Spell Echo

I tried spell echo with the hungry loop ring and skeleton mages, they get the cast speed but they dont repeat their casts. Might be working as intended but golems dubblecast with echo and mages do it when you have it in a regular item
Hi, babies.

I've been doing Arc + decay + curse on hit + despair occultist build. This helped me reach until act 3 maps without deaths. *Died later because of lags haha*

But i'd still want to try pure lightning Arc:
Arc + Curse on hit + Conductivity + *Spell Echo* + Other lightning gems.

So the spell echo's job is to curse the enemies at after the first hit and so dealing high damage at the second hit. I tried it last night but spell echo seemed hard for me to use because it let's my character spend another time to cast the second hit; but i've been doing (and used to do) hit-and-walk-and-hit-and-walk-and-hit-... type of playing.

So this is my suggestion: (This idea might not be that good but please don't bark me. Peace XD)

1. What if instead of casting the skill a second time, it will instead just redo the damage after some time. And so, you are only casting the spell once but still dealing the second damage.

2. Given that number 1 is applied, we can also make the first damage lesser and the second damage greater, e.g, 80% less damage dealt by the first attack and 120% damage dealt by the second attack.

That would be all, love ones. Thanks.
I think Spell Echo messes with some of the fundamental fantasy of play for some players, such as myself, but it's way too powerful to give up for handcast builds.

With the new Crackling Lance skill, at max intensity stacks the visuals are huge and impactful and the audio is booming, but the fantasy of that huge Kamehameha blast is undermined for me by watching my character twitch back and forth to fire off multiple casts like someone panic-swatting a spider. My character doesn't look confident and powerful, they look like they're tweaked out and can't tell when something is already dead. I'd love to shoot out a single massive beam and then be able to watch the air crackle with static afterward, my character standing triumphant in the wake of destruction they caused with a single attack.

This is the part of my feedback where I give a naive solution, but I think it'd be great if there were a gem or keystone which gave characters comparable power to the Spell Echo gem but allowed them to keep the single cast, and were mutually exclusive with Spell Echo so that people don't just end up in the same position but more powerful. Maybe a keystone that adds a 250ms or 500ms cooldown to all spells in exchange for X% More Spell Damage with Hits, or a support gem which does the same. (Hit Damage to avoid inadvertently buffing ignite, which already prefers single big casts)

I tried playing Crackling Lance with Spell Echo (planning to use Greater Spell Echo from Pledge of Hands as well) but started a new character at level 65 because it didn't feel satisfying. :(
How does a 20/20 Divergent Spell Echo work exactly ?

It says the supported skill does 30% less damage, and final repeat of the skill does 60% more damage.

Does this come out as;
a) repeat1=(damage x 0,7) + repeat2=(damage x 0,7 x 1,6) >> 70% + 113% damage
b) repeat1=(damage x 0,7) + repeat2=(damage x 1,3) >> 70% + 130% damage

And if it is A then what's the point of the Divergent quality when it's just pure DPS loss at all quality values ?

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