1.2.4e Patch Notes

untainted exp reduction? now its not worth running T_T
I just hope that means the map will have a greater chance to drop or be created through Chance orbs to reflect the nerfed condition.
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Sad nerf for untainted but it was needed :/
RIP Untainted...But it was kind of needed.
Daakutenshi wrote:

Don't think so...
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MavFilo wrote:
Untainted nerf wasn't really needed in permanent leagues imo.

Untainted wasn't really needed in permanent leagues, for that matter :)
Casually casual.

That seems like a silly and mostly worthless change. People who get it in the 1week, especially more than one will still benefit a lot from it, but it's so nerfed that it will be shit for the temp or perma leagues where it cuts off a huge amount of the annoying part in the game.
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Fucking lame.
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I'm curious, why the patch isn't downloading? All systems seem good to go... or did I miss something?
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