The replies so far here in this thread say that Generosity does not benefit totems, however the wiki states the exact opposite. : "This gem can be used to strengthen the player's minions, totems or party members."

If the wiki is wrong, can someone with edit rights there please fix it? Thanks.

I'd like to say that generosity supported auras should benefit the caster from Unwavering Faith passive skill (Guardian ascendancy). It seems that, if the aura doesn't affect directly the guardian, he can't get the buff from this perk. I feel that's kind of self-defeating, because you get punished for trying to help your teammates as much as you can.

Please consider changing that.
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I'm running SRS with a Alpha's Howl. My question is that Generosity states that it should increase the area of effect of my linked Hatred. But when equipped, it shows a 62% increase in area effect with a 20% gem (+2 from the AH) on the character screen and on the gem, but I also have Haste in the AH which is not linked to the Generosity support and it shows the same increase - 62% (20% gem & +2 from AH).

Is the bonus to the increase in area effect of Generosity is hidden on the character window & gem?


Never mind on the Area Effect I see it now on the Character window (+40%), but still don't see anything regarding increased damage other than the description on the gem itself.
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If two players use Generosity on the same aura (same gem level, same quality)

Do they both get the aura? What happens?
Both players get the other player's Aura.
Legitimate Question, Why doesn't this Gem Support Death's Oath? I mean it should add more damage to the aura. The chest should still do damage to you with this support, but it flat out won't support it?

It would be really awesome to have this gem support it. Or make it so the Chaos damage to player upon kill add more chaos damage to enemies instead, since it only affects enemies anyway.
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This gem sucks. Not because of what it does or anything, but because of how the game works. I mean... Have you ever tried to buff your friends? I did once.... :( I wish I didn't try it though. It feels bad.

Ligit In game conversation between me and my friend.
Friend: Dude I'm not getting any of your buffs.
Me: I'm standing right beside you.
Friend: No your not! There is a freaking pebble in-between us.
(I move my char a step forward.)
Friend: Oh thank god I almost died there. You have one job to do. And you can barely even do it.

Ya feels bad. You make a char that all he does is buff people. But than you realize. That no amount of increased area off effect. Will save you from having to stand right on top of the one person who will get your buffs. While everyone else is blocked by some crappy rubble or whatnot.

Why is this gem, or any aura blocked by line of sight? And why is line of sight blocked by things that shouldn't block it? It makes most aura mechanics useless. And all Aura's are basically only used as self buffs because of it.
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auras used to not get blocked by line of sight... when did this change? o.o
biyte wrote:
auras used to not get blocked by line of sight... when did this change? o.o

I believe it has always been this way. Just most people don't notice it. As you move through the game so fast anyways. Even minion builds have this problem. Heck I didn't even notice it until we got to the library. When in the library with someone else in the party. It took us a bit to figure out why he would loose 2k ES every time he walked past a freaking book on the ground.
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Is GGG ever going to change line of sight in relationship to aura skills?

It is the main problem I have with this skill. And seems more like a bug than an intended design mechanic. It is my major beef with this gem.

Only ask as I am theory crafting builds for the next league. And having this fixed/changed would let me consider this as a valid support.
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