[1.1.4] Will the REAL reflect build PLEASE STAND UP! WITH VEIL OF GREATNESS


I'm tired of all these faker reflect builds that rely on cast on dmg taken/cast on stunned/other bullcrap. I want a REAL REFLECT BUILD FOR REAL MEN!

Real men do not spam overpowered skills and slaughter mobs. That is what a brute does.


What is HONOR? Never attacking first. Let your opponent wrong you first. Then, use their force against them. Show them the evils of their ways. Punish them for their sins.

The templar is the perfect choice of an honorable man, a true gentleman. He is a man of god. His words are true and pure. Finally, he wears no pants because he has no shame to hide.

A reflect build embodies this paradigm of honor. Never aggravate first. Never crush your opponents to oblivion. Stand tall and stand honorably, take all and any damage intended for you. Then return only if necessary.

That is why the reflect build is the best in Path of Exile, and it will be the fotm (flavor of the month) build for years to come.


[Who is this build for?]

ANYONE can be a man of honor!

All you need is only just a few hundreds of exalts of gear. A real man does not worry about fortune or wealth.

With this map, you can die with ease in all sort of maps and instances, WITH HONOR. You can do 79 vaal temples with HONOR. You can do Uber Atziri WITH HONOR. You can do ANYTHING!

Death is the most honorable way to honor your battlemates.

[How it works]

Stack as much flat reflect dmg on gear as possible. Augment tempest shield. Scale damage with low life. Max block to scale reflect damage on block. Scale on MORE multipliers. Become G O single D.

It's all about synergy synergy synergy!
Even more synergy than Kaiserin's Aura Wander synergizer!

Synergy..... Synergy?

This build works based on near perfect synergy.

Here are a couple problems Reflect Builds face.

Dps can be augmented through more reflect items -> More flat reflect, more items -> Less item slots for other stuff

Severe lack of ES when using shavs. 550 ES vs 1050 ES Vaal regalia

Severe lack of resists. 5 Uniques and expect to get cap/overcap with rings and amulet?

Defences are too low, need to get mitigation. Ondars could 1 shot myself. IR and Armour takes too many points. No Armour and evasion available on gear.

Dps sucks. It just does. Block nodes take up just too many points.

How do we address all these problems? Synergy.


Lets start with the passive tree. There's some shitton of block nodes and 21% increased Effect of Buffs on you from Inner Force.

I am fairly sure "Increased effect of buffs on you" is additive but... I could be wrong. The game mechanics revolving lowlife and expensive builds are not 100% clear.

This becomes some amount of block, augmenting the block you already have on your spiked shield.

This will increase the effect of reflect dmg on block, pushing the FLAT block damage on reflect. This also makes up for a lack in ES compared to a Vaal regalia by scaling block for tankiness...etc...etc.

This will nearly DOUBLE the base reflect damage gained from your items and tempest shield.

This will nearly double the REGEN from vitality which is then affected by 200% Mana regen from trees and nearly 110% more from items.

Dealing with resists.

Reflect builds are known for their absolutely insane resist issues.

So we can synergy by using Veil of the Great Night. No need to worry about resists at all!

You could even wear double Andvarius and not give a care.


With some aura nodes to augment your tempest shield, you also get augmented vitality.
What does this mean?

You use immortal flesh. With vitality. With Zealots. For insane regen.

The -10% on immortal flesh is canceled by the global 0% res on veil of great night.

With the insane mana regen on immortal flesh + augmented aura clarity, you can run artic armor for even more minus damage taken on attack.


This is probably the most insane part of this build.

Veil of Great Night, Shav Wraps, Jaws of Agony, Redbeak

Veil of Great Night = 1-216 lightning dmg on block, plus you don't have to care about resists

Redbeak = 100% increased global scaling on ALL your reflect damage!

Shavs = 1-250 lightning damage on block

Jaws of Agony = 253 physical damage on block

Anvil = 200-250 physical damage on block

Tempest shield = 147-220 light, plus added chaos = 145-217 chaos, added cold = 67-100

Total reflect damage = 149-686 light, 453-503 phys, 67-100 cold, 145-217 chaos for a total of 814-1351 damage total.
With redbeak, this becomes 1628-2702 damage on reflect. Did I mention that we also have ele dmg scaling from the tree?????? And I haven't even ran Hatred yet!

Offense (tempest shield)


Run into a big mob and show them who's boss!
Never attack! Stand your ground!
Bonus points for casting enduring cry!

[Passive Tree]

[Gem Links/Auras]

Red Mana-Discipline-Clarity
Blood Magic-Red Mana-Vitality-Hatred
(if you can't run 60-40 yet, just run 40-40 with some random 40 aura)
Life Leech-Blind-Added Cold/Light-Added Chaos-Red Mana-Tempest Shield

[My Gear]

Gear choice explanation:
Great Helmet - It's fcking great. Must HAVE BIS IN EVERY BUILD. REFLECT DMG OP
Shavronne's Wrappings - BIS CHEST for reflect dmg. MUST HAVE. DO NOT GET BRAMBLEJACK. THAT IS NOT HONORABLE. Chaos dmg bypass ES is negligible.
Jaws of Agony - BIS shield for reflect damage. Alternative is Aegis Aurora for afk reflecting, if that's what you're into.

Redbeak - only way to scale your reflect damage insanely. Synergizes with Shav Wraps.
Stone of Lazhwar - Needed for spell damage block. Switch to the Anvil:

when you can, it scales your reflect damage even more massively.
Immortal Flesh - insane life/mana regen. Allows you, with Clarity, to run Artic Armor
Rainbowstrides - ES, plus spellblock which is absolutely necessary.

[Atziri Viable?]
Hell yes!

I can guarantee that a Shavronne's Wrappings will drop every time you kill Atziri with this reflect build.

This build is very viable can die to Atziri 6 times. WITH HONOR!!!!

[[Serious] No but really is reflect viable???]
Even with BIS gear and insane scaling, I would have to say "no" :(
When I test it at City of Sarn, every time I reflected damage it took out about half a white mob's health. Same with at Lunaris 2/Docks. Which isn't half bad.

The problem is, mobs will attack you really godam friggin slowly. Not only, but a good amount of the reflect damage is only for melee, so you struggle to kill ranged mobs (especially whites which have shit evasion and miss you a lot!)

As for survivability, I got to 5.1k ES, which is pretty decent for a stupid build. Even though I had 0 resists I could survive in lunaris 2 fine, the 300 ES/sec was decent but had a few times when I had to run back and let it heal back up because I took too much damage.

Without the Lazhwar ammy I couldn't spellblock enough, but the Anvil's reflect damage is too promising. So that is also a tradeoff I had to do.

On a scale of viability, I give this build a 2/10.

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fixed link to passive tree
nice build, missing pain attunement for real deebs tho
Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane.
this is possible the best thread I have ever seen.

Please make this build of the week GGG
sherkhan wrote:
No reflect on gloves, rings.


Also, it's not laggy enough to be FOTM.

Good try, scrubscore noob alt-f4 leaguer.

you do realise he is at 0% resists cuz of the helm right?
+1 op, fucking best build ever GG
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what level are you since skilltree only uses 87points and you dont even have void barr1er?

build is very cool though! :D
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added video

@above, I respeced one of my old lvl 71 standard chars to do so, if I had higher lvls would probably just grab more block nodes/aura nodes.
Did you forget about the punishment curse?
I was actually thinking about a pure reflect build today as I listened to Elvis Presley's Return to Sender.
Tried to farm, cried, stopped farming

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