[2.6] Milky's Righteous Fire Totems [cheap, SC/HC, Shaper, UberAtziri]

no support?

triple curse, hell you could even go for more.
Elemental Equilibrium, shocking ground.

-130+% resists + 50% more dmg and 2-3 defensive auras are support and you dont have to sacrifice dmg or go lowlife

that WILL support your group, except your bro is lightning based, trapgem+icenova helps in that case.

You can, for excample, use purity of Fire+Ice+Lightning with just 6% reduced reservation or Determination+Grace without any reservation.

Auras your partymembers need are used by themself (wrath for lightningcaster etc...), defensive ones are your best bet.

Dont get me wrong, there are more extreme supporter, like a quillrain quadcurser with EE, mf cull etc.

But here you get good support and you can play it solo without sacrificing any damage

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How's the life version in HC? Im thinking of rolling this build next with tabula as leveling chest.
i play it on sc and it works really nice :)
you can easily reach over 200% life (196% tree + jewels), run defensive auras and maybe a curse. similar survivability as a explosive arrow char

+ high life
+ defensive auras possible, no need for offensive ones
+ shield (block)
+ totems
+ can mix defensive curses in
+ up to 6 endurance charges possible
+ can get decent armour

definetly hc viable

The Forum Thread with my Guides and Builds
I'm doing right now a RF totem Scion, but I think will try to level a Templar too on next days to test your build!

nice one!

i will update my tree as soon as i can. My math said that curse effect nodes are better than the path to Ironwood, have to change some things up, but 95% stays the same ;)

The Forum Thread with my Guides and Builds
currently playing this build, lvl 49 atm and its fun :D i only got 3 links yet the dmg isnt falling off at all, but juz a question, would it be ez to atziri with this?
Did u post Bandits?
cant find it on the guide :D
nice build thank you..
I'm playing a similar build this league, but as a marauder.

I theorised a lot of the same stuff as you and i think we mostly come to the same conclusions :)

I started this league a bit late, and haven't had much time to play, and I have to say this build is a really good match for that as it doesn't rely on gear at all.
Templar seems better if you wanna start at the very beginning of the league, as you won't have to trade for gems.

For min-maxing i was thinking, that you could actually do a +3 sceptre for searing bond and craft blood magic on it, to be able to support rapid decay + empower. This would be a really big boost to single target damage.

To me blasphemy + curses are mandatory for fluid gameplay. Setting up totems + cursing just takes to long on average, as you wanna be on the move constantly.

Looking forward to seeing how far you take this build ;), i just wished you had waited on the guide till i had bought all those sweet totem jewels.

Also, the 35% blasphemy reservation was a bit of a blow!
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Did atziri today, video is up.
I just fucked up one time in the split phase, but in general its really easy if you learned the mechanic. the dps is pretty high.
just keep 3 charges on vaal lightning trap for each split phase.


its up again, probably deleted it by mistake while editing on the mobile


I picked the Templar for the 2 elemental nodes, strength pathing for Spire of Stone and the gems.

a +3 szepter is a good option, but its probably more expensive than a doryanis catalyst.

Blasphemy is mandatory for fluid gameplay, thats so true. I still would switch to curse on hit in a hardcore setting for defensive auras.

Still need a carcass for a higher clearspeed, the radius is already nice, but i want more :P

I will update the thread, this character will at least reach lvl 90 and he can do pretty much all the content. Maybe not uber atziri, i wont try it, no balls ;P

reached tier 9 now, hopefully i dont drop in tiers again. can only play around 1-2 hours a day, so my progress is not as fast as from a no-lifer ;)

Still have to update the skilltrees, ive changed a few things, especially aura effect nodes

The Forum Thread with my Guides and Builds
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How did you leveled it til RF totens became a stable source of damage?


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