[1.1.4] Will the REAL reflect build PLEASE STAND UP! WITH VEIL OF GREATNESS

LMAO this is amazing.
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+1 op
nice build, what about taking IR and playing it with full block 75/89 might fix some problems...

curse on hit might be interesting, also cwdt+arc+arc+arc or cwdt+fire pene+molten shell but would make a reflect maybe to a problem tho
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Best build ever, the manliness is overwhelming!

You could even do some afk-leveling right next to a Necromancer that keeps resurrecting his minions.
Best thread & build ever, hands down :D
Nice build :O
+1 Honor
when i saw your video that made my day
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I need to try this out. AMAZING
It is more manly than Maraduer.
Luckily i was not drinking coffee while reading and watching video.

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