[1.1.3]Liked EleCleave? Elemental Reave Templar (12 ApS on MANA | EB lv20+AA MoM 6Aura PANTLESS)


Good Day, messieurs-dames!
This is a guide for my Eldritch Battery – Arctic Armour – Mind over Matter (via Cloak of Defiance) – Elemental – 6 Aura – Reaver!

For full view of images, right click to view. It’s the forums, not me, I swear!

If you're interested in trying out a manly mana melee, elemental style, you have come to the right place, son.

Keep in mind guides are always more inspiration than real guidelines. If you follow this guide, it will work. If you experiment, it might work better! Enjoy, and let me know where I am terribly wrong :D

1|Why does this exist?|

In this section, you can read why I started making this build, what I tried to achieve, and where my ideas came from (either as an inspiration, or blatant theft). Although it is the first thing in this guide, you do not have to read it first. It probably helps to be interested in the build in the first place, as it is rather wordy. 1.2 Intention is more or less a tl;dr/less in depth version.

First of all, two words: NO. PANTS. Second, I really liked the way other builds (see influences) scale elemental Auras with high attack speed to achieve a constant flurry of hits, with decent damage per second. It just feels fun to attack fast. Now the cookie cutter build of the season uses Spectral Throw with a Blood Magic gem, which I really disliked a lot. Spectral Throw in itself requires you to run Lesser Multiple Projectiles, and being an elemental build, thus not being gifted by Chris to be able to achieve leech without using the gem, makes these Elemental Buzzsaw builds use up FOUR of their gems to make their skill usable (ST – LMP –BM – LL/LifeOnHit).
Earlier in the league I played a physical critical Reaver (see influences), which showed me the potential of Reave. But it also showed me the scope of the leech nerfs (mana!) on high attack speed builds that tend to miss and pseudo-miss (read: not crit) a lot, and with just 85% reserved mana (before Reduced Mana gem) I found myself in a situation of constantly being able to attack, at only 7 attacks per second with Multistrike.
The first build, elemental aura attack based builds, scale with attack speed. What’s the best AS buff in the game? Multistrike (107% MORE at level 20!) Which attack has uncontested synergy with Multistrike? Reave, to the point where there is no Reave without Multistrike. So, do we BM our attack? No, because Reave gets a whole boatload of nothing from levelling in the elemental damage department (unlike Spectral Throw!), we get away with using a level 4 Reave gem, keeping the base mana cost at 6, keeping the mana cost in total low even when 5L or 6L at way beyond 10 attacks per second. We do also, however, not utilise any form of Mana Leech. A 5L Reave costs us 27 mana per activation, at ~12 attacks per second this only equals to 108 mana per second! Am I bad at math? YES, but not in this case. Multistrike makes us only pay for every third attack, so its 27*12/3=108!
„But dood”, you might ask, „How do I into so many regenerations? Also Ele Buzz reserves all of mana for 5 aura, where is mana regenerated into?” First of all, good questions. First of all we are able to drop Purity of Fire easily. How? We get Eldritch Battery, run our main attack through pure regen (subbing in Mana Leech for Faster Attacks in no regen – half is still more than sustainable on regen alone!) So we have EB, what now? Arctic Armour! We sustain a level 20+ Arctic Armour. If you never played with a high level Arctic Armour, it is ridiculous. It mitigates all the damage of Flamedogs and Titty Bitches even in high level maps – not a hyperbole – even Cells (level 73 map boss) in a multi proj/minus max map deals ZERO damage through a Inner Forced lvl20 AA! The main reason Ele Buzzsaw utilises these auras is to deal with reflect (they’re super good otherwise too, but hear me out!). We still have the same Lightning Aura they do, but AA is actually better than Purity of Fire on Reflect. It negates it. Completely (in my case, with level 22 Anger, it actually does so – totally 0 Reflect from mobs with 0 Fire Res. And if they resist, it gets even less close).
So we have EB, and AA. We need Energy Shield to fuel our maximum Mana, but are bound to use an Alpha’s Howl. What do?
Discipline and Clarity are the answer, and Prism Guardian the solution to the follow-up problem. With a level 20 reduced mana gem, in Prism Guardian, using those 2 Auras costs us a total of 11% + 85 flat for clarity (level 21) of our Life. This Loss of Life, while not significant, is still pretty harsh. Oh, and by the way, an ES chest would pretty nice. Oh and by the way, while standing still AA drains next to nothing, and we stand still whenever we attack with Reave, which leaves us with a huge Mana Regeneration surplus. If only there was a solution to this… If only. There. Was. Some. Cloak with ES, and something to do with our excess mana… like granting us the Mind over Matter keynode, or a better version of it even - OH MY.


To build an Elemental melee attacker, that doesn’t need 3 support gems just to work. Everything after that logically followed, and quite beautifully fit to make this work of art that now tears the flavour of the month a new one. Reave is the heir of cleave, so in a way this is the good old Elemental Cleave updated to 2014 standards


Mathil’s Elemental Buzzsaw
Oosband’s Crit Reaver
Any Incinerator build, for making me instantly realize AA as a solution to dropping Purity of Fire and still handle reflect

2|What is this?|

Here you can read, what this build does, and what it does NOT do

2.1|What DOES this build do?|

- attack 12 to 15 times a second
- Provide hyperbuffed 6 auras + Vaal Haste
- Be cheap besides uniques (can be worked around; Rares look for unique stat combinations that are rarely sought after. For example, Jewellery with both WED and mana regeneration is not highly sought after)
- Travel superfast using Leap Slam/Whirling Blades
- Be immune to some of the most dangerous mobs in the game (Tentacle Miscreations, Farshot Firedogs)
- Versatile (can use Molten Strike, Lightning Strike, Cleave – HARD AS FUCK TO CHROME – needs a lot of adjustments, see „Skills” section! Also: Double Strike – Splash, and other –Splash consorts possible, but suboptimal!)
- High effective HP through 40% MoM
- High AoE by virtue of fast stacking of Reave (<0.8sec for full stacks)
- Does your dishes

2.2|What DOESN‘T this build do?|

2.2.1|Give you up!|

As long as you don’t give it up by getting stunned, you WILL survive. 12 attacks per second with LGoH in a huge AoE cone, high defences and high regen on mana makes you almost invincible while standing still. Keep those Reaves coming, Templar!

2.2.2|Let you down! |

If you miss, it’s your fault. Resolute Technique = No misses. Unless you make a mistake, or desynch. Let’s be real, it’s always desynch, isn’t it?

2.2.3|Run around!|

I mean, it could. With 24% Movement speed before Boots or Vaal Haste, it’s rather quick, too. But Leap Slam and Whirling Blades are the wheelchairs of this old man!

2.2.4|Desert you!|

It doesn’t use Lightning Coil, Desert Brigandine. Cause an old man needs his cloak.

2.2.5|Hurt you!|

84% Lightning Resist, level 20 Arctic Armour and Life Gain on Hit negates Reflect two times over. Which is good, since there is something called double reflect. On a 6L Reflect starts to become an issue on Mana, sub in Mana Leech for Faster Attacks to compensate if you’re running into problems.

2.2.5| Make you cry!|

… watching you be frozen. It’s immune to it. Shock doesn’t bother you too much, you get shocked very rarely through 84% Lightning Resistance. Initial Hits get reduced a lot by Arctic Armour, so burns aren’t really noticeable. Stun’s a bitch though.

3|Passive Skilltree|


This is quite the slump in powerlevel, in a way. At least it is in tankyness. Since we do need a lot of spread-out nodes, with the aura nodes and EB, and also Life of course, we are kind of struggling with the latter, since the first 2 are essential to our build, and the pathing takes up a lot of points too. Corsair spares us Dex nodes.


I would level as a generic 2h phys Spectral Thrower or Cleaver. Levelling as Ele is tiresome, and Reave without high AS is tiresome, even with Multistrike. The levelling trees show this: We pick up life while we path our way through the tree, rushing RT. Feel free to level as you like, it’s flexible by picking RT. You can also use Facebreakers if you want. There are a lot of levelling guides out there, just pick one, preferably weapon based. Use levelling uniques like Shiversting, Geofri’s Baptism, Rigvald’s Charge and Terminus Est to reach act 3 merciless, where it all starts to come together. Levelling is this builds biggest weakness, it’s rather tedious and prone to death, if you intend to play hardcore. Especially Dominus is a hurdle, get someone to kill him for you. This is also my judgment on the hardcore viability of this build: Definitely possible late game, but levelling is tough.

Take this trees as a general comment on the order to go for keynodes, instead of a levelling guide.













highly [un]optimized

In the end about the same, main differences: Easier to respec into EB Ele ST if you choose to be unmanly, probably smoother levelling (up-to-late-80s-levelling, that is) as a trade-off for pants and less efficient in the end by virtue of picking up what basically amounts to 4% Life Nodes over 30% Ele Damage for 3 Points



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4.1|My Current Gear|

I underestimated the total cost, so I kinda compromised on most of my rare gear. Flasks are suboptimal, Linkage on Boots and Gloves too (could switch it so that there is increased duration on the curses).

Ideal Boot & Glove Gem configuration: Vaal Haste - Elemental Weakness - Enfeeble - Increased Duration in one 4L; CWDT - Enduring Cry - Purity of Lightning - Reduced Mana in the other. It is possible to replace Reduced Mana with another link to CWDT upon entering zones, at least until snapshotting is fixed.

4.2|Mandatory Uniques|

The uniques here are, more or less, mandatory. I dont want to waste time figuring out if there was a way to make it work without the shield or helm. Cloak can be substituted by MoM keystone, though this spreads the tree even thinner than it already is.
4.2.1|Prism Guardian|

We use almost every stat on this item. It’s probably even more mandatory than Alpha’s, due to how essential clarity and discipline are for AA and MoM (through conversion by Eldritch Battery, for Discipline)

4.2.2|Cloak of Defiance|

Conservative estimation for getting RRRGG is 400 chromatics on Cloak. Don’t underestimate chroming it. It can be dropped for a rare chest, Carcass Jack or anything you want at superhigh level if you intend to get the IR keynode: You could get MoM keynode itself, if you wanted to. But why would you?

4.2.3|Alpha’s Howl|

Core. For what we put in here, check the skills section. Buy the colors you need, it is another potential chrome-o-caust. Luckily, our preferred color combination is, or at least appears to be, the standard Alpha’s colorization in current four month leagues, by virtue of being identical to the one’s of Elemental Buzzsaw. What a coincidence considering it’s the same auras, too.

4.3|The Glorious Rest – Rares|

In general for armour pieces, capped Resists is a must, as is sustainability of Arctic Armour in terms of mana regeneration. Life is next on the priority list. No matter the slot, these three apply (where appropriate, regarding mana regen) – RESIST > MANA REGEN > LIFE > WHATEVER IS IN THE APPROPRIATE SECTION (if nothing to the contrary is stated. Pretty basic stuff, I guess). Keep in mind that degeneration effects bypass our Mind over Matter defensive layer completely. An extra emphasis might be laid upon chaos resistance for this reason, since it is the most common and dangerous form of degeneration in the game – luckily our tree helps us out, as does a certain unique that may surprise some people to be actually used – to great success, if I may say so myself – by anyone, and is dirt cheap.

Also, since Prism Guardian gives a lot of resist, and Alpha’s at least some, we are freed from the bane of most unique heavy builds. That is, needing a lot of resist on rare items to compensate, which makes our rares potentially cheap, and in the mid- to high spectrum of wealth potentially able to overcap to negate the Elemental Weakness mod of maps, or elemental curses of mobs, relatively easily.
4.3.1|The Weapon|

We use a fast attacking 1h sword, the fastest weapons in the game. The weapon attack speed is what scales all of our increases. Therefore we need a top tier attack speed rolled Foil, which reaches 2.15 (26%) or 2.16 (27%, both 26% and 27% are part of the highest tier of attack speed rolls) to reach our full potential. 26% Attack Speed on a foil is MANDATORY. You can substitute a lot in this build to your liking, as with any build; this is not one of those things. Or is it?
As an old man, the Templar enjoys leisurely walking with staves, or flinging a spell or two. But he misses the agility to compete with the young snipper-snappers, and their small foils. No, that is not a weapon for a Templar, is it?
Jewelled Foils and their kind require 212 Dex, which is unreachable for our old man here. Fancy Foil is an exception, it requires only 167 Dexterity, which is reachable through some gear (Dex on one piece) in addition to the tree options we are given. Note that at very high levels, when you reach the ranger start, all of this is irrelevant, since we get A LOT of Dex there in the end. Gear can help, but is probably not feasible with the requirements we put on it already in the slots where it can roll (Jewellery, Gloves for example)|Corsair or Foil?|

Corsairs need a 27% IAS roll to reach 2.10 APS. There is no space for negotiations on corsairs, 27 or bust. However, since Foils are the weapons of choice for our girly brethren that never learned that swords are a melee, not a throwing weapon, Corsairs aren’t sought after – at all. So they can be a lot cheaper. They also don’t require DEX (requirement in the 60s), which makes them the perfect levelling/budget weapon. And don’t think they’re easily surpassed by foils. If you get a decent corsair sword with WED or flat Ele damage (in this order of preference), you will most likely outclass a 2.16 Foil of similar price, for aforementioned economic reasons. I myself made the mistake of blindly believing any 2.15 or 2.16 foil outclasses my Corsair I bought for 3 or 4 chaos orbs by that speed increase alone, but in fact I lost dps.

Our three options are
- Corsair Sword with 27% IAS
- Fancy Foil with 26 or 27% IAS
- Other Foils with 26 or 27% IAS and „Reduced Attribute Requirements” (Takes it to 144 Dex, and yes, this affix has finally some value to someone somewhere



The Weapon Elemental Damage stat is important enough to sneak into the priority outline state above. We adjust it to RESIST CAP > SUFFICIENT MANA REGENERATION > % WEAPON ELEMENTAL DAMAGE – LIFE for this slot. If you get these four stats in significant quantity (= towards to top end of the spectrum) on jewellery, you’re golden, and either now poor or very rich. If the latter is the case, consider going for Attack Speed or Chaos Resistance on top. I am pretty sure jewellery like this needs to be crafted by hand, though :P



Base Type: Leather, Chain, or Any with good corruption (+AoE is probably the best for us)
General prioritisation applies. Bonus ES for Max Mana is nice, but not needed in the slightest. Armour is very nice, but not needed in the slightest either. This slot can, and should contain a high WED roll!


15+% Attack Speed is a must. Rest is general outline above. Base type according to gem colors recommended.


Base outlined above applies. Movement speed is mere quality of life, our Haste and AA already provide 24% movement speed. Makes Boots pretty easy to find, if you’re on a budget.


All Star of the build. Counters the chaos degen issue of MoM. Counters curse immune, elemental resistant mob by effectively making 15% of your elemental damage surpass the elemental reflect. Since we have no leech (only LGoH unless 6L), its an added bonus, which can be used versus double elemental reflect to gain even more life back (chaos is not elemental damage, so it doesn’t get reflected, but we leech off it = higher gain of life without making the damage being reflected higher!)
To top it all off, its dirt cheap (few chaos in Ambush for a perfect roll!) and almost always up – which is good, since I spam it pretty hard. Need a dps boost? Flask. Fear incoming damage? Flask. Degen? Flask. Flask? Flask.



5.1.1|Why Reave?

We lose nothing by not levelling it, which in turn keeps the mana cost down. This means, that even when getting hit for all of our mana (MoM) in onehit, we don’t stop attacking, since we regenerate enough mana to pay for a multistrike-cycle within less than a tenth of a second. And this only applies if the hit robbing us of all our precious mana connects the exact second a Multistrike cycle hits, and we are somehow magically not stunned by it (which is impossible) or dead (which is also pretty much impossible unless trying to tank telegraphed skills intentionally, like vaal smash). So in the end, unless stunned, we attack. There is no situation in which we are not stunned, and we do not have the sufficient mana to start a Reave.
Reave brings inherent AoE, making it deal more dps by virtue of bringing a support more to a 5L, or a 6L. We can use the Templar starting nodes to greatly increase our area of effect, since Reaves stacking AoE increase is a (160% on 8 stacks) MORE modifier, meaning the nodes are amplified by it greatly
Yes this is a screenshot of an excel spreadsheet. I’m not a tech savvy person… ayO9Lrr


In Order of importance|Multistrike|

Without Multistrike, there is no Reave. More than doubles our Attack Speed, at the cost of damage per hit. 64% of our damage per hit, but 2,07 times as fast equals a damage increase of 32,48 more damage, multiplicative. Not to mention the utility of building stacks more than twice as fast. CORE.|Life Gain on Hit/Life Leech|

At 12/15 APS, I feel LGoH is more useful than Leech, especially after the Leech nerfs in 1.1 – But Leech is viable all the same. Keep in mind, by focussing on a MoM based defense our maximum Life is somewhat neglected when comparing to other builds, which may make the leech recovery rate a real issue. Also, since reave hits multiple targets at the same time, but only leeches off 1 of the enemies hit at the same time, it is one of the skills that’s hit the hardest by the changes. It’s still viable, especially if quality, and I might switch to it once I up my max life through levelling and gear, and acquire a q20 LL gem (I am unfairly comparing it to a 20q LGoH gem in my personal build, since I do have that one, unlike the LL ;) )|Weapon Elemental Damage|

MORE modifier, must have.|Faster Attacks|

Attacking Fast is kind of our thing, if you haven’t noticed. Dropping it for budgetary reasons is okay (well, the „Most okay”)|6th Link? |

Keep in mind that the mana modifier is a non-issue. We could double the cost and still be fine, since our base mana cost is only 6. For Screenshots with DPS numbers, head to the „My Stats” part of the guide, section 6.|Concentrated Effect|

A whooping 69% MORE modifier, highest paper dps increase of any possible 6 Link, at the cost of a big chunk of AoE. A very big chunk. As outlined above, the More multiplier of Reave amplifies any increased/decreased AoE modifications greatly, of which Conc is one. Instead of our 120% Reave getting 160% more AoE, our 90% now would. It would leave us at, taking a 0 stack unmodified reave as a reference value of 100, at 234. Values to compare are in the screenshot further up in the Reave section (unmodified Reave: 260 | 120% Reave with Templar nodes: 312 | 126% Reave with Nodes and corruption: 327,6; all at 8 stacks of course)
From experience, conc Reave at max stacks feels like Cleave in range, at least with the Templar AoE nodes. However, getting to eight stack is clunky, especially that first hit requires you to stand inside some mobs, especially Devourers (already have to with 120% Reave, it feels like. Thankfully, chris willed it for them to come to us anyway)
Updated testing: The damage increase far outweighs the, while not minor, not major either, loss in quality of life. It truly is a ridiculous DPS increase, clocking in at >40k DPS total from 25k 5L without any temporary buffs active (>50k with VHaste). Life Leech is uncontested when using ConcEffect; The high damage it provides in a 6L guarantees the only limit being the leech recovery rate.|Increased Area of Effect|

Pure Quality of Life, would you use if running low level content like low 70 maps or farming for Fragments. Maaaaaaaybe.|Added Lightning|

Adds about 2/3rds of a level 18 Wrath unbuffed to our dps. For me, it gave around 3k when I was at 25k on a 5L. The Shocking on quality is noticeable, picking up Static Blows with it is a possibility, though not required. SBlows + 18/20 Added Lightning made me shock, but not shockstack reliably, even Rares and Exiles. Not Bosses. I feel it adds clearspeed where one is not really lacking it, so I dropped SBlows pretty fast, but use Added Lightning from time to time, as it clears faster than ConcEffect by not making our AoE smaller.|Added Chaos Damage|

While I was playing around with the idea, testing revealed not getting scaled by anything we do besides attacking fast makes this gem bad – really bad. I intended to use it as a kind of ghetto-WED-Penetration, but the total lack of modifiers in our build makes it so that ConcEffect actually has a bigger impact versus EleResist Mobs, by virtue of sheer, brute force.

5.1.3|Don’t like Reave? Have alternatives!

Molten Strike, Lightning Strike, Cleave, DoubleStrike (+Splash), even Infernal Blow and Frenzy with Splash could be potentially used. Pick what you want, the Splash variants need RRRRRG on the 6L, and they also require a 6L if you don’t want to lose Faster Attacks. Molten Strike and Lightning Strike I haven’t fiddled with too much, but they do work. RRRRG 5L cloak is hell though, even RRRRGG 6L is easier. Would not recommend unless you want to pick up MoM keystone like a non-cloak wearing peasant, and even then, with how thin we are on the tree that might prove to be only possible in the mid 90s… I would advise on going Reave, getting RRR on Cloak is already an adventure in an of itself.
Minor modifications make running Spectral Throw possible too, namely the Templar start (AoE Nodes useless) and Ranger (Projectile Speed node OP with ST, thus needs to be prioritised)



Elemental Damage we scale our whole build off. Put in Alpha’s. No exceptions. Vaal to 21. Possibly Empower later, too.


IAS, the thing we scale our elemental auras with. Put in alphas for ease of chroming. Put in Prism if you happen on a RRBB Alpha’s (VERY unlikely, do NOT try to chrome that unless you know what you are doing!)

5.2.3|Discipline|Clarity|(Puritiy of Fire?)|

These go into our Prism Guardian shield, getting reserved on life rather than mana, +1 level and heavily discounted. 11% for a 60% aura, and 84 flat life for a level 21 clarity (including the +1 gem). Putting a 40% aura, namely Purity of Lightning here, saves 3% (40% cost 8% life reserved in prism with lvl20 reduced mana) but costs mana in the way of reservation, and actual max mana through discipline level, and gains nothing besides that (flat resist, not max resist, like 2 or so).
In dangerous maps, where appropriate, another 11% life buys us a Purity of Fire if we cast it on entering a map by removing the Reduced Mana Gem in its stead. +7% max fire resost. Examples where it proves useful: Crematorium Boss, Atziri, among others.

5.2.4|Purity of Lightning|

Lightning is the most dangerous element in the game, due to its spikey nature, and the amplification that shock stacks provide. Using it gives us 84% maximum lightning resistance, which greatly reduces incoming lightning damage when compared to the 77% we would have without it. It also mitigates reflect. First to drop if need arises. Are run in essentially a 2 link wherever you can afford it with reduced mana linked to it (can be removed on entering maps to be replaced by, for example, an enduring cry – but doesn’t level that way, watch out!)


We use Elemental Weakness 20/20 for resistant mobs, and Enfeeble level 20 for hard bosses or map mods. Keep Enfeeble on the toolbar, you never know when you need it!


I started out with a 4L CWDT with EC-IC-Increased Duration, but the addition of Vaal Haste forces me to split this up and go with another 2L: CWDT – EC
Not essential, not particularly good, but pretty nice to have.

5.5|Vaal Haste|

Sick. Up almost all the time, linking it with 20/20 increased duration brings it up to more than 10.5 seconds, which fills it 3/4th of the way pretty reliably already. Puts our APS to 15 or beyond, another 30 Movement speed. Amplified by aura nodes and IF. Must have. Makes our Boots and Gloves this strange 4x 2L though, but what gives.

6|My Stats|

6.1|Stats with 5L|

Keep in mind, I am using rather subpar items.






6.1.4|Vaal Haste Active – Offense/Defense|


6.2|Stats with 6L|

There’s a caveat here: I was planning to spec into scion IAS nodes before I make the leap into ranger start, but acquiring the 6L unexpectedly fast, plus the drop rate buff of fragments have made me prepare for Atziri – in turn, I specced out of these AS nodes into Shadow Life (temporary until the big leap into Ranger Life can be completed – I dislike playing with inefficient builds in the high 80s, at the cost of a few regrets). The Screenshots therefore favour the 5L in terms of DPS, for comparison: My 5L DPS with the current tree and gear is 24.367
6.2.1|Offense||Added Lightning Damage|

18/20 Gem
8JljVeK|Concentrated Effect

20/0 Gem
fTFYULT|Added Chaos Damage

20/0 Gem
LdTROX6|Town DPS while fishing|

Using concentrated effect, because when fishing you have to be concentrated.

6.2.2|Vaal Haste Active|Offense||Added Lightning Damage|

3QBdhN4|Concentrated Effect

aLeWdWG|Added Chaos Damage



Normal: Oak (40 Life); Regret out of this at high gear levels (Do the math!)
Cruel: Kraityn (8% Attack Speed)
Merciless: Old Beggar in the Forest Encampment, for solidarity (Skill Point)

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, or found an obvious error/inefficency in the build, feel free to post it here. If I'm online, you can of course also ask me personally, my ingame name is in my signature and in most screenshots.
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Nice write up. What do you mean by respec out of 40 life at high gear levels(do the math). Do you plan on getting a skill point or the mana? If a skill point, isn't 40 base life > 8%?
IGN = pibDeath
would love to see a video, i love me some attack speed builds
How do you do against rare monsters with high elemental resistance ?
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Thanks for the replies guys, was afraid I wrote 4.5k words (including forum code) for no one :P

Completed 17 ChallengesPibacc wrote:
Nice write up. What do you mean by respec out of 40 life at high gear levels(do the math). Do you plan on getting a skill point or the mana? If a skill point, isn't 40 base life > 8%?

Thank you!
It means going for the skill point, if you a) don't need the life cause your gear/level is so good/high, you clear so fast youd rather take whatever. Keep in mind that 600 unreserved mana with 40% MoM, with 330 regen is a ridiculous increase in effective HP, so running around with 5k Life lategame is comparably more with a MoM build like this than with, lets say, a GS Mara or a Ele Buzzsaw who BM their attacks and maybe have 6k.

b) need the life, but your gear is good enough to the point where 8% life is more hp than 40 base life (option b is where math comes in; option a is for the 90s, where you realize how valuable each and every god damn skillpoint really is)

Completed 15 Challengesallan1337 wrote:
would love to see a video, i love me some attack speed builds

Yeah, watching an old man do hard work, without his pants on is nice, isn't it :P

I'll look into it, never done anything of the kind before, so I wouldn't be surprised if this toaster i play on couldnt handle videocapping the background. At 12 APS Reave is just a blur. I was tempted to call the build the "Lensflare Templar" cause of that blurry ball he seems to conjure in front of him when reaving so goddamn fast looks a bit like the lens flare effect.

How do you do against rare monsters with high elemental resistance ?

I use EleWeakness. If that doesnt help, I have the Atziri Flask. It adds 15% of my elemental damage as chaos damage, which speeds killing those rares that resist both fire and lightning (main damage from auras) even through 20/20 ele weakness quite noticeably. I like to think of Atziri Flasking as activating my WED Penetration.

There of course rares that resist both Fire, and Lightning through a 20/20 Ele Weakness curse, AND resist chaos. I havent found many of those (humanoids always resist chaos, by the way, so it happens sometimes when you roll the Humanoids inhabitation affix) and they do take a bit longer to kill than usual. But it's the old WED problem, I think Buzzsaw has it too. But I got the Flask tech :D


Essentially a 15% more damage multiplier, that circumvents Elemental resists for the bonus damage, on demand, plus a Vaal Haste that operates at FOUR times its base efficiency when it comes to attack speed (+90%aura/buff effect*2,07 because of multistrike boosting me from 12 to 15 APS, roundabout) basically on demand, too, makes it so I can ramp up my damage high for 8/10,5 second spikes at a time, when it counts. Thats also how I deal with tough bosses: Granite, Warding, AtziriFlask, Vaal Haste, Curse, Leap Slam on top of the boss and go ham.
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Nice write up. Glad to see a pure ele build that isn't buzzsaw these days. I'll probably looking into grabbing one of those flasks for myself, looks nice for tight spots
ign: orosmoltenstrike
build thread: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/918546
Nice build!! Video please!!
Really good thread. Very in-depth explanations of everything, I appreciate it. This is the build I'm going to run for the 2 week charity race! Can't wait to get my hands on it. This is exactly what I wanted to do, elemental reave - so I'm really glad someone else did all the theory crafting beforehand (I'm a lazy git sometimes).
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