[2.6] Milky's Righteous Fire Totems [cheap, SC/HC, Shaper, UberAtziri]

Hi PoE Community,

If you are looking for an effective build that can do almost every mapmod without problems and doesnt require any expensive gear, you are in the right place!

One of the best Leaguestarter around.

Pros and Contras

+ No gear requirement, can be done with full rares. But one or two specific uniques are not bad. Very Cheap.

+ Can do almost every mapmod

+ Most of the Damage comes from the Tree and Jewels, which are very cheap for this build.

+ Can played as a Magic Finder, High Damage or Tanky Character.

+ Great Leaguestarter with little gear requirements

+ High Tier maps viable

+ Can do any challenge and boss in the game

o medium clearspeed, could be faster but also slower

- Hard to see groundeffects like Flamebearers

- Totem RF casting may be too delayed in really good Partys.

- Annoying against some fleeing Enemys.

- RF totems of different player dont stack.

- While being a good Leaguestarter it has a slow start until ~lvl 25

General Information, read first - updated

Righteous Fire and Searing Bond scale (almost) with the same Damage Nodes, RF gets a few more options.
I use dual totems for more AoE coverage and a higher degeneration uptime on Bosses.

Righteous Fire Totem:
RF deals damage depending on the casters life and energy shield(50% per second).
Righteous Fire Totems use the Totem Life, not the Player Life, this was changed many patches ago.
We increase our damage with more Totem Life which is by far the most important stat... we get it on the Skilltree and Jewels and the stat is cheap. No other build wants Totem Life on their Jewels.

Spell Damage won't increase the Damage of Righteous Fire!

Righteous Fire is pretty unique. It counts as an ignite, but isn't one. Flame Surge for excample gains the bunus damge against ignited enemys from it, but ignite immune mobs still take damage from RF.
Damage modifier

Base Stat:

-Totem Life%

More Totem Life results in a higher basedamage with our RF which scale with the following...

Damage increase modifier:

- Damage over Time%
- Elemental dmg%
- Totem dmg%
- Fire dmg%
- Area dmg%
- Burning dmg%

Those are additive, not multiplicative. The basedamage will be increased.

More Damage multiplier:

- Resistance Curses (Elemental Weakness, Flammability)
- Vulnerability (33% more degeneration damage)
- Elemental Equilibrium
- Shock (Vaal Lightning Trap)
- Frenzy Charges
- Elemental Overload

This modifiers calculate after your increased damage and are multiplicative

Gems to link for Dps:

- Spelltotem level (+1 Gems/Supportgems. Empower doesnt work)
- Increased Burning Damage
- Rapid Decay
- Culling Strike
- Concentrated Effect
- Enhance
- Elemental Focus
- Less Duration
- Minion and Totem Resistance

Those are useful Gems to link with RF that increase your Dps.

Gems that increase the damage, but dont have to be linked with Righteous Fire:

- Vaal Lightning Trap (Shock)
- Discipline
- Firegolem
- Rallying cry
- Scorching Ray debuff

Searing Bond:
It scales with the same stats except Area Damage and Totem Life. It acts as an additional Totem if we use Searing Bond.

The degeneration effects of Righteous Fire and Searing Bond work together.

Spell Damage won't increase the Damage of Searing Bond!

Damage modifier

Damage increase modifier:

- Damage over Time%
- Elemental dmg%
- Totem dmg%
- Fire dmg%
- Burning dmg%

Those are additive, not multiplicative. The basedamage will be increased.

More Damage multiplier:

- Resistance Curses (Elemental Weakness, Flammability)
- Vulnerability (33% more degeneration damage)
- Elemental Equilibrium
- Shock (Vaal Lightning Trap)
- Frenzy Charges
- Elemental Overload

This modifiers calculate after your increased damage and are multiplicative

Gems to link for Dps:

- Empower
- Increases Burning Damage
- Rapid Decay
- Culling Strike
- Enhance
- Elemental Focus
- Less Duration
- Minion and Totem Resistance

Gems that increase the damage, but dont have to be linked with Searing Bond

- Vaal Lightning Trap (Shock, enables Elemental Equilibrium)
- Firegolem
- Eallying Cry
- Scorching Ray debuff

You can use Doedres Ring for one additional Curse and the Keystone Whispers of Doom for Triplecurse. Its possible to Selfcast them, use a Curse on Hit Setup or with Blasphemy.

Elemental Weakness grants us -% all resistance
Flammability grants us -% fire resistance
Vulnerability grants 33% more degeneration damage.
Enfeeble reduces the enemy Damage, Critchance, Critmultiplier and Hitchance.
Temporal Chains slows Enemys and increases the Duration of Debuffs.

Elemental Equilibrium:
It is a Keystone that gives the Enemy -50% Fire resistance if we apply Cold or Lightning damage. With Dual Totems we can´t deal damage, but we can with Totems, Traps and Mines. (Vaal) Lightning Trap and Ice Trap are good for this.
Elemental Equilibrium is not important for Packs, they die really fast without it.
It has its strength in high Resist Maps and against Bosses and Curse Immune Rares. It ALWAYS reduces the max Resist by 50% regardless of Boss curse effectiveness.

Elemental Overload
With this node we gain 40% more elemental damage after we crit. This does not work with traps, mines and similar, the player has to Crit himself to get the buff.
For this we use Orb of Storms
The Orb has the advantage that he stays up for 6sec and every single lightningprocc has his seperate critchance.

Scorching Ray

Supported with increased duration it can keep a significant fire resi debuff on the enemy.
The best usage is on hard bosses (like guardians), other mobs die too quick.
However its hard to cycle in between totem placements, traps, orb of storms, running around evading attacks, warcrys and so on, especially with limited duration totems (berserker).
With Tukohamas Fortess and no Ancestral bond we have more time to use Scorching Ray since we dont need to use traps anymore for the EE debuff.



Full Uber Atziri run E T H I C A L

Full Deathless Shaper run E T H I C A L

Uber Atziri Kill

1/2 of a ghosted phoenix fight

My shitty leveling guide for 2.6 RF Totems

like i said, no editing and just sat down to make a "quick" video before the league starts, so no ziggyD quality standard video :P

2.4 Uber Lab 1
2.4 Uber Lab 2
2.4 Chimera No mentionable mapmods, first try ever, last phase worked the best, deathless



I switch Increased item rarity gem with Scorching Ray on uberatziri and Shaper to squeeze out some extra dps. Doesnt have to be linked in the setup. SoulMantle only.
Thinking about dropping Enduring Cry since i almost never use it on my Chieftain because the passive Endurance charge generation is strong enough for mapping

NEW: Bloodmagic Keystone, Mind over Matter or Auras?

Blasphemy got hit heavily by the aoe changes, we would have around this aoe now: http://i.imgur.com/xfCsAMa.png (red circle is the new aoe...)

Blasphemy reserved most of our mana before, if we drop it (which the picture tells me) its 100% free mana.

We have three options with this:

- Use the Bloodmagic Keystone for 35% increased life
- Use Mind over Matter with 100% free mana
- Reserve the mana with auras

Ill go over each point:

Use the Bloodmagic Keystone for 35% increased life

If the goal is to use Tukohama´s Fortess there is no reason to not pick Bloodmagics lifenodes.
With Bloodmagic we have higher liferegen (more maxlife) and can use stuff like OoS, lightning warp and searing bond without thinking

Use Mind over Matter with 100% free mana

You can expect around 600-700 mana without any investment, basically adding a 2nd lifepool with its own regeneration.
Makes use of our little manaregen but forces a manaflask in noregen maps and liferegeneration is lower.
Might run out of mana if lightning warp is used and after heavy damage you are at 0 mana, which lets you not use a movementskil to gtfo.
RF totems cost 0 mana, those are still spammable!

Reserve the mana with auras

my least favourite choice.
Until we got resists capped, using puritys is always good.
After that point the benefit is low (some max res) compared to 35% inc life or MoM.
Determination + Arctic Armour are the best choices.
Determination needs good armour gear to be useful.

Ok what do i pick now?

I would use Bloodmagic. Its the laziest and easiest choice and synergizes with the good liferegen we have.
With the low manaregen MoM will have no effect if the mana is depleted once and the auras don´t grant a big enough benefit for the build without great armour gear.

NEW: Ancestral Bonds vs Tukohama´s Fortess vs Soul Mantle... or all?

Thats the Shield i will talk about

I will write about both versions in the guide and wanna explain what each advantages etc are.

Ancestral Bonds is the budget starter route. Tukohama´s Fortess is a rare, expensive item (10ex+ on standard) for the lategame... so don´t think about it if you are poor or new to the game.

Tukohama´s Fortess lets us drop Ancestral bonds which lets us deal damage with skills. The main benefit is that Orb of Storms can debuff Elemental Equilibrium besides Elemental Overload.
With Ancestral Bonds we need to throw a trap for Elemental Equilibrium.
To make it even better is slap Curse on hit on OoS to have everything in one skill. No more traps to procc EE, fewer skills to use.
Its also easier to use Scorching ray (with fewer stuff to do) and a 4link Searing bond.

The overall damage is higher.

You can use Tukohama´s Fortess with Ancestral Bonds for 3x RF Totems, but the need of traps again for bosses. It helps clearing packs better with 3 totems, but does little for bosses since rf dmg dont stack.

Tukohamas Fortress is a expensive lategame upgrade to the build.

Soul Mantle is buffed in 2.6 and a viable option.
Has to use curse removal flasks or 2x Kikazaru (also buffed) with Self-Flagellation to counter those curses on you.

It basically has the same treatment as Tukohamas Fortress: You can go dualtotem without ancestral bonds, triple totem with it or even use the shield on top :P

I dont recommend Soul Mantle on Hardcore because forgetting curse removal/no flask charges is deadly and the Kikazaru route has three items with no life on them.


For a new/unexperienced player or to start a league Ancestral Bonds is the way to go!

Chieftain or Berserker?

Both choices are good, but there are some outstanding things to mention. It is possible to use other classes like guardian, occultist, trickster or Hierophant, but more for hybrid life/es, CI or Low Life. This build is mainly about a life based char due to the 50k letter limit in this post and no experience playing it otherwise.


The Chieftain has fire immune totems which means no degeneration damage from RF. While totem resist is not bad to have, or even recommended in high tier maps, the chieftain doesnt need to focus on it. He receives less damage while totems are up and has some liferegen in the classtree. Totems are overall tankier and 20% placementspeed aren´t bad either. This is a solid pick with a good mix of offensive and defensive stuff.
Chieftain has more time to use Scorching Ray, bringing both offensive wise a bit closer together.


He has higher mobility with 37% permanent atk speed + 25% when hit recently. This is great for the clearspeed coupled with Shield Charge.
Berserker deals more dmg than the chieftain, but receives more dmg.
The warcry feat on the other side is amazing and shines over the chieftain. 25% life + ~800-1000 life every 2 seconds via enduring cry is amazing to substain life in long fights, while mapping or against traps. With decent gear its stronger than a bubbling life flask with no charges required. I really love this node for any build that cannot leech.

With the recent buff spelltotems have 40% resistance. With our 26% resis on the skilltree we just need 9% elemental resi to cap the totem resi for RF. This is easily done via one jewel or totem resi gem.

The rf does degen the totem, but its not an issue at all since mobs die so quickly and on bosses we only need one totem up at the time. With delayed totem placement like Rft > searing bond > trap > rft > orb... we can still guarantee a 100% rf uptime on bosses.
I wouldnt even say that the berserker is more fragile than the chief, because the mobility is better. Easier to dodge one shot mechanics.

The Berserker has better endgame potential, can heal way more hp and is faster.
For the Berserker nodes check the start of the skilltree section.

For a new/unexperienced player or Hardcore pick Chieftain.
If you already played the build and want a change of pace, try the Berserker. The worst case is a respecc of the class if you don´t enjoy it ;)


Skilltree - updated

This guide focuses on a pure Life Armour build.

Adjust the Skilltree if you wanna focus on more damage or more survivability.

Remember, those trees are just my suggestion and how i would do it. If you want more damage or Life earlier then skill it :)

You can use the Chieftain or Berserker for this, hell even other classes work.

Chieftain Skillorder: Arohongui > Tukohama > Ngmahu > Tawhoa (no endurance charges skilled) or Ramako (with endurance charges)

Berserker Skillorder: Crave the Slaughter > Aspect of Carnage > War Bringer > Rite of Ruin


And here I have those steps for the passive tree calculator:

Step one: Picking up the totem nodes to deal at least a bit damage

Step two: Skill the big damage and aoe nodes. You will notice a pattern that i just pick the "biggest" nodes aviable and skip sidenodes (like the small chaos/life nodes). I just head for the most effective nodes at that state. If youre playing hc, feel free to grab more life early on ;)
Also added 2x 30 dexterity nodes. This will make gemleveling and gearing easier until you can respecc them with lvl 70+ (better gear)

Step three: Picking the next big damage enhancing nodes on the tree with Elemental Equilibrium and Ironwood. Skill the big lifenodes on the way.

Step four:Get the Bloodmagic Cluster if you dont need Puritys of your resistances (optional). Instead of Bloodmagic you can reserve your mana with auras like Determination, Puritys, Vitality or Arctic Armour.

After that point skill the Templar Jewel (for this jewel), unlock the 1 point jewels (get totemlife% on those at least) and then the scion lifewheel.
Skill the other 2 point jewel afterwards.

Step five: Skill the remaining 5% lifenodes and 3 point jewels. The 1% lifereg/armour node in the templar is effective for 1 point. Totemic Zeal increases the clearspeed, but those points can be used for defensive nodes like endurance charges,

Step six: Road to 100. Endurance charges, some small lifenodes and 1 totem cluster. Also no more +30 dex nodes on the skilltree.

Other options are Combat Stamina, Indomitable or Bloodless instead of the totemnodes/endurance charges.

With Tukohamas Fortress Ancestral Bonds is not needed but can be used. 3 rf totems clear better, but without it orb of storms can procc ee (no more traps). Respecc Ancestral Bonds if you want or keep it.

Gems - updated


[BRBBGB]Righteous Fire + Spelltotem + Increased Area of Effect / Concentrated Effect + Elemental Focus + Rapid Decay + Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance Support

Swap in Conc. Effect for stationary bosses instead of aoe.
With Soul Mantle use a lvl 21/20 Spelltotem as a 6th link or if you dont have one increased burning damage.

alternatively you can use a scorching ray in a 6th socket of Soul Mantle.

Four Link 1:

[BBBB/G] Orb of Storms + Curse on Hit + Flammability or Enfeeble + Critchance

Four Link 2:

[RBGB] Searing Bond + Elemental Focus + Rapid Decay + Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance

Gloves with Essence of Delirium are the best place for the setup (but expensive to craft good ones)

Four Link 3:

[BBRR] Vaal Lightning Trap + Decoy Tote. + Increased Duration + Enduring Cry

VLT is for bosses (shock).
Decoy Totem is extremly tanky on this build, helps a lot against many bosses


[RRG] Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify


[BRB] Lightning Warp + Less Duration + Faster Casting

Shield charge grants fortify and is relatively fast with a Berserker
Lightning warp is without investment faster than Shield Charge, especially on a Chieftain. With the Bloodmagic Keystone finally useable


The gems highly depend on the items/skilltree/if you want auras.

Ice Trap + Determination + Arctic Armour with no Bloodmagic and with ancestral bonds

Ice Trap + xxx + xxx with ancestral bonds.

xxx can be Cwdt + curse if you use + curse items or whispers of doom

xxx can be cwdt + Stonegolem

xxx can be Stonegolem + Decoy totem and so on. Just keep the Ice Trap

Without Ancestral Bonds you dont need the icetrap (orb of storms does the job).

Useful gems: Stone Golem, Tempest Shield, Decoy Totem, arc/ball lightning for auto EE, cwdt + curse, immortal call and many more.

Quality Gems

I often read the question what are the best quality gems. All Quality values are for 20%:

Top quality:
Curse on Hit - 10% curse effect
Elemental Weakness - 5% all resi reduction
Temporal Chains - 10% slower enemys
Enfeeble (if you choose to use it) - 10% reduced accuracy and critchance

Useless or bad quality:

Those will net us NO benefit

Righteous Fire - spelldmg
Cast when damage taken - inc dmg
Flammability - ignite duration
Orb of Lightning - lightning dmg

okish quality, good to have but not a must have

Spelltotem - 20% totem placement speed
Rapid Decay - 10% inc dot dmg
Searing Bond - 20% totem life
Bloodmagic - 10% reduced mana cost
Elemental Focus - 10% inc ele dmg
inc burning damage - 10% inc burning dmg
Ice Trap - 10% AoE
Golems - 20% inc golem life & dmg
Enduring Cry - 30% AoE
Rallying Cry - 15% inc duration
inc duration - 10% inc duration
inc AoE - 10% inc AoE dmg
conc effect - 10% inc AoE dmg


Normal: help Oak

Cruel: Kill all or help Kraityn. The 8% atk speed can be nice for the movement. I prefer the skillpoint.

Merc: Kill all or help Oak. I prefer the Endurance Charge from Oak.

Gear - updated



gives nice Life and Life Recovery from flasks. We rely on flasks and liferegen and this piece helps both parts.
Hard to color 4 blue sockets.
Best in slot besides high armour rares


for AoE, some Damage, Life and Resist. Its really good if you don´t care so much about Defence but more for map-clearspeed.
Dropped out of favour in 2.6 with the AoE scaling changes.


received a buff. lvl 20 spelltotem makes it a good starter chest (easy pseudo 5-6link). 50% totem life are offensive insanely strong
Besides that, no defensive benefit.
The random curses are not a problem if you can purge them (flask), but in some cases you will probably run out of curse removal flaskuses (harder bosses)

As mentioned from the reddit user Kazanian its a very good and clever option to use the Self-Flaggelation Jewel for 10-20% increased damage per curse on you.
The drawback can also be purged with a warding Flask which removes Curses.

On top Soul Mantle grants +1 totem, lets you use 3 rf totems or drop ancestral bonds similar to the tukohama route. lvl 21 spelltotem would still be the best 6th link, the extra gemlevel grants more damage than increased burning damage.


is always a good starter chest


Is great on this build.
Has no life and resists, but dropping doedres ring for a rare ring fixes that. However Chroming that for the correct colors has an average! cost of 3,868.6 Chromes :D

Rare Armour/Hybrid chest. Its relatively cheap to get a white 6link chest with the Celestial Justicar Card.
Aim for good Life and Armour, resists after that.

Besides that you can buy a corrupted rare body armour with the correct colors which is relatively cheap


Rare Helmet with Armour/Life/Resist/Rarity - preferable with a useful helm enchant

Doedres Scorn gives 10-20% increased elemental Damage per Curse +20% elemental Damage. Not worth it anymore with Hrimnors Resolve

Hrimnors Resolve

buffed in 2.6, now has life, decent armour, 30-40% firedamage and freeze/chill immunity after using a fireskill (any totem). Definetly a great choice especially for hc!

Devotos Devotion Tons of dex, movementspeed + atkspeed (good for shieldcharge) and chaos resists are great to be more flexible on other slots (fewer dex required) and be overall quicker while mapping. Still needs a base of 85dex, keep that im mind ;)


Tukohamas Fortress Adds QoL features or a 3rd totem (see the section about it). The Endgame goal

Rare shield with high Armour, Life and Resists. Get as much as you can.

Lioneyes Remorse is perfect before tukohamas. If you have fixed resist with that shield you will have with tukohamas :) buffed in 2.6!

Dual wield works too, Dual Doryani, Doryani + Daressos and so on. Lower defence, but higher offence.


Rare Boots with 30% Movementspeed, Life and Resistance. After that look out for Armour.

Windscream for a extra Curse. some elemental Damage, Resists, but no Life and only 10% Movementspeed.


Rare Gloves with Life, Resists and Armour.

Essence of Delirium Crafted Gloves increase Searing Bonds damage even further

especially useful if you curse on hit with orb of storms and want a extra curse on hit. Its also possible to buy/craft a corrupted pair with vulnerability or elemental weakness on hit.

good life and some resists. The freeze to kill doesnt matter since degens still kill stuff.


Doedres Damning for +1 Curse. It lacks Life and big Resists. You can also get +1 Curse via corruption or Windscream Boots.

Rare Ring with Life, Resists and +Fire dmg%, Rarity, Dexterity.
There is some great potential in essence crafted rings on the new base (ele dmg%) with firedmg%

2x Kikazaru If used with Soulmantle. Its an option. Either you use flasks to remove curses or use Kikazaru. Buffed in 2.6. Grants 1 lifereg per level, thats 1-2% liferegen depending on the lifepool per ring. Has no life tho, wouldn´t use it on HC.

Pyre You dont need it. 25-35% Burning Dmg and some Resist are ok for leveling, but there are way better Rares. If you compare it with Doedres Scorn or Doryanis Catalyst its not worth it.

Redblade Band Got life, fire damage and stuff for golem. Renders your golem almost unkillable (which make the tedious resummoning less tedious) and the taunt on hit is a whooping 10% less damage to you. Works best with flamegolem or stonegolem (which already taunts)

Get your Dexterity here. You can easily get a 60+ dex Amulet with Life. Everything on top is great.

+1 Curse corruption is always awesome but expensive and a really rare corruption (~0.63%).

Rare Amulet with with Life, Resists, Dexterity, Firedmg%

Ngamahu Tiki is aviable through a Prophecy quest and grants decent life, fireresist and great fire dmg.
The downside is the bad implicit and the lack of dex in that slot. If you can get enough dex on other itemslots and a good corruption like +curse, block or max resist this is a really good choice.

Xophs Heart same problem as Ngamahu Tiki (no dex), but has the most damage on a amulet. Covered in Ash is a debuff on the enemy (until it dies). Enemys in Ash take 20% more fire dmg (additive to arohongui and vulnerability afaik) if they hit you. Useless for trash, but good for many bosses which dont oneshot you ;)


Rare Belt with Life, Resists, Armour, Flaskstuff.
Doryanis Invitation (Fire) gives some Firedmg, Armour and Resists. Like the Pyre Ring, i recommend a high Life/Resist/Armour rare Belt.


Doryanis Catalyst is the best in slot, huge damage boost, can be even used Dual Wield.

Daressos Passion is the 2nd best dmg weapon. 60-80% increased dmg is great. Totem kills dont give use frenzy charges.
Dropped a bit out due to the sceptre implicit dmg buff and whirling blades nerf.

Lavianga's Wisdom for 10% aoe and some AoE Damage, very cheap and nice to start with, i still used it with lvl 79.

Rare Scepter with +1 Gems and +2 Fire Gems for Searing Bond.
Remember, only Elemental% and Firedmg% increase our Dps. Cast speed is not wrong for a faster initial cast of Righteous Fire, but also not necassary.

Searing Touch has worse offensive stats as Doryanis Catalyst, cant use a Shield but has +2 Gems for Searing Bond. For pure offense Dual Wielding Dorys is stronger. I dont recommend this item at all.

Advancing Fortress if you wanna be really tanky this is your choice for extra life and block. The fortify on it is nice too if you wanna use whirling blades with it.

I recommend Lavianga's Wisdom or Daressos Passion into Doryanis Catalyst with a Shield.

There are some other Unique Weapon choices

I swap in a manaflask for no regen maps and resist flasks if i encounter a boss with high elemental damage.

In general we want Bleed, Freeze and Curse removal on our flasks. On top %armour and %evasion are sweet, too. Shock removal is really handy in some maps, top.

Flask Duration and reduced Charges used are prefered, but i would also stick with faster charge recovery or maximum charges if i am short on alteration orbs.

Those Unique Flasks are never wrong if you can afford them.

Rumis Concoction

Some additional Block/Spellblock is never wrong and its on a granite base too.

Dying Sun has 30% aoe on a ruby flask, sweet for the clearspeed, not that useful on bosses.

Witchfire Brew is interesting, its a nice dmg boost on its own, a stibnite base and lets you use a 4th curse (with an additional +curse item)

Forbidden Taste (dont quality it) is a very very potent instant lifeflask if you have a good hp pool (~6000+). With some chaos resists and liferegen you wont notice the degeneration. buffed in 2.6

My favourite Setup is:

Witchfire Brew
Sulphur Flask /w Freeze Removal and Duration
Eternal Life Flask /w Immunity to Bleeding and increased Recovery Speed
Dying Sun or Silver Flask /w Immunity to Curses and 24%+ reduced Charges used
Basalt Flask /w Immunity to Shock and 24%+ reduced Charges used


Spire of Stone is a good jewel for this build. It gives a good chunk of Totem Life and Stun Immunity for Totems. With this the Totems cant be interrupted by stuns while casting Righteous Fire.

Fill the rest with rare Jewels, those stats are important:

- Totem Life!!!
- Player life
- Fire Damage
- Totem Damage
- Damage over Time
- increased damage


- Area Damage (only increases Righteous Fire, not Searing Bond)
- Player Resist
- Rarity
- Dexterity

Hidden Potential has potential for this build. Requires good rares/jewels to fix resist problems if you run 3-4 magic items.


My shitty leveling guide for 2.6 RF Totems

like i said, no editing and just sat down to make a "quick" video before the league starts, so no ziggyD quality standard video :P

If you have Leveling gear or personal preferences use it and level like you want. I wont go too much into detail. This is how i will level on day one in Ascendancy as a Chieftain:

Act 1

Go into town, pick up groundslam or Cleave, pick the weapons that deal the most damage. After breaking the eggs get the spelltotem gem and go for Brutus. Firetrap is also a good choice in addition to that.
After Brutus take the leap slam reward (helps at cliffes/river) and 1x Spelltotem gem.
Start picking up Sceptres on your way.
Progress until you enter Marveils Liar, go to town and buy 2x Firestorm and 1x Searing Bond from the vendor.
If you have problems with the intelligence requirement use a Lapis Amulet.
Use a Firestorm Totem and Searing Bond, selfcast Firestorm in addition to it.
Kill Marveil, welcome to Act 2.

Act 2

Look out for 3 linked Quartz Sceptres all the time until you got 2, check the vendor if youre in town. If you got one, use a transmute on it, use the +1 firegem recipe. You will use one of those a LOOOONG time, the 2nd is not so important. we use this until act3 for firestorm and if we transition into RF Totems we use it for Searing Bond.
[Magic Sceptre + 1 orb of Alteration + 1 ruby ring]
Link your Firestorm and/or Searing bond in it.
Take the old field path first, go to the chamber of sins.
After Sins, pick up Herald of Ice and Thunder + Righteous Fire at the gem vendor, use both heralds.
Now we go through the Riverways.
Do the Weaver Chamber, kill alira and the way forward quest
you could pick up Iron Will after that, but its not necassary.
Kill Kraityn now, help Oak afterwards
Kill Vaal

Act 3

After the first quest buy flammability and purity of fire from Clarissa
just progress until you did the Fixture of Fate quest.
Pick up curse on hit (link with flammabilty and orb of storms) and burning damage (2x).
You can eiter go for dual Firestorm totems until you can use a increased aoe gem in act 4 OR start using RF totems with lvl 32.
If you decide for RF just activate Purity of Fire and Flammability. The aoe will be small in the beginning, the damage is already good. Its your choice when you wanna transition into RF Totems, but with lvl 32 its already possible, lvl 38 with the aoe gem better.

Act 4
Get your Golem and the increased AoE gem, those are important.

Use Purity of Fire until you finish the Labyrinth in cruel for fire immune totems.
Purity of Fire + Purity of Elements is a good option too, if you struggle with resistances.

You can buy the Unique Weapon Lavianga's Wisdom or Daressos Passion on poe.trade, Wideswing (2h axe) is also a good weapon for the free lvl 20 increase aoe gem.
Aurumvorax is a great leveling Weapon too, it doesnt give us damage but 40-60 all resists which helps A LOT. Damage on the weapon slot is not so important until we reach mid-tier maps.

Links you want on your gear asap:

Righteous Fire + Spelltotem + inc AoE + Elemental Focus

Orb of Storm + Curse on Hit + Flammability

Searing Bond 4link or in a +1 scepter (if you have no leveling weapon)

If you have more check the gem section ;)


Just progress, upgrade your gear from time to time, get at least one 4link for RF Totems.

nothing special here. Progress the Skilltrees in the Skilltreesection.

Get your Elemental resists up, those should reach 75% as soon as possible. There is a -20% resist penality in cruel.

A granite or basalt flask helps a lot for the defence, bismuth flasks for resist.

You can run the Labyrinth at the end of Cruel.

Merciless until maps

Take care of your resists, you get a -40% penality here, a total of -60% resists.
If you got Tukohama now you can drop Purity of Fire and use the Blood Magic Keystone if you want.
Just progress.
After opening the way to the general in act 3 you could. already start maps if you want. I recommend killing Piety first for 2 skillpoints and progress to act 4.
You can farm Dried Lakes for level and drops and finish the mines quest.
You dont need to kill Koam, Daresso and Malachai on Merciless because the reward is a joke.

Don't roll Chain on your maps, its dangerous on Totem/Minion builds, especially on some bosses with projectile attacks and quill beasts.

You should already have 75% elemental resists.

Get more life and armour on your gear. The best source for Armour is the shield.
The chestpiece depends on what you choose.

Now its time for a 5link if you dont have one, buy a white/blue/rare 5link and craft it OR buy the unique you desire and get a 5l on this one.

Its really important to craft good flasks, one instant, bubbling or panicked flask and bleed removal is important.
get 5 20% flasks (flask section) with bleed, freeze and curse removal.

Get a well rolled doedres scorn with 17%+ eledmg per curse when your resists allow it.
30% movementspeed help a lot on boots, get it.
A good Dexterity Amulet is nice, you vould drop the +30 dex node on the tree. Dex on other items is possible too, its just the easiest slot for it.

You already should feel strong with capped resists, a good chunk of armour and life on the gear.

The next thing to do is overcapping your resists if you wanna safely run elemental weakness maps.
The curse on the map reduces your resi by 34%, this requires 169% resist while staying in your hideout.
Monster curses redurce the resists by 40%, can use a warding flask against it or get 175 resists.

If you overcapped the resi get some chaos resist, 20%-40% are fine on the gear.
Get even more armour.

At this point just look at your gear and check which item is the worst and upgrade it if you want.
Now it can get really expensive to get really good rare items, but you should already clear most of the content without problems ;)


Due to limited space in this post (yeah, should have made a placeholder post) i have posted it in another thread:
Right here in the second post.



The on Hit Enchantments only work if you use Orb of Lightning or a movementskill. You need to Hit yourself afaik. It can help a bit getting those Elemental Overload buff in addition to OoL.

On kill effects wont work with our Totems, ignore it.

The when hit and when crit seem. to be the most useful, i would go for those.
Especially xx of Spite seems nice with chilled ground projectiles when hit.

A elemental weakness/vulnerability on hit corruption is a good option, too.


We have 5 decent boot enchants for this build, none of those is 'the best', pick what you get or like the most.

Critchance if you havent crit recently gives use critchance for OoL which gives us a more reliable EO procs.

Liferegen when hit recently is sweet. Doesnt proc on Dots.

movementspeed when not hit recently. Good for backtracking and kiting

Spelldodge when hit with spelldmg recently. Not bad, not great.

Dodge when critted recently is not bad either.


Many options here, hard to get what you want. I would not reroll a good one, better try again on another helmet until i get a better enchant (and sell the old).

If i could choose i would pick the enchantments in this order:

Righteous Fire AoE, everything i want is even more AoE. However its reported that this enchant is probably bugged on totems. Couldnt test it myself.

Curse effectiveness for Temporal Chains or Enfeeble (if you use it). Flammability and Ele weakness would be great too, but i would prefer stronger defensive curses.

Golem Buff effect (Stone, Chaos or Fire). I would use a golem depending on the enchant.

Those are the best in my opinion, other good enchantments are:

- RF damage
- searing Bond damage and placement speed
- immortal call duration or no charge consuming if its used.
- rallying cry effect/duration if you use it
- atk or castspeed for a movement skill if you use one (Shield charge, whirling blades, leap slam, flame dash)

Uber Lab tips

The build is not the fastest/best uber lab runner out there, but it also has no big trouble in it.
I recommend dropping VLT + cwdt + immortal call + duration entirely. Instead use Shield charge + Blood Magic + Faster attacks + Fortify. This allows easier maneuvering through traps and most importantly keep up fortify on izaro.
Swap out the Golem for decoy totem, it helps a lot. You can also use it in another socket, like dropping one support of it.
Overall traps are not the problem if you play relatively safe.
Izaro is not that hard either if you know what youre doing.
I recommend placing the decoy totem, searing bond and rf totem in a triangle around him, keep endurance charges up, shield charge to avoid his abilitys and to keep up fortify, cast OoS once or twice, throw traps inbetween. A lot of stuff to to, but manageable.
Most important is that you keep the totems spread (so he cant kill em all with one ability) but still close together. You should also stay close to him. This makes it unlikely that he leaps around, your totems deal effectively more damage and its easier to avoid his abilitys.
Use a stibnite flask close to him the whole fight, have a granite + basalt flask as a backup if you cannot evade his attacks or drop low.

as a sidenote, if you run into those cursepillars (vuln, ele weakness, temp chains) and want them all active... izaro gains immunity to those curses. In that case use flammability + enfeeble + arctic armour for the run.

With a decent lifepool, some armour, 12% phys reduction from endurance charges, - 10% less dmg via decoy totems taunt, stibnite flask, 1-2 defensive curses and so on its really not that hard.

Here is a run of my Berserker version with Charges and Portals, was my first run of the day and it took me a bit time to navigate through the lab ;)

Gear, Skilltree and Gem Excamples

You need Path of Building to open the following links.

How does it work?

- Download and install Path of Building
- Start Program
- Top Left of the screen is "import/export Build", go into it
- Open a http://pastebin.com link of the excample character
- click on clone and ctrl+a and ctrl+c the text
- insert the code in the bottom row of the "import/export Build"
- You can now check the skilltree, Skills, Items and calcs (like dps, life, regen and so on)
- in the configuration you can change the dps on normal enemy, bosses or guardian/shaper and many other things!

+ items are set at around 80% life of a maxroll
+ ignoring resists/stats/armour/etc on the gear at all (too much effort and may confuse)
+ Jewels are just 2 stat jewels with totem life + player life, the third one is normally resists or some kind of %dmg for the build
+ overflowing chalice is a placeholder for a sulphur flask
+ Scorching ray debuff is on 1 stack (cant 0 without unequipping the gem), can be set higher for a theoretical dps gain on bosses
+ dps shown is with a preset of Normal enemys and hit by lightning dmg (EE). + Enemy burning doesnt show an increase in dps while it gains 35% for the class.
+ all chars use 109 skillpoints (around lvl 90)
+ Curses are set for Flammability, Elemental Weakness and cwdt Enfeeble. Change them like you desire (especially hardcore wants Enfeeble + Temporal Chains more)
+ Shield Charge can be swapped with Lightning warp + Less Duration + Faster casting, will be faster on a Chieftain

Excample Chars:

Endgame Gear with a good balance between offenive and defensive gear and skilltree. Also contains essence crafted gear.

Endgame Gear with a good balance between offenive and defensive gear and skilltree. Also contains essence crafted gear. With Ancestral Bonds and Lioneyes remorse

Both are versions which a pretty basic with best in slot items and crafts to orientate

This is with more of a budget gear, no essence crafts or Belly of the Beast

Basically what a solo selffound char or when you reach maps -minus some passive points- looks like

Very high dmg setup with Soulmantle, dual Doryanis, essenced gear etc

Those are just templates!

Feel free to adjust gear, numbers, the skilltree, gems and so on how you desire OR even import your current character.

FAQ - Read before asking questions plz

There are no wrong questions in general, but there are many questions already answered IF you read the guide. It is very frustrating to answer those every single day.
This time i have another section with the most frequently asked questions.

How can I procc Elemental Overload

I use Orb of Lightning for this.

We need to selfcast something to procc Elemental Overload, Totems or Traps won't do that
OoS has a high triggerrate and every trigger can potentially crit, which grants the Elemental Overload buff.

How can I procc Elemental Equilibrium?

I use VortexTrap and Vaal Lightning Trap for this.

We need to deal Lightning or Cold damage to get a beneficial EE procc. We cant deal damage ourself and the degeneration effects of Righteous Fire and Searing Bond wont procc EE.

Does Spelldamage work?

Spelldamage does NOT increase the degeneration damage of Righteous Fire or Searing Bond, not from the skilltree, gems or gear.

Check my gear, what do i need to upgrade?

If you got the best in slot unique items get better rares. See Gear section for what we desire.
Get the dexrequirements via gear, cap resists, get life everywhere possible.
After that point try to overcap resists (for elemental weakness maps or monster curses), get some chaos resists, more defence (upgrading your 100 armour gloves to 600 armour gloves etc.) and higher life rolls.
Enchant the gear and/or try some essence crafting.

Why don't you pick 'insert random ascendancy class here'?

Chieftain and Berserker are the most solid pick in terms of offensive and defensive potential. This is true for life based RFT.
Some Witch/Templar/Shadow classes can work with a low life/hybrid/CI version, but are more expensive and require a different playstyle.
If you like another class/styles more, try it.

What gems are good with quality?

See gem section, there is a list at the end.

Why don´t you use Fire Penetration?

Penetration gems/skillnodes only work on hits, not damage over time effects

NEW: Useful Links

Path of Building The best offline planner aviable in my opinion

Tool to calculate AoE nodes/gear with your skill for 2.6 This also has DPS calculation in it!

Calculator to chrome items

Also Check out my other Builds and Guides

Update 10.3.17

- Removed Whispers of Doom and many things regarding this. The reason is that its barely changes mobclearing and is not great for high tier bosses since they get 60-80% less curse effectiveness. Totemic Zeal or defensive nodes help generally more reliable.

Update 9.3.17

- updated gem section, removed selfcast scorching ray (almost never used it), added decoy totem.
- removed dual curse setup from the section and will do the same for the skilltrees in the next days

The Forum Thread with my Guides and Builds
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Last bumped on May 24, 2017 7:01:27 AM
I am also trying a RF totem build, with triple curses.

One tip: Lavianga's Wisdom is a REEEEALLY cheap weapon that is simply astonishing to level using RF totems. Currently I am dual wielding them and one totem takes like 50% of my screen. Also, Im using the Doedres Scorn and Pyre which I consider BiS for this build (at least until super end game maps, where defenses are prioritized).

yeah, i wrote it in the guide too.

I use laviangas wisdom and would use doedres helmet, but i cant use it (need the resists).

Pyre is not worth it, better get life+ %firedmg. Its a good dps item, but only a minor dmg increase.

The Forum Thread with my Guides and Builds
I am loosely following your guide with a scion, thx for the work you have done to make this page :)
[2.6] Not So Immortal - view-thread/1840702
Assassination Service Stream - /view-thread/1083796
PermaStun Guide: - /view-thread/1350901
Crit/Block Gladiator - /view-thread/1612701
Thank you, i enjoyed it :)

The Forum Thread with my Guides and Builds
Great guide man!
You mention beeing able to do bm maps with just 2 gem swaps.
What exactly do you swap?
I'm going to give this build a try, this is the tree I came up with.


Its only 96 points so it can still drop down to EE if need be. I also hadn't grabbed Sovereignty yet but I was thinking with that I could probably run Determination and Grace and still have mana for casting CoH-LB and searing bond. Also wasn't sure if I needed ancestral bond or if I wanted to try and EE with casting lightning ball.

Nice to be able to check your progress while I'm still in the process of getting my guy rolling.

Best of luck, stay safe.
Trying to stay alive in Hardcore.
Rapid Decay wont increase the damage of RF.

Tested this,
spell totem + RF + Rapid Decay dealt more damage than spell totem + RF without Rapid Decay...
in pvp...

two RF totems dont deal double damage, only one counts.

Tested this in pvp as well,

Test was done against a lvl 28 pvp only shadow with all passives and ES removed...
AoACaD wrote:
Rapid Decay wont increase the damage of RF.

Tested this,
spell totem + RF + Rapid Decay dealt more damage than spell totem + RF without Rapid Decay...
in pvp...

two RF totems dont deal double damage, only one counts.

Tested this in pvp as well,

Test was done against a lvl 28 pvp only shadow with all passives and ES removed...

i am 99% sure that rf totem wont have a RD tag if linked, but i will test it later too. I have no problems if youre right ;P

Completed 12 Challenges360 wrote:
Great guide man!
You mention beeing able to do bm maps with just 2 gem swaps.
What exactly do you swap?

I have Arctic Armour + Blasphemy + Flammability + EleWeakness linked for 95% reservation. In a BM map i want 0%, so i have 2 options with these gemcolors (gbbb)

swap AA with Ethereal Knives or a different Green spellgem, swap blasphemy with curse on hit. Use this to curse the enemys.

swap blasphemy with faster casting, turn off AA and selfcurse.

Completed 8 Challengesgbjfrtswym wrote:

Its only 96 points so it can still drop down to EE if need be. I also hadn't grabbed Sovereignty yet but I was thinking with that I could probably run Determination and Grace and still have mana for casting CoH-LB and searing bond. Also wasn't sure if I needed ancestral bond or if I wanted to try and EE with casting lightning ball.

Ok you can do it like this, but i can tell you some things i learned while playing this char:

- you want 2 rf totems. it basically doubles your aoe.
- you want 2 rf totems... for bosses. if your totem runs out or gets destroyed you have a downtime with no dps (placement + activation), with dualtotem you have no downtime. Ok, there are aoes that can destroy both totems if they are placed badly etcetc
- EE is overkill for mobs. I just dont use it on regular mobs, it takes more time to apply it than killing the mobpack.
EE is great for curse immune targets, bosses and beefy rares, but not required on regular normal/magic/rare monster.

The mobs die in < 1sec on a regular basis, if i use a ball lightning with no castspeed it takes me almost 2 secs to clear a pack... every time... and they have more time to attack you.

again: EE shines on bosses and curse immune guys, i use my lightning/vaal lightning trap on every boss and 0-2 times against trashmobs, thats how often i need or want EE.

- i understand that you dont wanna run blasphemy for defensive auras, thats fine. i only use it out of lazyness :P Ball lightning coh is fine, but i highly recommend dual totems and a (vaal) lightning trap for EE

- tree is fine, would drop the 10% totemdmg @asc. bonds, not worth it, there are enough 12%+ nodes aviable. in my build the templar resist/eledmg node will drop too when my resists are overcapped, the dmg is ineffective too :P

The Forum Thread with my Guides and Builds
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The searing touch staff would appear to be a really synergistic fit with the RF totem

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