2.0.2e Patch Notes

You guys actually realize that GGG did that because there was players abusing it right ?

The only one we should blame IN THIS CASE are ourselfs as community.

If players didn't abuse stuff, they wouldn't need to nerf/balance things.

I agree that are different cases in which ggg made the wrong choice imo, but in this particular one is our fault.
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Not trying to defend anyone here, but isn't this just a recurring issue that revolves around the fact that your flasks can be permanently refilled in hideouts? Why let players cast (attack) spells at all in hideouts? First it was corpses, then zombies, now frost walls. Basically players can use any spell that has enough graphical effect on the game. The problem clearly isn't the frost wall, I think its very short-sighted to completely modify a skill that is working as planned. Ban them of course, but the problem will just move to another skill gem.

I honestly don't see a use with merit for using spells in hideouts. If you really wanted an idea, I think having masters refill flasks when you talk to them would be a nice solution.
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It's a shame to see that GGG's employes are not skilled enough to fix a bug, so they have to fix an entire game mechanic, limiting the entire community... Which means the bug still exists, but is just covered with a giant band-aid.

I would not be surprised if people get encourages to exploit even more after they saw this post :/

servers committing suicide and setting each other on fire because certain individuals are generating exponentially increasing numbers of stacking objects =/= a bug.

IF ANYTHING, it's an engine flaw, but I can't think of a whole lot of engines that could keep up with that level of punishment for long. It's essentially a neverending feedback loop which essentially DDoS's the server from within and causes a lockup and crash. Outside of recoding it to avoid that interaction, there's basically nothing you can do.

...And that's precicely what GGG have done.
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I don't know if this started after this patch, but I'm getting a "HNC protocol violated" (and game crash) when I get into a corrupted area inside the mines lvl 1 (act 4). A friend of mine is also getting game crash whenever logging into his char (he's in Highgate).
We are playing in standard.
There were so many better ways to fix that.

Please GGG, tell us this is just a temporary fix, until you decide a better way to handle it.
Some response would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to know if GGG is aware that it may have been the 0.05 ms cd on CoC being bypassed causing the problem, or if it wasn't, some confirmation, and whether or not the skill will be returned. If it can be of any help to you guys in debugging the skill, I'm glad to help

I spent the first few weeks of this season building a character that didn't even work until 2.0.2 hit, then 2.0.2e revoked it once again.
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Hilldrake wrote:

The only one we should blame IN THIS CASE are ourselfs as community.

The only one you should blame is GGG's well-known incompetence in coding department. The very fact of reliable server-crash exploit existence indicates fundamental flaws in the game engine, which, in turn, indicates poorly thought-through design.
Outside of recoding it to avoid that interaction, there's basically nothing you can do.
...And that's precicely what GGG have done.

Yes, GGG did nothing. They merely delayed this until someone finds another way to reproduce this exploit, instead of recoding or removing trigger gem mechanics that comes back and bites them in the ass for so long already.
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I don't see how you call it a fundamental flaw of the engine. Its an infinite recursion combo, it would crash the server no matter how stable it is. An engine shouldn't have to handle players going infinite to be stable, and while they could put in a bandaid safeguard, the combo was apparently the result of the failure of a safeguard put in for this same purpose, the 0.05 cd on cast on crit. You could say "Well they should limit us to 100 frost walls" or something like that, but they already inherently did that with the CoC cooldown, it was just apparently bypassed by frost wall's new effect.
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If u have such a problem play a different game it's not like u had to pay to play.
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