Why are you, as a player, against an auction house similar to D3's?

twiskt wrote:
KrO wrote:
Simply becuase it takes away any contact with players. No bartering, no discussing trades, just a very cold experience and imo does not work in a video game.

People don't really barter now all the prices seem to be set in stone

So there is a list of prices of every item with any random affixes? Quite astonishing.
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I don't like the idea of an auction house. I thought that was one thing that ruined Diablo 3.
PsychoCop wrote:
I don't like the idea of an auction house. I thought that was one thing that ruined Diablo 3.

The AH itself as a mechanic is not that bad. The balancing of gameplay and itemization around it tho, is. The RMAH was the final nail in the coffin.

Also here's an interesting read. And quite saddening one.

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Why blight PoE with the disease that is AH?
If you put on your full plate mail, and I throw hundreds of toothpicks at you, you'll basically not feel it.

If someone catapults a whole tree at you, don't expect the Armour to prevent as much of the damage.
would love to have an AH, hate trying to sift though the trade channel, and most people are just trying to pawn off their junk in a spam of yellow text, it gets so annoying. then if you are after an item, say a new belt, you have to mouse over each one check it out, maybe it will be what you're after...then you gotta talk to the person, who's most likely a derp and wants your first born for his avg item.

Auction house...search: Belt, +80 HP and resists or GTFO, buy. end story.

The same reason we don't chop our head off when we get a headache. It's a dumb idea that doesn't work and causes far more problems than it solves.

Luckily, other games have already been ruined by AHs so we know better here. It will never happen.
Because the AH is the main reason why D3 failed. No if ands or buts. This thread needs to go away. This game is near perfect.
Suggestion: please put in an Auction House.

Noted. Thank you.
Designer of 'Oni-Goroshi, Charan's sword'. Yes, I wrote all those lines. Even the really bad ones. I'm sorry.
I'm going to spend some time later tonight to type of a comprehensive explanation for why Path of Exile does not have an auction house, and why it never will. I will also include good news about player trading, specifically regarding improvements to the process we have in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

P.S. By tonight, I meant Thursday. Too much other writing in the way, sorry guys!
P.P.S. Sadly, didn't have time to finish writing my reply, so hopefully Friday!
Path of Exile Executive Producer and Designer.
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