0.10.1 Patch Notes

Hmm was hoping for some whirling blade fix, but i guess
Perpetus was more important for the balance.
Yay for the patch, really awesome work guys! I'm a bit disappointed that you haven't changed the evade/magic 100% chance to hit problem but I know it will come soon enough :) keep the good work!
:D Looks nice, thank you very much!
IGN - AyyRangerLmao
Great job guys, as always.
Implement /players x already
No new skills? =( we really need some

I'm also curious when we're gonna get some new skills. I'm really looking forward to some Claw skills so I can make a character around them. :D
IGN: EmptyPalms
great work on the skill gems :) and the MUSIC
I liked gaining 1500 energy shield in a 2 man party at level 42 from a dominated monster ;(
I'm gonna assume it's the case but... New armour values only on newly dropped items?
IGN: swampassking, yellingman, pisswailer, screamingasshole, crabass, funman, shittingtodeath, hirasawayui
Keep on doing what you'r doing GGG, and I'll keep on playing!

Great patch, constantly reiterating and improving upon an immensely fun game!
haha the perma stun build i watched Kripp made is fixed :D and the rest of this patch is awesome cant wait in 15 secs
Vini Vidi Vici

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