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Would we be able to to buy unique maps in bulk in the near future, just like regular maps?
I love the site, but I see a major flaw.

Is there any way to ignore players? Some players are using the site to block certain items from appearing. Needs to be done in a way that I can keep adding these losers to my cookies.

This problem is growing, and taking resources up.
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For some reason item i listed yesterday is shown as listed 1 month ago. I never listed it before, my friend got right enchant on it just yesterday and then i put it on sale. After seeing that "1 month ago" i've tried to unlist it and list again later, doesnt seems to help:) Am i understand something wrong about this date and its not when item was put into public tab?

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Recently poe.trade it was showing as if i am being online on a character that i deleted three days ago.

Used it to a mule something from HC to Standard and now i am stuck with it. Had to remake it just because otherwise people could not pm me cos "this character does not exist"

pathofexile/trade worked as it should, it pmed my online chars not some ghost

Fixed it by remaking a char, deleting it and asked a friend to make one with the same name, otherwise i was still on it
Котейка рубль бережет
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I'm using the tile mode, but it unfortunately doesn't have the date information. Only list mode has it. Can we have it for the tile mode as well?
When I sell sacrifice frags from Fragments Tab currency.poe.trade doesn't show my stock

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HELP PLZ..... WHAT IT THIS..... Your shop is not showing on the search page. This is because your maximum character level is 2, but 30 is required.

Level up, and then send a PM to the poexyzis account.

(This error does not affect items posted via public stash tabs

Your items are showing up fine: http://poe.trade/search/omoyeianinator

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