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PharaohRaziel wrote:
poexyzis is not responding with a link ?

It seems the website has some serious issues in telling what players are online or not.
does "manage your shop" thing on currency.poe.trade work? i've listed some stuff there, threw some chaos in the public stash, but my orders don't show up in the search. some ppl can still find it somehow since i'm getting whispers occasionally

edit: found what the issue was, i had my min stock set to 3, but it only shows as if you have a single item in stock, not very usefull this way
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Is there any way to get rid of scammers on poe.trade ? im sick of whispering sellers and get auto replied massage"sold".. seems the website is ruined by asians gold farmers. :(
You definetely should add a way to filter out single seller. There is one shitton of rings listed by same seller for one exalt and all are shit.
Also would be great to filter out AFK players.
More ADS to ruin live search.Thats rly annoying.Your ADS prevents me to click names.it started 3 4 days ago.
hayrish wrote:
More ADS to ruin live search.Thats rly annoying.Your ADS prevents me to click names.it started 3 4 days ago.

If you're experiencing problems like this please email me a screenshot of the page, including the URL, to support@poe.trade.
Could we please get http > https redirection?
Love the tool, 3 features missing / suggestions :

1. If i search for 3 red sockets, please find also 2 red 1 white and 1 red 2 whites and 3 whites... if someone is looking for 3 reds, it means he has 3 red gems, so whites work too and should be listed. Right now we have to manually input every variation, which is a huge pain.

2. Have a tiny icon next to mods (inside search results) so we can add them to the search without having to type the name. It would be a huge help in refining the results quickly.

3. Have an option to search for "additional mods" when looking at uniques, the source can be either enchantment or corruption. Right now it's a bit time consuming to look for any special uniques that has extra mods, because we have to look for specific corrupted versions, then stop then and select enchant... an easy one click check box to only show that specific unique with extra mods from any source would really be helpful.

4. Give us an option to create a permanent search URL / Bookmark. Right now it seems when i bookmark a search for later it somehow expires. Maybe every possible mod could have an alphadecimal ID / number and be listed as a GET parameter in the url? something like "?L=60&FR=10" for life minimum 60 and fire resistance minimum 10... Anyway just some way to create a permanent url would be nice.
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"+# to Minimum power charges" does not filter through.


Edit: Seems like it might needs the "Crafted mod" tag
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