Path of Exile's December PvP Update

damn this is nice but really hope ggg dont neglect hld. I know it maybe hard to balance as compared to lld but im glad u guys are taking the first step!
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Bring it on!
Oh, the weary traveler draws close to the end of the path...
act 4 hype
Will this pvp season be based of existing characters or will it force players who compete to create new ones.
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holy shit
this sucks! no high level pvp tourneys? i dont get it!
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(*or possibly Tornado Shotted, its pretty good too)
Excited to try these out!
Holy shit, you got GreenDude involved! Those are amazing news.
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groelle wrote:
my personally biggest question - what league will these tournaments be held on?

The first season will be in Standard and Hardcore (because it's so early into the new challenge leagues). The second season will probably be in the new challenge leagues. It'll vary by season.

The current plan is that Standard players don't compete directly against Hardcore players in the same matches - they have different events in the schedule. Someone could play in both types if they had two sets of characters.
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