Hercanic wrote:
As a summoner, this gem is really good for controlling what element you use for Elemental Equilibrium. However, with Wrath and Anger now affecting spells, if you are in a group with someone using one of those auras, you are out of luck. I think Wrath only boosts existing Lightning damage on spells, so it's safe, but Anger adds flat fire damage to spells. We could use more Avatar of (Element) keystones to deal with that.

Fire Damage can only be Converted to Chaos Damage; Avatar of Cold/Lightning doesn't work.
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Given the death of Reduced Mana and the scarcity of Enlighten, could this gem now perhaps reduce mana reservations by a lesser amount than Enlighten?

I think it would encourage careful planning of group dynamics and expand on the idea of a support roll. It's really doesn't seem to be used a lot, as there are many more effective ways to DPS.
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Why does Generosity not work with totems? TBH, this COULD be the best use of that gem. I was trying to get even more move speed for my skeletons, but apparently this gem does not work. It could even work as "caster does not receive bonuses", so it can't be abused to buff yourself with totems. (that is a smart use of that gem, but whatever takes to improve my skeletons move speed... lol)
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Resurrecting this...

Would Generosity benefit something like Hatred being used to affect a Shockwave totem?
Wootie wrote:
Resurrecting this...
Would Generosity benefit something like Hatred being used to affect a Shockwave totem?

Nope. Totems use your offensive stats, and Generosity removes Hatred's effect from you.
(there is no resurrecting in Gem feedback, don't worry :) )
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Thank you!
Hey guys,

I would like to know if generosity's quality ( increased aura radius is supposed to effect blasphemy curses )

I understand that the increased effect doesn't work but I think the range should
like the nodes in the skill tree that increase aura radius also effect blasphemy.

I tried to see if it works and it doesn't look like I get more range is this intended?

Supports only link up if their basic functionality works with the chosen Skill. Curses do not benefit from Generosity's function, namely Increased Aura Effect.
Working as intended.
Does generosity allow auras to affect golems?


Vitality + Anger + Generosity > Flame Golem

When I removed the Generosity gem, the Golem's regen and damage stats increased on the stat screen. This would be the opposite if Generosity worked with golems, right?
The golem doesn't have any Regen or Damage stats. The Character sheet shows your stats.
Auras always affect Golems. Generosity increases the Aura effect, as stated.

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