Lightning Warp

I would love to play Lightning Warp totem build, but there are 2 issues which ruins otherwise very cool play style.

1. Targeting issue with certain bosses or enemies positioned in the corner.

2. Enchantment which reduces duration of the Lightning Warp also reduces totem duration.
I think I read somewhere in the latest 3.4 patch notes that Lightning Warp has been boosted.

Boost ? What boost ? OK maybe the cast speed is a bit better but...

1) There's some kind of timeout before being able to warp again, so it's impossible to "chain" warps within a decent timeframe, unlike other movement skills (leap slam, whirling blades, shield charge...). So it's nearly impossible when playing with a team to catch up with other team members using movement skills. Most of the time I end up using the good old running speed with flasks of adrenaline, especially in maze-like environments.

2) The most annoying part : Lighning Warp not only fails a lot, but it sometime don't trigger at all if there's the smallest obstacle on the way. Solution : fix the warp failure (dunno what's the reason for that, but it's been existing for years) and please please please ***always*** warp to the nearest valid destination near the mouse cursor. If I strike the warp button, I ***want*** my char to teleport, whatever the exact location is. I know a fix has been done to improve the pathing for cyclone some months ago, I'm pretty sure a similar thing can be done for LW.

Of course, I'm using a LW with fast cast, reduced duration and even the swift affliction support (4-link for a crappy result). And on top of that, I ***have to*** drink a quicksilver flask of adrenaline if I want to really be (barely) able to catch up with the rest of the team.

So, I know an improvement has been done in 3.4, but seriously, it looks just like the old version of LW for the reasons I gave above. There's still a lot to do to really improve this skill, so that it's on par with other movement skills.
Please allow lightning warp to always be cast no matter where ur cursor is. If the area clicked cannot be warped to then it shud warp to the nearest possible point, kinda the same way whirling blades would be cast or how cyclone maneuvers around obstacles. Its so annoying in areas with lot of collision objects, clicking on somewhere u cant warp and then the character just stands there doing nothing. Its a good way to get killed too.
The skill is pretty good, but the minimal teleport distance almost trash him...

I play with a shadow and cwc, I understand that cwc have less casts per sec when the travel distance is further with high duration, but in bosses is just terrible...

I like to teleport a larger distances but also very short distances... Is very annoying for me when I teleport far away from boss, I hope you understand and change it, the skill is pretty good.
It would be awesome if the game had a movement skill for a caster, so the generic caster attribute like cast speed would affect the skill in some positive way, just like attack speed affects Whirling blades or Leap Slam.
Too bad there is none.
The game had a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience.
Oh look, an old man can't handle his warp, always warping to the side.

Can you please start fixing this crappy skill already.
The game had a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience.
Suggestion decouple the skill from duration and make it faster cast as base + better scaling with cast speed so wanders / people with duration nodes can use it.

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