1.2.4 Patch Notes

I like the new patch implementations.

Dreggon wrote:
Also, no mention of the new hideout MTXes. I really like the energy dome myself.

It was described as "Added a new microtransaction category for Hideout Decorations, in this category you will find eight new hideout decorations that can be purchased and added to your personal Hideout."
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Love the stated QoL improvements and bug fixes!
I swear you guys/gals must have been saving some of these for a rainy day ;)
Have to say I'm excited about this patch
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When viewing the stash tab list in the client, you can now type to jump to tabs that have names starting with those letters.

I'm a big fan of inventory QoL improvements, since I spend an inordinate amount of my time there...
Colossal Bonestalkers have had their life and damage reduced.

Thank you.
Uvne wrote:
"Improved the generation of corrupted side areas in the Archives area."

I agree with changes like this, but c'mon, we know what this is about.

What's it about?
Note I would love to see: "Timed missions removed from Zana until she is level 2."
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Knockback no longer affects targets which are Leap Slamming. It resulted in cases where they could get trapped inside objects if knocked back while leaping over them.

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