It had a big aoe, but was balanced by the necessity for a separate single target skill, and its damage isn't exactly monstrous. It was finally viable, then you go and ruin it again. I'm a slayer, so I'll be ok, though it's still a nasty nerf, but any other class is pretty much fucked now if they want to play shield charge.

Then, to top it off, you buff discharge. Why would you do this? Buff an already overused skill and butcher a skill that had been historically useless and was finally seeing some play?

Reconsider this nerf, or at least reduce it. 20% less aoe is way too harsh.

I was really enjoying this character, it's a ton of fun to use shield charge and feels very satisfying. Changes like this really make me not want to keep going with this league. I have other games I've been trying to find time to play, but charging around like a madman has kept me glued to POE. Looks like that's about to change.
Last edited by sfangwb on Jun 8, 2016, 12:57:19 AM
20% LESS. NOT 20% REDUCED. That's huge for anyone not playing slayer. This my dear friends is how you loose players.
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