Spell Echo

Working as intended. Echo is for hardcasting, otherwise you'd get that second cast entirely for free.
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Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a logical explanation for the spell echo quality bonus not adding spell damage for flame sentinel specters. Thing is, if i add a fire penetration with quality to raise spectre the fire damage bonus shows in the spectre tooltip but this is not the case for the spell echo's quality bonus. which seems strange to me.

I'm playing a Witch spectre/zombie summoner at the moment.
Raise specter is (5)linked with minion damage, fire pen, lmp and spell echo.

Thanks for the heads up
I hate that this support gem exists, you are just forced to use it even on SRS.
Perception is reality.
It is dumb when a support gem says something ("Supported Spells Repeat an additional time") and then has invisible restrictions to it (not working with totems, trigger gems, or channeled spells).

Players should not have to read the wiki to find out why GGG has broken a very clear mechanical statement in order to understand why their build isn't working.
It's worth noting that +2 maps are a dangerous thing.
They can cause players to get out of their depth -
playing maps that are too hard for the items they currently have. Herp Derp.
Let Spell echo work with incinerate please.
What do you think about changing spell echo to some kind of channeling.
Cast at highly increased speed but being unable to move as long as you do, with appropriete mana cost.

Even better make it gain cast speed during casting, maybe starting with negative bonus and growing exponentially.

Rewarding risk from having to stand still, especially in tanky builds.

And lastly, in some cases, reduces high cast speed animation.
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I played self-cast casters last two leagues. This gem needs rework.

It's mandatory for any non DoT-based caster.
Second cast is 'uncancelable'. There is no visual difference between first and second cast, while playing in party or during cluttered bossfights "why doesn't my character run when I click" feeling is constant.

- Reduce gem More cast speed value to make it comparable with other 'more damage' gems (70%->50%)
- Buff non class-specific cast speed clusters (3%->6%; 6%->10%).
- Change gem to just "more cast speed", w/o frustrating "second cast" mechanic.
- Reduce mana multiplier (140-> 120%) remove damage penalty.

Multistrike is usable and sort of popular because it grants unique 'autotarget' mechanic, weapon attack speed is a lot higher, tree and gear provides more % inc attack speed than any caster can get. Spell Echo is just a source of insanity.
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess
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I think this gem should be removed overall (together with multistrike). It doesn´t work with some spells (like channelled spells). To all other spells it´s a mandatory support. In a game this complex, invisible restrictions and mandatory gems have no place in my opinion.
I'm not sure this is the right thread, but i tested around a bit on my Lightning Tendrils character after 3.1 and it seems that spell echo still works (Pledge of Hands still roughly doubles my cast per second) even though LT should be a channeling skill now.
Do i understand something wrong? Or why is this working?
Is it intented that way or is it a bug? Or is LT an exception?
Quote from the wiki about channeled skills:

Channelled skills cannot be supported by Multistrike Support or Spell Echo Support because they operate in continuous fashion while they are being channeled; they do not consist of discrete attacks or casts that can be repeated.
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Spell echo wont work with rais specters anymore! Pls fix it fast its a hughe problem.

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