Path of Exile Digital Comic Issue #1 Now on Sale!

We're proud to announce that Issue #1 of the Path of Exile comic has been released in digital form! It's available as a standalone purchase or in a bundle with two exclusive helmet skins - theatrical masks themed around the two main characters in this issue, Lioneye and Kaom.

When are the three next issues coming out? Isn't there a physical copy too?

We're expecting to release one digital comic per month. A physical graphic novel version of all four combined will be released early next year.

What file formats of digital comic are available? How do I download it?

We're releasing the digital comic in four popular file formats: .pdf, .cbz, .epub and .mobi. Once you've purchased the comic, you can download it from the Digital Downloads section of your profile.

What do the Kaom Mask and Lioneye Mask look like in-game?

The two theatrical masks in the bundle depict the legendary heroes Kaom and Marceus Lioneye. Kaom's mask rages with fire while Lioneye's gem-enhanced eye glows blue. We've created a video showing them in-game that you can view below.

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1st !!! I did everything in my life now ! :)

Was waiting for that info... HYPE! Masks looks amazing !
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Woo front!
Cool masks, and I like the idea of exploring the lore outside the game.
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These are pretty neat. Will there be a new set of mtxs for each issue?
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Wohooo, finally!
Masks look great too.
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happy birthday to me!

lol máj poszt iz dö 6th
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looks good :D

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