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Note that while we welcome questions about future content, quite a few things are going to be covered by the "We can't talk about the Act Four expansion yet" answer. Having said that, there's no harm in asking!

I'd recommend just posting few important questions rather than many trivial ones. Depending on how many good questions there are, there's a very good chance that we can't answer them all. We'll do our best to pick a selection of important ones. If you want to increase the chance that your question is answered, try to phrase it in a constructive non-hostile way. It's also good to check that no one has posted a very similar question before you.

I'll be the primary person answering questions, but will reach out to other developers for answers as needed.

Just to clarify, the answers are going to be posted two days from now. Let the questions begin!
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Phase run. Is it coming back?
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Now that Path of Exile has been 'in the wild' for almost five years, looking back, has the development of Path of Exile progressed in line with expectations? If no, what was the biggest 'curve ball' or 'home run' that really forced GGG to reassess their goals and motivations?
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Oh, just thought of another one: Round up a couple of the original crew and let us know what their greatest game development related accomplishments are, and what their greatest in-game accomplishments are!

Lastly: What's the word on a cut throat league? I still hold great memories of the anticipation, adrenaline rush, and excitement of participating in a cut throat league for the very first time... I have hopes I may experience those feelings again some day. PvP in this game requires too much up front investment and planning for me to enjoy it the way I'd like to.
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Act 4. is it a thing? when?
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Would any OP bow skill (i.e. Tornado Shot, Puncture, Ice Shot) be seeing a nerf before 1.4 launches?

What would be done in terms of MTX before 1.4?

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What is the progress on the next Act?
Im Colorblind, When will be the colorblind mode put in?
Are u guys are considering to change the ratio the persistently rising number of totally unnecessery worthless unique items? what is GGG's reasons and goals with that? i assume thats a lot of work time and design and ofc money which is obviosly a waste of time if players dont even pick up them anymore, i like thats not all the uniques are soul takers, binos etc. but what can we expect in the future?
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Any changes for making Armor-based chars more usefull or in one line to evasion/dodge/acro chars?
Is there any plans for more avian/bird pet MTXs?

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