2.3.0e Patch Notes

xXyueiXx wrote:
So I just updated to the newest patch... man what happened? Not only does my game take forever to load, it's choppy as all hell and won't play properly. I had just turned my computer on to play it, so it can't be that. I upgraded a lot of core parts at christmas so it's basically a brand new machine.
As well since the update with the new sound, the sound likes to cut out every once in awhile and also slows my frame rate down.

I am not impressed. I thought finally after this big patch, loading would be better(I notice it sometimes, but it still feels the same as before even though the game is installed on an SSD).

Otherwise, I love this game. I took a break for a long time and finally came back. I missed it a lot. After the recent patches, I am frustrated to play because it's not working to its fullest and I can't do much about it.

Please fix this.

please fix it
SaiyanZ wrote:
iNotSure wrote:
neonarr wrote:
does the SC 20% less AoE mean = 80% of original
or 20% less radius = 64 % of original ?

As I read it it's 80% of original. When seeing the picture Chris posted it looks like 80% of original.

The AOE looks almost the same to me. Don't see what all the rage is about too. Everyone was raving about the shield charge on the left screen and how fun and good it is. Whilst the one on the right is getting so much hate and everyone is saying it's shit tier.

Playing as a shieldcharger since two days I can definitely feel the difference between the first day pre-patch and after the patch. Luckily I'm leveling to become a slayer but people who don't level to become a slayer are feeling the nerf.

But the AoE isn't even that big of an issue but the maximum distance is. People who play a crappy resolution with a crappy PC wil have problems. You almost have to click ofscreen to get to the maximum distance.
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Start time increase (more) up from 10-30 seconds to 50-100 seconds, nothing change during in-game. Sound still bug, need to wait until I can really start hunting.

I still got freeze lock in Sarn and High Gate. Bonus quality for random not responding when 'exit to character selection screen' while playing (not from login) and random DC when afk for too long.

Can't wait for next patch player-base Phophecy... with other game to play, I finally feel like this league start to have some fun now X3
Devchonka wrote:
ChiefOluk wrote:
Devchonka wrote:
I have still been having issues with all these updates. I feel like the game played better during Perandus league, and I was really hoping the lag would be gone when the Perandus mobs left. There have been some big changes with how the game loads, but the game play is worse with more crashes. Yeah, the game loads up fast, but after I select a character, it's slow to load -- slower than before. And now I can play for an hour and then crash as before I could play for 6 hours with no problems.

I often think to myself that ggg (or whoever is working on these changes, or who is designing the changes) are thinking everyone has gaming rig pc's and they focus on making the game run good for them but don't consider people who have a cheaper pc and like to play the game (except when it crashes, it's no fun anymore). Maybe those of us with cheap, older model pc's don't spend money on the game like those with brand new gaming rigs, but I think a lot of us that have older pc's would spend money on the game if it played better than on a new pc.

Well, I hope you fix the game to play better for us poor people. I just ordered a cheap computer to play the game but it might not be able to play this game... not like this computer is 15 (this computer is 10 years old); the pc I ordered is 6 years old. If it's not good enough, well, I guess I won't be spending money on this game or even be able to play the game if I can't play this game cuz it crashes me, freezes and then crashes, or I have to force close it because it just sits there and I can't do anything.

If I can't play the game, I won't get 36 challenges for sure. The way it's been playing, I might as well find a new game to play. Believe me, I spent money on online games before and stopped playing them when I can't play it. Sure won't put money on a game that I can't play especially, if I could play it before, but the updates are just making it worse for me. Maybe I just need to find a new game to play.

Edit: Formatting.

well glad you atleast corrected my paragraph's and sentences so everyone may better understand wat i wrote but that isnt important what is more important is being able to play the game like before

during pewrandus league i mean this is about the game play experience not wether he or she writes a forum post properly but i guess that is fun for those who love the forums so much im glad to see

atleast 1 person read this too bad you dont work for ggg because then maybe this would b looked into but im sure they are because im not the only one feel free to edit and format this again im sure you have time thanks

broke up the wall of text for easier reading for other users here.
my wife left me

Version 2.3.0f
*Fixed "my wife left me" issue.
super lame and waste of time formatting other peoples posts is this a class for reading and writing or path of exiles you should go run for president with them great skills you have kompaniet.

anyways was going to say those working hard at making the game work for everyone interested in playing poe

whatever yall did yesterday around 5pm pacific time has made a huge improvement thank you
well now its not working, couldnt even load up in town
well so much for positive feedback the game wont last 5 mins now
I don't know what was changed but this patch completely broke the game for me. Every zone is loading way longer than before (even longer than in 2.2) but when I finally load into zone, the game still freezes a lot. My hideout loads 30s, sarn was loading 60s. I tried to load into courtyard map (someone was sharing twinned t13) and after around 2 minutes I loaded for a second and got thrown back to login screen. I also get a lot of disconnects when I zone into towns (sarn especially). It may sound that I'm exaggerating. I wish it was the case. Sadly that's how PoE is "working" for me today.

My spec:
Intel Core i7-4700MQ (2.4 GHz)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M
SC was never meant to be top-tier, end-game, "meta" anything... we get it.
It was meant as niche-filling ... something, OK>
Still dont just go and nerf it when big M or some other twitch guy goes and calls it "not that mellee"
Also facebreakers are seeing some use for lack of viable mellee options. Nerf them again and whet we have as mellee fans is biting the shit out of mobs - maybe introduce a biting helm ?
... or earthQuack ... always earthquake...
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