1.3 ✮ The Crit DoT Chin Sol build ✮ Puncture Trap / Ice Shot (Build of the Week S3E3)

A big thanks to GGG for featuring this build in the S3E3 Build of the Week!
Change log
Thank you everyone for all of the questions and suggestions! This build is mostly complete, but I'm continually tweaking it so check back occasionally for updates!

  • March 14th, 2015: Added some more entries to the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.
  • January 31st, 2015: Came back after a 4 month break! Reviewed my build, and it's virtually unchanged from 1.2 -> 1.3. Tree requires 1 more passive point (look in tree section for update), puncture gem got nerfed a bit, but otherwise everything gearwise is the same. Also added example of rare Harbinger in gear section. Build is still immensely fun/viable!
  • September 16th, 2014: Switched 1 of the recommended AoE 4L gems (from PPAD to WED). WED offers similar tooltip DPS, but trades some physical damage for higher elemental damage (higher burn/shock), and no attack speed penalty. Also added L90 trees for Scion/Duelist.
  • September 14th, 2014: Added some more entries to the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.
  • September 15th, 2014: Added a new section for flask recommendations.
  • September 14th, 2014: Added some more entries to the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.
  • September 13th, 2014: Revised tree to collect Vaal Pact and more HP/phys nodes. Also edited any relevant gem / tree progression recommendations.
  • September 11th, 2014: Added tree progression from L50-L100; switched some of my budget rares.
  • September 10th, 2014: Revised Merciless bandit; added some Atziri videos with budget/rare setup
  • September 9th, 2014: Added budget/rare setup & more videos!

This DoT (damage over time) build centers around both the newly buffed Chin Sol bow, and the Three Dragons helmet. If you enjoy watching a roomful of enemies melt in seconds to a single arrow, or if you like dropping the toughest bosses in the blink of an eye — all at a reasonable cost — you've come to the right place!

Chin Sol is an affordable weapon, and now offers great end-game damage. Its hallmark modifier is: "100% More Bow Damage at Close Range", and with this build we're going to take advantage of that in our single-target setup, using the Puncture skill combined with the Trap support gem to quickly assassinate tough map/rare bosses.

To supplement the above boss-killer, we are going to be using the newly (1.2) buffed Ice Shot to clear mobs, also based heavily on DoT when combined with the right gems. A lot of our physical damage is going to be converted into cold, which is where the Three Dragons comes in to turn all of that icy goodness into Ignite damage on crit, which is spread to nearby foes with the Elemental Proliferation gem. Paired with the fire damage granted from the new Herald of Ash skill, and Three Dragon's ability to Shock enemies with fire damage, we've got ourselves a formidable AoE setup. Shoot into a room, and everything burns to the ground!


100% unique setup:

Budget/rare setup:


100% unique setup:

Budget/rare setup:

100% unique setup
As you can see, this variation of the build uses 100% unique items. This setup works and hits all of the resistance/stat requirements. Though, the only 2 items that make this build "work" are the Three Dragons helmet and Chin Sol bow (even the Chin Sol could probably be upgraded to a high-crit/DPS Harbinger bow later on).


  • Chin Sol: This bow takes front and center stage in this build. With the recently buffed 80-100% to 150-180% physical damage, it turned from a leveling item to an end-game viable bow. It provides more than enough DPS for our single-target purpose of hitting once and hitting hard, while still providing enough DPS for Ice Shot to clear mobs at far range. The best part is the cost of this bow (1-5 chaos unlinked on most leagues!)
  • Three Dragons: This helm allows our fire damage (from Added Fire + Herald of Ash) to Shock, and cold damage (from Ice Shot + Hatred) to Ignite. This is a staple item, as we want the exact 2 status ailments: Ignite and Shock. We don't want to freeze enemies, as shattered enemies cannot proliferate burn. The helm also provides much-needed resistances.

Optional (can be replaced with rares that offer life/crit/resists/stats):

  • Drillneck: This quiver is an all-around great item. It has decent survivability mods (life/evasion), and gives an excellent boost in damage with the flat phys, attack speed, 10% implicit pierce, and the "projectile damage increased by pierce chance" modifier. Since we are getting capped pierce chance (100%) on Ice Shot, we are taking full advantage of the damage this quiver provides
  • Voll's Devotion: A great amulet that is usually used on Discharge builds, but also a great defensive amulet when paired with Romira's Banquet. It gives decent life, elemental resists, STR/INT to reach stat requirements, and the signature "endurance charge on power charge expiration" modifier. This means that you will always be capped on Endurance Charges for use with CWDT+IC.
  • Romira's Banquet: As stated above, Romira's Banquet provides the Power Charges that feed your Voll's Devotion. With a Chin Sol, You will be shooting a lot of non-crits (~56%), so Endurance Charges will generate quite quickly. The power charges also help boost the average crit chance a bit. Other good stats on the ring include the 2% mana leech (saves 2 passive points), 300+ accuracy (big amount), crit multiplier, and implicit 30% crit.
  • Doryani's Invitation: The belt provides a good amount of resistances, and the 30% physical helps all damage; not just Trap damage. The extra strength is also needed to equip certain gems, and 1% physical leech is a nice bonus.
  • Belly of the Beast: With the patch-1.2 buff to flat life per level (and nerf in life nodes), Belly of the Beast now gives a lot more boost to HP than a flat +100 life chest would. The chest also provides just enough resistances to hit the 75% cap, and a nice boost to life recovery rate from the new Eternal Flasks (Catalysed seems almost instant).
  • Maligaro's Virtuosity: An all-around great glove that provides high crit chance and multiplier, with some other nice DPS mods (dex/attack speed).
  • Atziri's Step: Since bow-users in general don't have access to spell block (aside from Rearguard), the only other way to increase defenses against elemental damage is with spell dodge or +max resists. Since we have no room on gear to run purity auras or hold shields such as Saffell's Frame, Atziri's Step allows us to boost our Spell Dodge % up to 46 from 30. The boot also gives max run speed (30%), up to +75 life, and high evasion. Nothing to dislike.
  • Le Heup of All: Probably the most easily-replaceable item in this build. It gives +stats and +resists to hit the requirements. That's basically all I use it for. Could probably be replaced with a ring that has some +life. But Le Heup is a solid ring nonetheless.
  • Rumi's Concoction: Since bow users usually lack solid defenses such as Armour, the new Rumi's Concoction flask is used to preemptively safeguard the player when entering potentially sticky situations, offering a much-needed +3K Armour, 40% block, and 20% spellblock boost.

Budget/rare setup
In this setup, we keep the Chin Sol bow, Three Dragons helmet, Maligaro's gloves, and Belly of the Beast chest.

Aside from the addition of Meginord's Girdle, all of the other uniques in the previous setup are now replaced with rares that offer life, resists, and stats (particularly intelligence). Some other things to have on the rares are mana leech on rings/amulets/quiver (saves you 2 passive points), movement speed on boots, crit chance wherever you can fit it (rings/amulets/quiver), along with some flat accuracy, and flat physical/cold/fire damage. Avoid flat lightning damage on gear, since lightning gets converted to cold damage by Three Dragons, which freezes enemies (shattered corpses can't proliferate burn/shock).

Notice how in this setup, we also use two 5L's, which is the "sweet spot" for this build, but two 4L's is still viable. As you level, I would prioritize Ice Shot over Trap Puncture if you only have access to one 5L. The total cost with two 5L's should be no more than 7-10ex, even in temporary leagues.

Alternative (example of rare bow that could replace Chin Sol):

If you feel like Chin Sol's crit chance is too low for your liking, you can look at some rare Decimation/Harbinger bows with the following mods: %phys, flat phys, attack speed, crit chance. Ideally you want a bow that's close to 300+ pDPS, 1.2+ APS, and 8.75%+ weapon crit chance.
General mapping:


Alternative to Rumi's Concoction:

Flasks are an important part of this build, as it fills in a lot of gaps that gear/gems aren't able to cover. The affixes we roll on them are equally important. The 3 main flasks that we want on our character at all times are 2 Quicksilvers and 1 Life flask. Since we don't have room for a dedicated movement skill (like Lightning Warp), we rely on Quicksilvers to move around quickly and to get out of dangerous situations quickly. We want to roll the 'Ample' prefix on both to get a minimum of 10 extra charges per flask, which then allows each flask to be used 3 times instead of 2. This means we have 6 uses of Quicksilver before we have to recharge. We also want the 'of Adrenaline' suffix on both for the boost in movement speed.

Next, even though we have leech + Vaal Pact, sometimes we simply need a panic button when we take too much damage too quickly, so we need a Life flask that regenerates a large amount of HP quickly. Usually, we'd roll a 'Seething' flask, but our Life flask of choice is going to be the new 'Eternal' version, rolled with the 'Catalysed' prefix, recovering a whopping 2500 HP in 2.7 seconds, which is further modified by Belly of the Beast's "50% flask life recovery rate".

In the 4th slot, I always have a Rumi's Concoction on me, since the benefits are too good not to have: +3000 armour, ≤40%block, and ≤20%spellblock. Before you are able to acquire this flask, I would definitely still have a regular Granite flask in the setup, which can be rolled with an 'of Iron Skin' suffix as shown above.

For the last slot, the flask will depend on the situation. With the introduction of Strongboxes, you will now always want to carry with you a Quartz flask when mapping, rolled with a 'of Heat' suffix. This allows you to both avoid getting trapped by spawning mobs and avoid being frozen if you encounter a "Freezes you upon activation" Strongbox mod. Now, if you're running Apex of Sacrifice (Atziri), there will be no Strongboxes, so you can then replace the Quartz with a Diamond flask, rolled with an 'of Warding' suffix. This will allow you to crit more often with Puncture Traps during boss fights, which is important because the longer the bosses are alive, the more likely it is that they will kill you. The flask will also allow you to curse Atziri and not have the curse reflected back at you for the duration of the flask.

Below are gems listed in order of importance, from left to right.

Single-target 4L/5L/6L



The reason why we use the Trap gem instead of simply going self-shot Puncture is because Chin Sol requires our character to stand close to the enemy to take advantage of the "100% more bow damage" modifier. In many cases, this is inconvenient and possibly dangerous. Trap solves this nicely by letting our character throw a trap at far-range, and instantly Puncture the target at close-range, while still benefiting from the Chin Sol modifier. On top of that, Trap gem offers a 34% more damage modifier, which is further amplified by Point Blank's 50% more damage modifier. So, while the tooltip DPS of Puncture might seem quite low, it's missing a lot of "hidden" damage.

For the other supports, we choose to use as many gems that increase the physical damage of Puncture, as Puncture's DoT only scales off of physical (not elemental). If your tooltip is below 30% critical strike chance, I would equip the Increased Critical Strikes gem over Increased Critical Damage in a 5L setup.
AoE 4L/5L/6L



Unlike our single-target Puncture skill which deals high physical damage, the mob-clearing skill we're going to use is (Ice Shot), which relies heavily on elemental damage to do the deeps. The recently buffed Ice Shot now has a 120% damage effectiveness, with 40% of that physical damage converted to cold. We use the Weapon Elemental Damage gem for a huge increase in elemental damage, which is bolstered by Hatred and Herald of Ash.

It is highly recommended to upgrade to a 5L on Ice Shot as soon as possible, because we use the Life Leech gem along with the Vaal Pact keystone to help us with survivability and immunity to reflect.

But possibly the most important support here is Pierce. Aside from the 1:1 damage increase we get from Drillneck for each pierce % (up to 100%), Pierce allows Ice shot to hit multiple enemies in a single volley, which sprays enemies behind each target hit with a cone of ice. And whenever we crit with Three Dragons equipped, cold damage will Ignite and fire damage will Shock (50% increased damage from all sources including burn), both being proliferated onto nearby foes via the Elemental Proliferation gem.

The other supports that work well (as a 6th link) include Physical Projectile Attack Damage and Increased Critical Damage. With a critical strike chance of 30%, my tooltip shows a roughly equal boost in DPS with either gem, so it comes down to which colors you roll first and if you prefer to crit for a ton more, or have each non-crit shot do more on average.

Alternative (replaces main curse):

For our curse of choice, we run Assassin's Mark. You may wonder, why Assassin's Mark over Vulnerability? While Vulnerability does offer a damage boost to physical and DoT for Puncture, Assassin's Mark offers more benefits to the overall build. Firstly, when we throw down 3 traps on a boss, we want at least 1 of them to crit, because if it happens, bosses will almost always die in 1 hit. If none of them crit, then we have to waste time throwing down more traps (as non-crit Puncture damage is quite low). Since Chin Sol has a relatively low base crit chance, which results in a final tooltip of around 35% chance to crit, Assassin's Mark gives us an additional 9% crit on top of that, bringing us to a solid 44% chance to crit. Furthermore, for our AoE skill (Ice Shot), only about 1/5 of the damage comes from physical. The other 4/5 comes from elemental (fire + cold), and when we crit with Three Dragons equipped, enemies get Shocked/Ignited. Thus it's in our best interest to crit as often as possible, for as much as possible.

Alternatively, depending on the colors you're able to roll on gear (and your playstyle), you could use Temporal Chains as your main curse. This has the nice effect of allowing you to kite enemies better, and set up traps for fast-moving bosses.

Alternative (replaces Frost Wall):

For our CWDT setup, we go with a standard Immortal Call + Increased Duration combination. The only thing missing is Enduring Cry, which is covered if you're using Voll's Devotion + Romira's Banquet, that provides us with a constant supply of Endurance Charges. I also added Frost Wall into this setup, as it's one of the best defensive CWDT gems for ranged characters. Whenever you are hit by an enemy, Frost Wall pushes everything back and gives you time to breathe before you are hit again. With a 100% chance to pierce with your arrows, you can shoot right through the Frost Wall (which lasts about 3 seconds with Increased Duration).

Alternatively, if you are using the budget/rare build (without Voll's), the Frost Wall gem will need to be replaced with Enduring Cry gem.

The two auras/buffs that boost physical-damage-based characters the most are obviously going to be Hatred, and now Herald of Ash. Herald of Ash is an important buff in this build because it is our main source of fire damage when using Ice Shot, shocking enemies on crit via the Three Dragons helm. The 50% damage bonus really helps boost both the Puncture bleed-DoT and Ice Shot burn-DoT. Furthermore, each enemy that is killed by a direct hit from Ice Shot will ignite nearby enemies for any remaining "overkill" damage, whether Ice Shot crit or not. This overkill burn can then be proliferated if you link an Elemental Proliferation gem, which is what's used in the last gem slot. This guarantees that low-HP enemies (that can be easily 1-shot) can proliferate burn onto nearby high-HP enemies, even if you go on an unlucky non-crit streak with Ice Shot.

Old trees
Link (release)
Link (added 9/3/14)
Link (added 9/13/14)

Current tree (added 1/31/15)

This build can be completed either with a Ranger or Shadow, as I hit both starting positions. With several node adjustments, even a Scion (L89 tree) or Duelist is doable. The above Ranger/Shadow version uses 108 points @ L90 (with 2 non-passive quests). For tree progression below L90, look in the "Leveling tips & Build progression" section (from L50-100).

Your general goal for the tree is mainly to collect the crit and bow phys nodes on the left side of the tree. Some important passives are the 'Vaal Pact' keystone which prevents you from killing yourself to reflect, the 'Entropy' DoT cluster that benefits burn and bleed, the 'Clever Construction' notable for reliable trapping, and also the 30% 'Piercing Shots' cluster to reach 100% pierce chance. Also, since we don't have regular/spell block, we use Acrobatics/Phase to get our much needed defense.


  • Normal: +8% resistance (Kraityn) for 100% unique setup; otherwise (for budget/rare build) get +40HP (Oak)
  • Cruel: +18% physical damage (help Oak)
  • Merciless: Passive point (kill all)
Character Screens

May not reflect some of the more recent gear/tree changes:

100% unique setup (6L's)
Ice Shot
Budget/rare setup (5L's)
Ice Shot
Strengths & Weaknesses

  • High single-target damage; can 1 or 2 shot most map bosses
  • High AoE damage with burn proliferation. Can clear rooms in 1 crit shot.
  • Normal/Uber Atziri capable
  • Build can be completed with only 4L/5L's
  • Uses 100% unique gear (replicable)
  • Relatively cheap for its capability. Can also be built for under 10ex (5L/rare setup).
  • What's reflect?
  • What's Corrupting Blood?
  • Fracturing mobs = fun!
  • Best of all... this build is LAG-FREE! (party-friendly)


  • Relies on manual dodging/kiting
  • Slightly inconsistent crit chance due to low base crit on Chin Sol
  • Vulnerable to burst damage, as there aren't as many defense "layers" as some tank builds.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Does this build require 6L?
  • A: No! This build can be done with nothing higher than 4L/5L's. Look in the gem section to see which gems are required/optional.

  • Q: Can Chin Sol be replaced with a high crit/DPS Harbinger?
  • A: Yes! Even though this build centers around the Chin Sol bow, a rare Harbinger bow will offer more consistent crit chance, and with high enough rolls will offer you more DPS than a Chin Sol with the Ice Shot skill. However, a Chin Sol still outshines even a high-end rare Harbinger on Puncture Trap due to its 100% guaranteed "100% more damage modifier at close range". A Chin Sol is simply used in this build since it's a relatively accessible/inexpensive item that can be obtained on all leagues fairly early on. And with the recent buff, the DPS is sufficient for all of the toughest end-game content.

  • Q: What about reflect mobs?
  • A: Elemental reflect mobs will put a dent in your HP, but will not 1-shot you. You are able to shoot right into packs of reflect mobs (both physical and elemental) because your HP is recovered via leech + Vaal Pact (revised tree).

  • Q: How do you manage mana?
  • A: The only source of mana recovery in my setup comes from the 2% mana leech on the Romira's Banquet ring. Since you still do a considerable amount of physical damage with Ice Shot, that's more than enough to sustain the cost of skills, as you will only be firing at 2 attacks per second (with a 6L cost of about 41 mana per use). If you're not using a Romira's ring, the Mana Drinker node (2% mana leech) is only 2 points away, or you can also get mana leech on a rare ring/amulet/quiver.

  • Q: Why didn't you take the Point Blank keystone nearby to save a gem slot?
  • A: At first I did. Then I realized only my Puncture Trap benefited from the Point Blank modifier. If I use my AoE ability (Ice Shot), the damage drops off too significantly at range.

  • Q: Why do you still use the Pierce gem on the budget/rare setup?
  • A: While Ice Shot does have its own built-in pierce to a certain extent (ice cone), actual pierce chance allows the arrow itself to pass through multiple enemies in a single shot, creating an ice cone for each enemy hit. You will notice that if Pierce is removed, it takes a noticeable amount of more arrows to clear a room. A 100% pierce chance allows arrows to hit mobs that are outside the scope of the ice cone, and will often kill other packs of monsters offscreen. 100% pierce also lets you shoot through dense mobs to snipe Vaal totems or rare monsters with "Enemies cannot die" mod.

  • Q: Why Proliferation on Ice Shot? Isn't Proliferation on HoA enough?
  • A: The biggest benefit to using Proliferation on Ice Shot is the Shock proliferation. If Ice Shot crits, the Shock from the initial hit will be applied to all surrounding monsters. That's a 50% increase in damage to everyone, not just the monster{s} that got hit.

    Next, Herald of Ash is a strong buff, however the way that "overkill" Ignite works is if you score a killing blow with an attack, any remaining damage will Ignite enemies. This means that the higher the HP on mobs, the less often you will be able to "overkill" the mobs.

    To give a very simple example: Pretend a monster has 100HP. After monster mitigation, let's say you deal a consistent 70HP each hit. So 1st hit, you drop the monster to 30HP. The 2nd hit will kill the monster, and you have 40HP of damage that is considered "overkill". This 40HP of damage will be used to calculate the Ignite on nearby enemies. Now let's pretend again that there is another monster with 400HP. You still deal 70HP each hit (after monster mitigation), so 1st hit drops monster to 330HP, 2nd hit to 260HP, 3rd hit to 190HP, 4th hit to 120HP, 5th hit to 50HP, and the last hit will leave us with 20HP of overkill damage.

    As you can see, the higher the HP the mob, the more arrows it will take for Herald of Ash's Ignite to kick in. Furthermore, if the monster is killed via burn (DoT), they will not have any overkill since DoT is not an attack. We can then conclude that Herald of Ash becomes less effective at proliferation burn on tougher content. A lot of the DPS in this build comes in the latent form of burn proliferation when we crit, as critical hits offer a much more consistent source of high damage/burn. So the basic idea is: You want the proliferation from critting. The proliferation we get from HoA is simply a nice side bonus, since we have 1 free blue gem slot anyway.

  • Q: If I'm on a limited budget, which gems would you suggest to get quality on?
  • A: Some gems where it's useful to get quality are: Pierce, Increased Critical Damage, Elemental Proliferation, Immortal Call, and Increased Duration.

  • Q: Isn't the HP too low?
  • A: Yes and no. This build is definitely on the "squishy" side of the tankability spectrum. However, the purpose of this build is to kill your enemies before they kill you, while relying on the player to manually avoid damage — AKA the glass cannon archetype. And if it's able to do Atziri with 0 deaths, then it can be argued that 3K HP is perfectly fine for its intended purpose.

    With that said, if your goal is to avoid all deaths for a long period of time (Hardcore league), I would definitely advise against trying my exact 100% unique build, as you probably need to swap out some uniques for higher-survivability rares (+life). The DPS is already more than enough, so switching to a tankier version of this character is definitely possible. Also, if you look in the "Tree" section of my guide, I've recently respecced my tree a bit to collect more defensive nodes since the release of my first video.

  • Q: Isn't 2 APS too slow?
  • A: While many other builds rely on fast attack speed to do damage, this build does just fine with close to 0 attack speed bonuses from tree or gear -- AKA slow and heavy hits (2 APS). Some would argue that this would prove difficult in reflect situations, however with this build a large chunk of the damage comes from DoT, so for our Ice Shot setup, it achieves just enough damage to quickly burn down tough mobs, while still being under the damage "threshold" where elemental reflect would become a problem. As for Puncture, the physical damage can be pushed as high as possible because the physical reflect problem is negated by using traps.

  • Q: Why not Burning Arrow instead of Ice Shot?
  • A: While Burning Arrow does give a higher total fire damage, which results in higher burn, when actually in-play, Burning Arrow begins to lose effectiveness the more mobs there are around. Since we are firing a single arrow, Burning Arrow flies right through, and only begins to deal serious AoE damage when it crits (and proliferates).

    On the other hand, Ice Shot always fires a cone of ice for each enemy hit by an arrow (sort of resembles what Fork does). The cone created behind each target hit means that every monster behind the 1st monster will be hit at least twice (once by the piercing arrow, and once more by the cone generated in front of them). This provides greater crowd control, and when Ice Shot does crit, the entire mob takes damage in an AoE simultaneously.

    If I could describe the interaction, Burning Arrow sort of resembles a chain of proliferation, while Ice Shot's proliferation happens all at once.

  • Q: Why not Lighting Arrow (+ Herald of Ash) instead of Ice Shot for the burn/shock effect?
  • A: Since monsters can't be "shock-stacked" anymore (only 1 flat 50% modifier), stacking high Lightning damage is generally less useful that it was before, as you simply need the bare minimum to get the Shock ailment going. If we used Lightning Arrow, it would've provided a bit too much lightning damage, and not enough fire damage from Herald of Ash + Added Fire alone. The 40% conversion to cold of Ice Shot, plus the 120% damage effectiveness, combined with Three Dragons gives us a much higher burn damage.

  • Q: Why not also use Trap + Ice Shot for your mob-clear skill to take advantage of Chin Sol's close-range bonus?
  • A: For a single-target setup, Trap is perfectly usable. However when it comes to mob-clearing, I generally don't like using Trap as my main skill, since they're sort of clunky to use when there's too many enemies on screen trying to swarm you (max 3 trap, 4 sec cooldown, low trigger radius). Self-shot skills are instant and provide enough DPS for the purpose of killing mobs quickly. Also, a pure Trap build means you can't leech life, relying on pots for sustaining HP.

  • Q: Is Voll's Devotion absolutely necesary?
  • A: Not an absolutely necessary item in the build. Just nice to have. Without the Devotion/Romira's combo, you would need to replace the Frost Wall in the CWDT setup with an Enduring Cry gem, as you need at least 1 source of generating Endurance charges. And without Romira's, you would need to pick up 1-2% mana leech elsewhere (2 more points in tree). Other than that, your amulet/ring slots can be filled with rares that contain life/resist/stats (preferably on Diamond rings, as you need as much crit chance as possible). Also, Voll's Devotion can possibly drop in all leagues now (source), so it should be soon accessible to anyone looking to use it.

  • Q: Can I use the Pyre unique ring for increased burning damage?
  • A: No! There's 2 reasons. First, this build relies on burn proliferation to do a lot of AoE damage. Pyre causes burnt enemies (when hit again) to leave no corpses, which means there will be no corpses to proliferate burn. Secondly, Pyre converts all of the cold damage into fire damage. But in this build, Three Dragons makes cold damage Ignite enemies. So if you don't deal cold damge, you won't be able to Ignite.

  • Q: Is the 'Clever Construction' node really necessary?
  • A: YES, yes, yes! Traps have a short amount of time immediately after being thrown where they can be destroyed before they are able to activate. This means that the traps are vulnerable to mainly AoE damage that are already present on-screen before you threw the trap. Examples of this are: Dominus's lightning spirits, Vaal/Piety lightning balls, Megaera's Firestorm, Merveil's water pillars, Spark Totem boss, Cyclone boss/exiles, Ground Slam exiles, the Righteous Fire exile, rare Incinerate dogs, Storm Herald rares, fire/desecrated ground, Arc soldiers, titty bitches. Those are just several examples, but you get the idea; the list goes on. AoE is a big part of this game, and Clever Construction is a 100% way to make sure your traps go off when you need them to.

  • Q: Why not use the Infractem unique bow?
  • A: While Infractem does offer the 100% pierce chance, it pales in comparison to Chin Sol. Chin Sol offers a faster base attack speed, the ability to leech (important in sustaining life/mana), and of course the "100% more bow damage at close range" modifier.
Leveling tips & Build progression
In progress!

Below are some leveling trees to help guide your way to the final L100 tree:

✮ in-game @FTMFW
✮ twitch.tv/RRTSON
✮ [Shop] http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/909223
✮ [Build of the Week] http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1034503
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How does this handle reflect?
WitchKiller wrote:
How does this handle reflect?

Probably fine. Phys is fine because of traps. Ele is fine because lots of his Ice shot damage is due to shock and subsequent burn, which, obviously, doesn't reflect.

But anyway, I am really impressed with this build, strong and clever! I am jealous now.
Last edited by Cabesi on Sep 2, 2014, 11:56:25 AM
Really nice build. I have never played bow build but now i kinda want to.
IGN: Reoxy
very impressive build!

however: "Relatively cheap for its capability. My exact build costs ~30ex (Standard rates)" ??
a new 6L Chin Sol and 6L Belly of the Beast?
a Drillneck alone cost at lest 10ex
Voll's Devotion about 10ex ...
Last edited by moomaaru on Sep 2, 2014, 12:09:07 PM
Awesome build. 30 ex for your setup? I'd offer you 40... ;)
"Fixing the endgame was hard - No matter how hard we buffed red maps, people would keep spamming Gorges.
So we turned Gorge into a red map"
I am very glad to see a version of my build capable of melting Atziri.

For those of you worried about the price of his gear, my build is here for you to get started.


I have many players on my thread asking for an Atziri-killing version of my build. I will direct them your way.

Great build.
very unique build
pvp loooooooool
moomaaru wrote:
very impressive build!

however: "Relatively cheap for its capability. My exact build costs ~30ex (Standard rates)" ??
a new 6L Chin Sol and 6L Belly of the Beast?
a Drillneck alone cost at lest 10ex
Voll's Devotion about 10ex ...

Ah sorry, forgot to mention that was written when I was using 2x 5L's, which is still able to run Atziri. My puncture setup simply has an extra Critical Strikes gem, and my Ice Shot setup has an extra Added Fire. Helpful, but not necessary.

Lastly, since Voll's Devotion and Drillneck can now drop in all leagues (via Zana's map mods), the prices on those items should also come down soon.

WitchKiller wrote:
How does this handle reflect?

Elemental reflect-mobs will put a dent in your HP, but will not 1-shot you. You are able to single-out the rare reflect monster with your Puncture Trap (Traps can't reflect damage back at user). Elemental reflect maps are simply countered by removing the Weapon elemental gem, possibly even 1 of your elemental auras (Hatred/Herald) depending on your resists. Or if you're still taking damage, swap Ice Shot out with Split Arrow, as the damage effectiveness is much lower.

elboyo wrote:
I am very glad to see a version of my build capable of melting Atziri.

For those of you worried about the price of his gear, my build is here for you to get started.


I have many players on my thread asking for an Atziri-killing version of my build. I will direct them your way.

Great build.

Thank you :) That's a great-looking build also.
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Sweet build.

I do have a question on your burning proliferation from Ice Shot and the Herald of Ash overkill burn interactions. 2 totally separate burns - any idea how to tell which takes?

Those Puncture Traps are damn nasty.
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