1.2.4e Patch Notes

Imagine it was never added before, and now only added as 300-400%. You'd all be saying it's too much etc etc.
yo never even played untainted. Still new and I only get to play like 2 days a month and I can't even login. Very disappointed they decide to update at a high traffic time. could have waited till a more convenient time.
If you are going to drop the exp for UP, then you really should introduce item drops imo.
Booooooooo that was the only fun part of doing Zana Missions x.X Always waited for Untainted and never got it, Now you nerf it
it smells like taint now
why have some of my stash tabs become remove only ??
Rampage merged to Standard. But why I lost the crafting tools in my hideout??? No way to dismiss masters and loose reputation of my lvl 7 masters :S
fkxLegacySpectral : lvl 97 Raider ST HowA [Legacy]
fkxBreachSlayer : lvl 95 Slayer Blade Flurry [Breach]
fkxCrockett : lvl 94 Saboteur Ice Trap [Perendus]
fkxRampage : lvl 94 Witch Fireball [Rampage]
fkxShadow : lvl 95 Shadow FP/CI [open beta]
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Untainted Paradise to Tainted Hell I see. :D
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

Thats whye you toss ninja style patch in the midle of map run? Because of stupid gem leveling map (lvl 1-17 max no big thing). Is there reasonable explanation or you are not being serious?
Hate community since Aug A.D.2012. Distrust developer since 0.11.0.
Meh , i didn't even get to play untainted paradise, hope they pump up the chance to spawn.

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