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There's a suffix that doesn't show up on search, the #% energy shield regenerated per second.
There is an elder mod listed "#% increased elemental damage per 12 intelligence" which returns like every item listed in trade. AFAIK there is no such mod in the game?
I came here to drink milk and kick ass...and I've just finished my milk.
Hi, i cant find watcher's eye with # reduced Reflected Fire Damage taken while affected by Purity of Fire. I guess it's a bug, it's also didnt find a reduced Reflected Cold/Lightning Damage jewels

Or what i do wrong while search?

Love the product, but would love to chat with it's creators if you have a few minutes regarding practical optimization and user experience. Please feel free to message me

Despair mana reduction is not available in the search options but it clearly exists, everything else seems to be.

I don't know if it's possible but maybe add a way to force search for a word even when it doesn't match one of the pre-made options for unique modifiers?
Please allow me to filter out AFK people.
ZThere are some items right now (specifically Tabula Rasa on Bestiary) I was looking for and every night it is the same thing.

1 guy AFK and has about 30 of them listed as the cheapest price, so before I can get past them I gotta scroll all the way down.

You could say put a filter more expensive then that, but I don't want to risk missing someone else listing for the same price or lower that might not be AFK

It seems the latest patch broke something. Not sure what. When running this as a live search, items are popping up. But running it as a static search returns no results.

For some reason, I am not shown up as online in poe.trade. I have my stashes set to public.

Thanks for the website, it's a game changer for playing PoE.


Edit: As of 4/26, it's fixed now.
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It's an issue on GGG side, I've notified them and they are working to resolve it.
Recently I created a post on forum and linked some gear on it.
After that I started to receive a lot of whisper of ppl trying to buy my gear (that I linked in that post). I'm not even using acquisition anymore for more than a year. I want to become offline through of my control.poe.trade url but it keeps becoming online everytime.
I want that to stop linkinig my gear from the forum posts please
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