1.2.4 Patch Notes

Aww still sad that I'm not seeing "Bug: Zanaa spawns too many crematorium missions has been fixed"

Maybe next time :)
'Dialogue should now fade out when you stopp talking to an NPC."

easy typo to fix there. :)

Much nitpickier: plural of 'ursa' should be 'ursae'. :)

"Colossal Bonestalkers have had their life and damage reduced."

Oh, thank *Fuck*.

Hmm suddenly Ledge is interesting again
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
i honestly wish that the higher your level rep, the better the exchange rate with your master.

Would it be possible to implement something like this?

With zana for example

lvl 5 20 chisels for 16 chaos
lvl 6 20 chisels for 14 chaos
lvl 7 20 chisels for 12 chaos
lvl 8 20 chisels for 10 chaos

this would give a great sense of progression and promote leveling masters even further without disrupting the balance.

Just an additional incentive to make character/reputation progression more rewarding
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congrats neon.
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nate433 wrote:
Will Lightning Tendrils work with unarmed?

All spells work when you're unarmed. That's what differentiates them from attack skills -- they do not rely on what weapon you have equipped.

I just noticed that Mark2 has not specified if it's a spell or attack skill -- but let's assume spell.

I was under the impression it was going to be a melee attack from everything we heard.
Herald of Ice no longer has the Spell tag, and instead has the Cast tag (to make it more clear that it does not deal spell damage).

what the heck does that mean?
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Uvne wrote:
"Improved the generation of corrupted side areas in the Archives area."

I agree with changes like this, but c'mon, we know what this is about.

Yeah god forbid we are allowed to have a way to semi decently have access to the funnest end game content.

I do not understand why we have to be forced to search low zones for hours on end or buy fragments from other players.

Even with the archives method (or previous sarn) it still took a very long time to aqcuire a full set.

Everything else in this patch is awesome but further restricting us from the funnest end game content really chaps me.

This rely on luck to play content is really silly.
Mirror Thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2870482
Implemented the capability to Shift+Click when using currency on strongboxes to apply multiple of them without having to reselect the currency item.

so lightning tendrils is basically glacial cascade that hits all 4 times? brutal.

herald of thunder = duration tag? SAY YES.
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