Announcing the Prophecy Challenge Leagues and 2.3.0 Content Update


Pale Council+Fated Uniques+New quests+Quest Chains... oh boy.
*You call into the void. You hear a sound in the distance.*
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Nice pack.
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Why not a Perandus Supporter pack so we all can look like Cadiro?
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I'm here... reading... for the first time in my life.
Cool :D
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oh dayum

Edit - ok, lets break this down:

Prophecy mechanics

9/10 (+ or - 1, depending on the details). I JUST made a post this past week about incentivizing slower play through NPC quests

While substantially different in execution, the underlying mechanics of Prophecy seem like they will address the concerns I laid out, while not penalizing speed farm builds. Those who just want to go-go-go and leave items on the ground and chain maps together can keep doing that. Those who play slower and want more engagement in their progression, play, and pace can get that through Prophecies. I. Am. Hyped.

Challenges and Rewards

10/10 Very cool, probably the first time I'll push myself to go for 36. I want that little kickstart monkey.

Endgame Labyrinth

3/10 I've not been fond of the Labyrinth execution. While recent and future improvements to streamline the experience are promising, It's not enough to turn this from unfun to hype mode. But I'd imagine that those who do like the labyrinth will rate this highly, so I can see why they're doing it.

New Skills and Items

7/10 Look solid.

Balance Changes

*/10 incomplete, but needed. Can't rate properly without the details, but I'm anticipating an 8/10.


11/10 TY GGG.

Prophecy Supporter Pack

Buying it now :P

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