[3.0] End Game Guardian Support! 90% phys/84% ele res. On a Budget.

Completed 22 ChallengesAntiphates wrote:
The Ascendant's Guardian skill now grants You and Allies affected by your Auras have 10% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed (instead of 12% increased Attack and Cast Speed for You and Allies affected by Auras you Cast), 5% additional Block chance for you and Allies affected by your Auras (up from 3% and no longer simply affecting you), and 25% reduced effect of Curses on you. The Ascendant's Guardian no longer removes Curses and Ailments from you every 5 seconds.

Well, It looks like we have some buffs and some nerfs.

I like the additional block chance per aura for the guardian and part members- we can have 45% increased block chance permanently with 9 auras active (I wonder will vaal auras grant additional block chance as well).

It's not very clear for me is "You and Allies affected by your Auras have 10% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed" will affect "Prayer of Glory" and warcry skill usage, or it's something different.

Anyway, I hope this build will be updated for 3.0 :)

The changes you are referring to are related to the Ascendant's Guardian (i.e. Scion). This is all they get from the Guardian ascendancy, so nothing else is available to them. I can't see any way to build a decent support build through Scion.

I should also point out that the Scion increased block does affect party members, but it does not stack per aura (just a flat 5%). The Guardian's remains the same with a flat 5% for just the guardian.

From what I can tell there is little to no changes to the Guardian ascendancy for 3.0. Necro on the other hand got hit extremely hard. Attack/cast speed reduced by 2% per aura and the damage buff went from 10% per aura to a flat 30%. Necro support is pretty much dead, so if people still want to play support they will be going Guardian. I expect to see a lot fewer people playing support, but that's fine by me because I have always preferred to play Guardian using NEINNEINNEIN's build. It will likely be easier and cheaper to get a Shav's now which still works really well for us even though this guide is built around Victario's.

The biggest change is that ES is no longer meta, making the flat es bonus from Radiant Faith less useful.
Mirror Service Items Thread: (35% boots, hybrid chest, eva shield, evasion steel ring)

Thruth has been spoken^^ As I said, I didn't think about it that much yet
Check out my Guaridan Support build! /view-thread/1656032
Leveling a character and trying this out. was thinking of taking MoM is it worth grabbing? or do we have to much mana reserved to make it worth it
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are there any better or alternative choice skill apart from ball of lightning ? any recommanded?
pongsacha wrote:
are there any better or alternative choice skill apart from ball of lightning ? any recommanded?

I have always used arc across all my support characters. Instant hit and better against bosses.
this is my first time playing a guardian support ive always used necro but i love how tanky we are

for my curses though im using a SRay with cwc to apply both cures and it seems to work nicely this is my gear so far i dont understand though how we can get 11k ehp

I am sorry for missleading you...The 11000ehp are from Patch 2.6. I just loaded up my character and it only has 8.5k ehp. I didn't play much in 3.0 and I just checked whether the tree changed significantly and it seemed to be more or less the same. W/e title is changed now.
Check out my Guaridan Support build! /view-thread/1656032
no misleading i guess i was just kinda confused thats all and to be fair even with my shit gear this build is really safe i love it over necro

for the helm enchant though what does it enable us to change once we have it
Great build I'm following it with some tweaks, just wondering how do you get the 84% resists to fire and 83% to cold (lvl 21) and 85 to lightning?
Level 21 Puritys give plus 9 max resist with all the aura effectiveness we have.
And the +1 more for lightning comes from "Unnatural Calm", the energyshield wheel in the upper left witch area

Helmenchantment: It does nothing^^ I just tried to enchant my Alphas Howl with something good^^
Check out my Guaridan Support build! /view-thread/1656032
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