0.10.1 Patch Notes

Completed 3 ChallengesHalinn wrote:
Chris wrote:

  • Improved all of the Duelist's animations.

Finally, the long-awaited Duelist buff!

hilarious bro!
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Chris wrote:
Increased the damage that Perpetus deals with Ethereal Knives.

Anubite, you asked for it, there you have :P
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Of all the games I've played over many years, GGG I gotta say I am really impressed more so than any other dev team with the work you guys are putting into the constant improvement of this great game.


p.s the unfreind bug needs to be high on the agenda.
i would love to see some improvement's in the drop frames of ATI cards, i have a HD 7950, and on a 6 person party and everyone spaming skills i drop from 120/130 to 10/20/30/40 on a 1366x768, that's really bad.
that really nice!!! and i love this 1 Pressing the alt (or highlight) key in trade while hovering an item now says "item level" rather than "level" to make it clearer.
Chris wrote:
Version 0.10.1
  • All skill gems and support gems have received new art.

This is awsome, lookin forward to it.


Balance Changes:
  • Stun Threshold Reduction now has diminishing returns when it exceeds 75%. It's still possible to build very effective stun characters, but they cannot permanently lock down the hardest of bosses.
  • Increased the non-percentage Armour values on item mods to be the same as Evasion.
  • Boss totems now do more damage with Spark.
  • Increased the damage that Perpetus deals with Ethereal Knives.

Erm, buncha buffs to enemies... wheres my buff? :D

Good stuff GGG.
GGG - Why you no?
Supajin wrote:
Sweet! Any ETA on the love being shown to Duelists I've heard about? ^_^ , would love a buff :p.

from twitter:
0.10.1 will be deployed in 15 minutes. Its patch notes are here:
5 min ago...
10 more mins
any chance in future updates for
visual upgrade on equip ??? ^^

Rly happy about the new maps and shield upgrades ! keep up the good work
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