Help me prep for Atziri

If you use CWDT molten shell the molten shell would cancel out the cold dmg elemental equilibrium because it does fire damage.

It is definitely possible to do it without self cast I kill the trio bosses without selfcast because i simply don't want to bother with switching out skills. Only downside is that it takes a little bit longer.

Just take your time and let yourself regen health till max. I'd post a vid of me doing it without self cast but my pc is shit so i can't really record it.

Alright. I was hoping to just play my normal style during most of the Atziri run, but if I have to switch stuff around then so be it.

So when I get to the 3 bosses, I take out the CWDT gems, and self cast enduring cry when there are 3 guys around me, then immediately cast immortal call? With charges I'll get at least 2 seconds of immunity. Then when Immortal call is up, I cast enduring cry again to get more charges ready. Just cast one then the other, rinse repeat?

I guess I'm still stuck in the ways of the old WW barb. I just like cycloning around and having guys melt...
20/20 Enduring Cry and Immortal Call and Increased Duration. If you can't do that on mana, put BM get in the links.

Try to get 4-5 charges, with 5 charges you will have ~10 sec of immunity.

Immortal Call is just a horrible design.
Gave D2 a serious try after a long time, was enjoying life of a WW Barb up until I met Iron Maiden curse.
ARPG devs really have some sickening anti-melee agenda.
Is it that important to get the 20/20 enduring? Is the radius from 20 quality really needed?

I mean I'm only using it for the 3 boss fight. Seems like an awful lot to spend for one specific fight. I just started playing a month ago and am still in poor mans mind set. Only reason I have what I have is I found a Crown of Eyes, then got so excited at all those exalteds I sold it for I used all my chance orbs and chanced another one. Other then that, the best item I've found is worth less then 1 ex.

* edit * Never mind, just bought a 20/19 with 1/3 to go for only 30 chaos. So I'm ok with that.
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It's not that required at all, but it's convenient because you would have to pay less attention for you movement and placement.

I never used 20/20 EC, because I was always in the middle of everything, and gaining charges was never hard.

To summarize, if you're low on funds, don't do it.
Gave D2 a serious try after a long time, was enjoying life of a WW Barb up until I met Iron Maiden curse.
ARPG devs really have some sickening anti-melee agenda.

Attempt #3:

Died once to the Vaals. Got caught in a crossfire of lasers. I'm thinking it might just be easier to kill the first one fast, then worry about kiting the 2nd one.

Died twice to the 3 bosses. The self cast enduring + immortal works great, but nobody told me there was that much bleeding damage in there :( I have to craft the right flasks for next time.

I lasted a decent amount of time on Atziri, running around and dodging, but I feel like I wasn't doing enough damage. I thought RF was a pretty strong skill but I guess not. Seems like it would take me half hour at the speed I was killing her.

I'm going to change up my flasks and make another attempt tomorrow...
You can mess around with alternate skills for atziri, like desecrate dd, or some other spell that scales well. Your key to second is insane uptime.
Personally the frenzy build is OK but endurance charge variants are better, at least for this fight. You want bleed flasks for the last 2 fights and deadly snakes, as they can crit puncture and fuck you up.

All you'll want for atziri is some alternative method of damage with rf, as ~20k DPS is too damn low. Good luck, have fun with Kaom's (sad face, I want one huehuehue).

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