[3.9] CWDT build using Incinerate as main skill (with videos)

A hungry abyss with incinerate supported by life leech gem gives 10% leech to chaos dmg.

A Vinktar flask gives 20% life leech, a life leech gem gives 2% life leech.
With one legacy Consuming dark + a hungry abyss jewel, this should give: 0.45 * 22 = 9.9% life leech.

Is this what you meant?
Life leech support gem gives 2% physical, 2% fire, 2% cold etc. leech. All that converts to chaos leech for a combined 10% using Hungry Abyss alone. You can then stack Vinter'a on top of that if you choose. 0.45 * 30 = 13.5% leech. I use two consuming darke and I am too poor for Vinters, so I get only .9 * 10 = 9% leech.
Ah, thanks. I'll switch Blind for Life Leech & Warlord's Mark for Temporal Chains in build number 3 (my favorite build) to see how that works out.

Blind though is very effective. I was having trouble with some tier 16 maps with the first two builds, but not with the third build.
Hungry abyss + the life leech gem indeed seem to be broken (gives you 10% life leech), see:



Update: the bug with 'Hyngry Abyss' mentioned above has been fixed by now
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lol incinerate is strong enough to do without all these stupid frills... im doing it ssf and its going great
something I've noticed as playing (only 72 atm) is that mana leech works better to sustain mana than reduced mana cost in my opinion. I'm using a skin of the loyal at the moment and can't change the coloring so I did swap void manipulation with mana leech and reduced mana for lvl 3 empower. I didn't really notice a dps drop though so it's been working great. thanks for the build, I added some of my own stuff but it's been working fantastic so far, and lots of fun to play!
Updated the build to 2.6
Tried updating it to 3.0, please see comment in first post
fgdfshhs wrote:
Tried updating it to 3.0, please see comment in first post

Try to update it to 3.1 please.

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