[3.9] CWDT build using Incinerate as main skill (with videos)


As soon as I have 24 challenges completed with my current build I'll try Incinerate again. I was thinking of using one or two Shade of Solaris wands together with some new items:


I'll try to make the build ES or hybrid with high ES regeneration.

Does anyone have any good ideas for Incinerate?
I've updated the build to 3.1, please see first post
Just saying, for a form of life leech you can use a shaper ring with +15 life gained on hit with spells since incinerate hits very rapidly.

Edit: Nvm you're ES lol
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18-02-2018: added video of T16 Hydra map: https://youtu.be/Q3t_eFBZ-iA
very expensive build from stacking reckless defense jewels and using 900+ es chest. This cannot use a +3 fire staff without dropping defense. Necromancer would be a better acendancy for budget version.


weapon: +3 firestaff
skill: incinerate

Body: Belly/Coil (pseudo aegis defense)
skill: level 1 cwdt+unearth+greater multiple projectile+faster projectiles+volley+spirit offering

180%+ max life
200% energy shield
remaining points to be spend on damage


Thanks, you are right, the build is expensive and will be very difficult to do in a league.
It's not that easy to come up with a viable Incinerate build these days. I might try your suggestion coming league.

Updated the build to POE 3.2
Is this build still hard to play, squishy and stuff? I really like the spell and am thinking about playing a build around it, but not sooo sure right now. Dont want it to just eat currency for nothing.

I posted a video recently of a Minotaur run in 3.2 (https://youtu.be/l27pxdDCI-8)
The clear speed is great and the survivability is great when you use a Xirgil's Crank staff with high (spell)block, but my build IS expensive to setup. It's very easy to play as long as you can block. If I cannot block, I use Vaal Discipline or I use Vaal Breach.

It's still hard to get incinerate working due to the high mana cost of it. Having a decent amount of 'increased projectile speed' is essential as well. If you use a cast while channeling setup using incinerate/firestorm the mana cost is somewhat reduced + you can crit with firestorm, so that helps keeping Elemental Overload active. Another big advantage is that you can gain ES by using a Watcher's eye jewel (ES gained for each enemy hit).

I can recommend this build, but it will require some expensive items to get it working.
Okay, then i will try it and it will my build to throw currency at this league - thank you! I really love the optic of incinerate

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