Announcing the Prophecy Challenge Leagues and 2.3.0 Content Update


to make this clear (for me :P ) :
There is a pasv reset incoming to std on jun 03 ?

Balance Changes

This content update also contains some balance changes. Ascendancy Classes are being reviewed, reworked and rebalanced to ensure they stay competitive with each other across a variety of builds. Sources of chaos damage conversion are being reduced across the board. We are buffing the implicit mods on Wands and Sceptres. In addition, Daggers, Wand and Sceptres will be slightly more likely to roll caster or attack prefixes if they already have related mods.

All players will receive a one-off passive tree reset (including Ascendancy points) so that they can adjust their characters to these changes.
Oh my god, I love purple effects, why not earlier? :). But I wish you would have put the puprle weapon and footprints effect in the supporter pack instead of getting them by challenges. I am not a big fan of doing challenges, it's boring to me :/
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I haven't played in a long time. Oh boy, I've got a lot to catch up on..
Vye wrote:
I haven't played in a long time. Oh boy, I've got a lot to catch up on..

sucks to be you

i love that feeling!
I just realized - so sad that the crazy good Karui ward is only useful for attack builds. Its such a good amulet for levelling a projectile caster as well - with cast speed it would be a godly amulet almost end game viable ...
When Chuck Norris plays PoE masters do his missions
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GGG, you guys rock. Thanks for the amazing content! AND performance improvements! AND gameplay improvements!
did it remove perandus?:) looks promising indeed, but the flashy mass spell casting perandus destroy my computer fps and not likely going to play if it's still there.
The prophecy stuff looks like a nice addition to the end game, with specific goals to hunt for.

And it looks like a good candidate to make it to the "base" game, it would be good to have something new mixed up.

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