Path of Exile's December PvP Update

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MosesXIII wrote:
Dear god, this is the most massive waste of GGG time and money I've ever seen. It really, truly, honestly makes me sad to see the game taken in this futile direction.

There is a reason PVP was popular in D2 and will never be popular in PoE. That reason is IMO one of PoE's greatest strengths: It is HARDER than D2 ever was. In D2 you could build the best PVP characters, and still take them through endgame content (minus Uber Trist, but like Atziri in PoE, Uber Trist could only be cleared by a specific set of builds). In PoE, you would run into clear speed issues at the very least, and impassable walls at the most.

Look at LLD -- In D2 LLD was the niche, a pauper style of PVP. You could GET expensive LLD gear, but the difference was much more negligible than endgame. Anyway, in PoE, LLD seems to be the more popular PVP. Why? Because it takes less time to make the character. Because you're not forced to try and hit endgame content with a gimped character.

Yes. There are diehards. They are posting in this thread. Who are they, though, really? My guess is that they're either A: The players who have to PVP in EVERY multiplayer game, B: The players who PVP'd in D2 and are blind to the differences between the two games or C: Players who are poor, and see LLD as something they can finally get into with their meager wealth.

Please, GGG. I know you've obviously committed already, but please stop working on this futile endeavor ASAP. As an alt art collector and skin buyer, I love the idea of new alt art items, but as a lover of this game I hate to see it receive massive updates that ultimately will go nowhere.

What on earth are you even talking about... Many people will OBVIOUSLY try the new leagues and will enjoy them.. Who cares if you can't do the game's content with a pvp character? It will be just another character anyway. You either get alternative gear or you just don't play him except for PvP. I do not care much for PvP in arpgs either but this doesn't mean I don't care for it to be good..It is funny that you mention that POE is not D2 but still you are thinking and reasoning based on D2s PvP dynamics. GGG is doing the right thing (as usual) and you are absolutely confused.

Unless GGG implements a PVP system where there are rewards for day to day PVP (not just race-styled seasons with time restricted events), then there is much less incentive to PVP than there is to join a new league. You can't log onto your PVP character and farm Dom, or maps, or anything, really. If GGG does that, though, that's even MORE time and effort that could be better spent on new content, balance, QoL shit, anything else.

As for comparing this game to D2, if you turn a blind eye to the influence D2 has had on both this game AND its players then that's on you. However we both know the facts: PoE was made by D2 players and largely for D2 players.

PVP will never succeed outside of the niche category in which it currently exists. Not in the long term, anyway. Maybe there's a spike in popularity with the novelty of the first few tournaments, but it will absolutely fail in the end.

You can predict failure and doom for pvp and you might be right too but it is still your opinion and I don't agree with it. I find this update a nice change. Your posts are similar to these that say that hideouts are bad and should never been added. The logic of these kinds of posts is beyond my understanding.New content=better overall experience..
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I have a lil thing more to mention!

A SELF-HYPER-BOOST for pvp would be the simple way to make a "BET STACK PVP" both players put the items they want to bet on a stack's window then they both agree that the winner takes it all.... the dual ends, ppl get rewards, ppl get swag, streamers get swag, losers get salty, PVP GROW.... i really hope it won't mean to hard to make a feature like that

What a horrible idea. Just ANOTHER Rich-Man thing to abuse.
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Oh wow, this dropped a bomb! Finally releasing something for the PvP community, I'm glad even as a non-PvPer. I think flying in Greendude was an amazing choice. Companies should always gather a lot of information by asking those players/guilds most experienced and dedicated with the content of question.

Also: Act 4 hypUU!

Keep on going GGG! :)
Holy shiiieeeeet! epic!
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I'm glad the game will have more ways to play. It's ultimately good for everyone.

That being said, I get super fucking nervous whenever PVP features are mentioned by GGG. I fear that the pull to balance the game with PVP in mind will become too strong, and PVE will suffer for it.

I hope I'm wrong.
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PvE content should be their main focus, and really dont like that they shift focus away from that with all this PvP content :/
Its for such a small audience, and there is still lots of core things in the game they could develop instead :/

The PvP seasons will last roughly a month each and will feature alternate art unique items as prizes. There are are also the PvP equivalent of Demigod uniques, awarded to the best competitors. The first season will focus around 1v1 level 28 dueling, but will include a few team and no-level-cap events. Later seasons will shift the focus to different types of events.

Will these alternate art unique item rewards be catered for PVP use? As it stands now, many alternate art unique item race rewards cover a broad spectrum (although are often themed). Will the rewards for PVP be focused on uniques that can be used for (and more specifically, that are good/meant for) dueling? Things such as Perandus, Meginord's, Facebreaker, etc.?

I participate in a lot of race leagues specifically for alt art items, and I'll probably join the PVP ladder for this same reason, but it would make sense (and set more incentive on reaching tiers) if the uniques were catered to PVP play and would improve your game with a free item. To have some of the item rewards be practically useless in PVP (as some of the race rewards would be) would lower the incentive and almost be a hurdle to jump to reach the "good" rewards. Plus now you get more chances to show off the 3D artwork and your hard work in duels and tourneys rather than sitting in merci A3.

EDIT: Just realized absolutely no comments in this thread by Aux. Odd.
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I have a question, so if the pvp seasons are roughly 1 month long, does that mean that 1 month after the new leagues are out, the pvp season will start on the new league? Just curious because that would make me really interested in doing the new leagues again. Prepare for 1 month for the new pvp season to come out, etc.
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This PVP stuff is all fine and great. I think anything they do shouldn't effect PvE AT ALL. PVP will NEVER be balanced anyway, anyone with half a brain already knew this long ago.
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PvE content should be their main focus, and really dont like that they shift focus away from that with all this PvP content :/
Its for such a small audience, and there is still lots of core things in the game they could develop instead :/

I think PvE is still the main focus. GGG has been promising to give PvP more attention for awhile now. It may take few iterations of balancing to get PvP right, but it'll be worth the time, as a lot of people will enjoy the game more. Its about fun, and for many players, the ultimate fun and challenge is a worthy human foe.

Kudos to GGG for supporting ALL their fans.
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