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Will there be a feature to save search templates ? For example if i am searching for an item with 6-7 count filthers, its quite time consuming to make it from scratch evey now and then. Any plans for maybe saving a template or something ? Bookmarking works for some time, but i dont want to cluster my browser with 100 bookmarks.

I apologize if this has already been comented on.
when i try to post offers of currency they never show up and i send the message to the bot and everything, please help
can we get the different master seeks helps propechys in the search and or filter

thank you.
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I've run into an issue...
I can search my username and find my old items from this league in the search results but any new items like this Xoph's Blood amulet will not show up... not even in live search or when searching my username...
I'm shown as being online, so I'm not sure what's going on...
~edit, not sure what happened but someone finally sent me an offer even tho I never received a notification that it was listed live
~ double edit... it just hit live, now the influx of pm's asking for it :D
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Item Bug:

I have an item that should long be gone, as I sold it several hours ago and yet people keep messaging me about it. I tried finding the verify button thing, but that isn't featured (maybe because it's a map, wasteland btw).

Is there any other way I can remove it?

Something is seriously wrong with the API at the moment.

I've messaged probably 60 or 70 people purporting to list thief's torments in Betrayal. Often they are listed as being put up within the last 10 minutes. Those who bother replying are all saying they've sold it long ago.
Definitely having an issue with the premium sale tabs lately. Items that have long been sold are still showing up and being updated anytime I log into the game. Checked poe.trade and sure enough, I can see it listed.
looks like poe.trade hasn't really updated in the last three hours or so. Not really possible to trade any longer. Time to use the official trade site I guess.
Tombfist GLoves are not vialbe to search with has 2 abysal sockets the mod or the 2 abysal socket gloves are missing it only exist has 1 abysal socket ;(

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