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Coul you please widen the number field on armor and dps, they are currently about 3 digits wide and a lot of numbers we see often are 4 digits wide, and this seems like a fairly easy thing to implement.

Thanks for the excellent tools
Hey guys! is anyone know how many time do I need to wait after I got my 100 char? To get a Yellow name :D Tnx!
Umm, hope the owners knows this but im not showing as online and been online for about 1 hour and still not online according to poe.trade....grrrrr annoying
PoE Trade just does not waork for my today - no items found :D
nemeyeth00 wrote:
PoE Trade just does not waork for my today - no items found :D

In which league?

Because if you're searching for items in Delve League, which doesn't exist anymore...
The ability to sort in ascending order when clicking on a field. In some situations, for example the jewel "To Dust", I want to find the lowest reduced skeleton duration rather than the highest. As it is, I can only sort it where the highest shows up at the top.

Unless there's actually a way to do this that I don't know about lol.
Hey guys! Is there a possibility to add several different sounds on live search notifications? I like to open several searches at the same time and it's quite annoying to go through 5-6 tabs to find "just pinged" one.
Also there are some "hot" items that need to be bought like right now, and for others I'm just waiting a good offer or something that better suits me. So it would be great to differentiate them while playing the game.
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Any plans to enable searching private leagues?
can't set prices on currency atm such as '1/4 chaos' it gets rounded up to 0.3 ...
The online bot was broken for about 2:30 hours because it didn't accept a new privacy policy, if you didn't receive your online URL you should re-request it now.

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