[BEYOND] Ice Shot ProlifAcroEvaOndarsCoil build!!

This is my fifth topic like this. I'm making it because many people have been asking the same questions on my stream and hopefully it will help out some people :). I apologize in advance for my English /grammar/ unprofessionalism (??) but I'll do my best and hopefully it won't be too terrible! Special thanks to the original creator of this build idea rrtson : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1034503 . This is just my take on the optimization for a hardcore league.

www.twitch.tv/RaizQT << For gameplay and questions that i somehow didint cover in this topic :P Or you can just come to have some fun. I stream 12h + a day so its hard to miss when im online :)

Video explaining everything(hopefully) you need to know about the build: Coming soon !!


- Awesome clear speed. Incredibly viable in groups. You will still be 1shotting blue packs in 6man groups on 75 + maps.

-Great survivability. Lots of life, lightning coil, acro, ondars, grace. What more can i say :) Even reflect is not a problem at all due to ondars (most likely). I honestly expected to have huge problems with reflect but as of now i have no issues whatsoever. I offscreen entire packs of reflect and dont even notice it. Im talking about ele reflect here, phys you dont ever ever ever notice.

-Super cheap. Chin sol is all you need for the longest time. End game lightning coil + a higher crit bow is really good but not completely nessecary. Lightning coil helps a lot in a hardcore league but i didnt use it untill lvl 80 and i was fine.

- Maps. You love them. Half regen, ele weakness, blood magic, no regen, reflect. You dont give a DAAAYUM about any of that.

- Easy lvling. ice nova, flameblast, ek, ice nova or heck maybe even use a silverbranch + storm cloud are completely viable untill lvl 32 when you get a deaths harp and switch to the main build where you start just deleting mobs even without crit.


- Shows true potential in groups which is not really a con but i had to think of something lol.

- As of now i honestly dont know what to say here. Ill try to find some flaws in the build and post them here in the future :P


WARNING: Run whatever setup you can in whatever item fits your colours but this is my current setup.

The three dragon's (must have) helm 4l - Assassins mark / Blood magic / Faster casting / Inc aoe. This helps you a lot with power charges for solo play and also gives you a curse for group play. For solo play i typically use a power charge on crit to not have to use this too often because it does reduce your clear speed slightly. Also im lazy :D

High phys + crit bow or chin sol if youre on a budget - Puncture / trap / point blank / phys proj dmg / crit dmg . Your single target, probably the best one in the entire game. A high crit phys bow is prefered if you have the money. For your sixth link i recommend crit chance or weapon ele dmg.

Rare or Maligaros virtuosity gloves 4l - Herald of ash / Grace / Hatred / Reduced mana . Your aura slot. Keep in mind you might have some problems running either grace or hatred if you dont have a lvl 18 + reduced mana. You can run an additional mana reservation node until then so that you can use all auras.

Boots 4l - Cast when damage taken / Enduring cry / Increased duration / Immortal call. The lvl of CWDT is completely personal taste. Some people might even not use this because if your enduring cry is on CD and IC gets triggered through CWDT you will get barely any duration on your IC. it WILL save your life against leapers, rhoas and all kinds of bursty phys dmg that might somehow get through your evasion

Chest 5l - Ice shot / Pierce / Ele prolif / inc crit chance / Inc crit dmg. Your main skill. For group play i use power charges sometimes if there is no other way for me to get power charges but this is kind of situational. For your sixt link i recommend weapon elemental dmg, power charge on crit, inc aoe, inc proj. this is honestly personal preference...I have yet to decide what to use for myself once i acquire a 6l.

WARNING: AVOID LIGHTNING DMG ON GEAR BECAUSE IT WILL CAUSE YOU TO SHATTER MOBS SOMETIMES RESULTING IN NO PROLIF!! Lightning coil being the necessary exception to this rule :) The pros outweight the cons and you dont shatter mobs in 76 + maps anyway. You can play it without the coil i just like to use it because i do stupid shit.

gloveshelm : resists/life/evasion/accuracy or maligaros virtuosity if you have enough survivability to run it.

helm - The Three Dragons. No other choice here. You can run something else low lvl if you dont have enough crit to run prolif but this is very situational and you should almost always rush the crit lvling over almost anything.

quiver - Life / ress / crit / ele dmg or drill neck. I highly recommend drill neck it just does too much dmg and also gives you life.

Jewelry : Life/ressists/inteligence/strenght/crit. The build needs quite a bit of int/str on your gear to run everything so keep that in mind. Endgame you should have about 110 int total.

Boots : life/evasion/ressists/20% + MS.

belt : life/ressists. Pretty simple, you can run some str too if its easy for you to get :)

chest : Lightning coil. Its just too good with a evasion build. If youre lvling and you feel you shatter too many mobs you can use something else if you feel safe with it. I might switch to a very high evasion chest piece in the future however i am hesitant at the moment. Maybe with enough life.

weapon : High phys + crit or a chin sol if youre on a budget. Even if you have to sacrefice some phys try and get as high crit chance as you possibly can. Thats why the build REALLY starts working at 32 when you can pick up a deaths harp which gives you crit, crit multi, additional arrow, phys. Simply amazing

MY GEAR ATM (lvl 85, second attempt. died because of my own fault and stupid play. This time around my gear sucks too except my bow which is alright and quiver which is BIS :)



(this will be updated everytime i get a good question)]

Q: Why not use pyre?! lightning coil makes me shatter shit!
A: Pyre is useless. You essentially 1 shot every mob with multiple hits because of the way iceshot cone works so everything is always ignited as it dies within 1shot even in 4 + man groups which makes you "destroy" the mob resulting in no prolif. Lightning coils dmg is not a problem at all in 76 + maps you just gotta get there :) I used a lightning coil all the way. But if you want to min max as much as possible you might wanna use a high evasion chest or a carcass jack for cone AOE.

Q : What bandits ?
A : norm - oak / cruel - kraityn or oak. I prefer Kraityn/ merc - alira

Q : Do i need to get quality on my gems?
A : If you wanna get 100 % pierce chance ASAP and dont have a lvl 37 drill neck you should get quality on pierce. Thats about it :) Endgame you need no quality on anything at all.

A : It's pretty gurb, pretty gurb.

(this will be updated everytime i get a good question)
IGN - RaizQT
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Could you post a skill tree progression section?

Also, you told to avoid lightning damage on gear, yet you are using lightning coil, which gives lightning damage :P. Just sayin..
Nothing's more annoying than people who post their OWN gear on SELLING forums. NO-ONE is going to find you upgrades!
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So... you want to proliferate the Burning damage right? Why did you link EleProlif on your Ice Shot instead of your Herald of Ashe?
Because of the Helmet the Ice Damage Ignites.
yeah but you could replace the helmet then. would that make such a huge difference?
I really like this build. First I followed the skill build but when I hit around level 60 I made a couple of changes to the tree. I also replaced ice shot and puncture with shockwave totem and later I equipped an aegius aurora to make the build even better. Thanks for this build! It made me into a pro! The clear speed is also really amazing with the shockwave totem and I think that raiz should try it for his build too.
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holy hell this thing is mana hungry - you took no mana nodes, not even Revelry - how in the hell do I sustain this?
why not take Point Blank from the tree?
it would only cost 2 points and would free a link in your bow
Point blank will be bad for Ice Shot attack (AoE). It is needed only for puncture traps.

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