1.2.4e Patch Notes

Tempada wrote:
There are Master mission bugs with this patch...

Yup I'm having the same problem.
Tempada wrote:
There are Master mission bugs with this patch. The text for the mission that always stays up on the right hand side is incorrect. It's telling me I failed missions when i didn't, it says I've completed a mission and should talk to a master when I've just begun...


I just went on a Catarina mission. The goal was something like "revive a corrupted body". There were no quantities listed, but there were a bunch of green targets to revive.

When I revived the first bunch (three bodies, I think), it still said "revive a corrupted body" but also said "return a corrupted minion to Catarina". So I revived two more batches. The first goal disappeared and it only said "return a corrupted minion to Catarina".

I went back to Catarina, but by the time I got there, only one minion was still following me. I figured that was okay, because it said "a" minion. But nothing happened. So I went back and corralled 4 or 5 more minions and got them to follow me back. They all disappeared when I got to Catarina. Then it said something like, "Mission failed, not enough minions".

I don't get it.
I just got a Zana mission. Before I entered the map:
Mission Failed: All portals were consumed
Slay the corrupted bosses
Slaying monsters increases the time limit
Slaying monsters decreases the time limit

And yes, the increase and decrease were BOTH active. I had 30s to do the mission and (obviously) failed it. 6 portals but it was "failed" from the start. It was a one-boss map with plural "bosses." Zana derp.

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