Feb 15: 4h Solo HC (Calibration - no prizes)

Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.

We're testing what level players can get to in various race durations so that we can calibrate prizes. These calibration leagues have no prizes, but we'd appreciate players who understand the league event system playing in them so that we can get good data. We're not publicising them beyond just having them in this forum and on the news page's event schedule. We are running one event of each duration from 1 to 4 hours in Solo mode (no partying). We may calibrate partying events also before we start running real events.

If you don't understand what this type of event is, we recommend not playing in it until we have started the first season of events and have more information up. At this stage we expect to start running real events with a set of awesome prizes in approximately a week.

The password for the event is: calibration
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I'll be doin' this one!
why would you start it at 2pm when most people are working? i'd love to participate but wont be able to.
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the faster people going in this event, the higher the limit to receive prices in future events. wouldn't have disclosed this but hey, i will try to raise the border nonetheless :)
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Firedrop wrote:
why would you start it at 2pm when most people are working? i'd love to participate but wont be able to.

NA I presume?

Not wanting to point out the obvious, but at times one must...

There is more than the USA in this world and we are in different time zones.

EU is ~5-8 hours ahead of you, NZ is ~12 hours ahead of EU, effectively 17-20 hours ahead of you.

The time shown means NZ will be ~7am, EU ~7pm and NA in the middle. By all means come up with a better time suggestion (iirc GGG do shuffle the race times around normally) but try not to make the suggestion just about yourself under the guise of 'most people'.


Implement the current running league mods in all 4 leagues. Open all tilesets to all map tiers.
Simples, game just became so much more for so many more.
Enchanting is a carrot? But a bite makes you vomit up the bite you got earlier. That'll make people NOT chase it.

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Firedrop wrote:
why would you start it at 2pm when most people are working? i'd love to participate but wont be able to.

(Edited to be more positive)

Path of exile is played all over the world!
In all kinds of different timezones! Yea. :P
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Aw - not gonna be able to make this one on time :(
Can make all the others though :D look forward to the races again!
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can't wait for turbo to come back!
mh.. They are always either too late or too early
This one is at 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM.
Other ones are like 3:00 AM - 5:00 AM...

;__; Seems like I gotta wait for something else

Would love to partake, but thats 7:00 AM CST here in the states. Because I work at that time, i will not be able to partake in this event.

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