0.10.1 Patch Notes

Does the increase in the # of map types mean an increase in the map drop rate? Or has the drop rate been decreased to keep it in-line with how it is now (A.K.A. crap)
Chris wrote:

  • Improved all of the Duelist's animations.

Finally, the long-awaited Duelist buff!
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love the Patch Notes!

PS.: When can we mute the Valentines Heart pounding sound? :)
Chris wrote:
  • Boss totems now do more damage with Spark.
  • Increased the damage that Perpetus deals with Ethereal Knives.

lawls. Awesome :)
oh my god yes, 77 maps, THANKYOU!
Great changes, although I was hoping to see more balance changes outside of the stun threshold fix.

great patch!
keep up the good work
There is suppose to be a nice signature picture here
Glorious shield art upgrades. MANNA FROM HEAVEN!
Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun.
Whoop whoop! Can't wait. Thanks for keeping on your toes, as usual, devs. In appreciation I have just bought some more microcredit. Or maybe I just wanted a scorpion pet...

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