Help me prep for Atziri

Determination seems to suck pretty bad for my build. I get over 8k armor with Grace, but only 6k with a lvl 20 determination. I think i'll stick with grace.

Also, when I pop immortal call, it lasts for like 1 second. that's hardly enough time for it to do anything for me. Whats the point of it at all really? Isn't it better to just stick with enduring cry active for 10 seconds? It gives me about a 15% boost in damage reduction.
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First Double Vaal boss you want 20%+ movespeed 2 quicksilvers and 1 topaz 2 rubies you can skip topaz if you want.
Just run around them till they die pop quicksilver if you need to but with 20% move speed you shouldn't need it. When you kill one the other get faster with quick silvers you should still be able to dodge the red lightning. Like Boem said get both to 10% if you're not confident.

Second fight I personally get the cycloner first rain of arrow miscreation second then the dual striker. Nothing to this fight really I only have 3 base endurance charges didn't even self cast IC. Just be careful kite the bosses etc than attack them again when you're full or near full hp. Don't attack the dual striker when he glows he does more damage.

Atziri fight pretty self explanatory dodge lightning dodge the double flameblast even with 102% fire res it still hits pretty hard. I curse her with enfeeble simply because it lengthens the fight but is safer. With 6.2k hp you should be fine I did it with 5.5k but you just can't make mistakes and get hit by lightning.

I'd personally drop the iir/iiq and just go for more hp or get a doedre's damning for dual curses
I've made a few changes:

- I took out Immortal Call, and I'm just going to play with enduring cry + molten shell. This way my damage reduction goes from 44% - 64% and it lasts for a full 10 seconds even if it doesn't get reset, which it always does so it's a permanent 20% boost to damage reduction.

- Took off some of the IIR/IIQ gear and added 500 life and 1000 armor. Not a lot, but every bit might help.

- I'm going to get both vaal's down to 10% life, then kill them in faster succession. If I can get through them without dying, I've got a shot to at least "see" Atziri this time...
So that sucked...

Nobody warned me that after you kill a couple of the second set of bosses, a million of those machine gun bitches come out, and keep coming.

There's clearly something wrong with my play style. My gear isn't the best, but it's not that bad. I'm going to kite like crazy next time until I learn some better strategies.

About Cast on Damage Taken:

- Should I level it up, so that it can support higher level enduring cry and immortal call? I find my immortal call only last a fraction of a second, hardly even worth it. Maybe if I level it up, it'll last a bit longer?

about the 3 guardians you should use enduring cry 20/20 + immortal call 20/20 and increased duration 20/20, even with only 3 endurance charge up immortal call lasts 5/6 seconds so you are immune to everyone in the room. Continue to cast it till everything die. pretty simple, it's all about timing.
I was under the impression increased duration didn't help immortal call.

And when you say continue casting it, do you mean first casting enduring cry, then casting immortal call. Self casting both? Or can I just keep using Cast When Damage Taken and have them proc that way?

I've switched to a lvl 1 CWDT + low level enduring cry. Makes it easy to get 5 endurance charges

Then I have a lvl 20 CWDT + Lvl 20 Immortal Call + Lvl 20 Molten Shell

This won't work? I actually have to self cast? I have no mana...
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You can use blood magic if you want to self cast, the titty bitches weren't really a problem if you keep in constant movement i kept immortal call+enduring cry on cast when damage taken you get a solid 2 seconds from that. I also just noticed you don't have ice nova on a cwdt set up.
if you get ice nova+elemental equilibrium node it ups your dps quite a lot when you combine it with the ele weakness curse.

Also you want to kill the trio bosses in a corner just so you have more room to move since the black tar does damage to you i don't know exactly how much because I never stood in there.
Titty bitches/whipping miscreation shouldn't do enough damage to kill you with your auras in an alpha howl you could easily outregen their damage and only need to be careful with the bosses

You have to selfcast the immortal call because lvl 20 CWDT is just too high imo.
switch it out with blood magic and switch out molten shell with inc duration if you want to go the self cast route.
I use Cyclone with added cold damage to proc the elemental equilibrium so that's why I don't have ice nova.

Next attempt, i'll use lvl 15 CWDT + lvl 15 Immortal Call and Molten Shell. That should make it proc more. As you can tell, I'm really trying to find a way to do it without having to self cast. If I still fail on my next attempt, I'll try for self cast but there's gotta be a way to do it with CWDT gems.

Here's my updated gear:

I'll try again tonight.

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there's no point on using cwdt here, because you want immunity for several seconds. With cwdt you would not have even 1 sec of immunity and still it procs when you actually take damage. You don't wanna take damage, you want to avoid it so you have to selfcast enduring cry at max, then selfcast IC for the immunity keeping your charge up constantly and so on. with RF its even easier because you can stand in front of them doing nothing but cast Enduring and IC.

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