[1.2.x] Oos' Crit Dagger Capped Block Ranger (Reave / Flicker / Double Strike) Acrobatics or IR

Oos' Crit Dagger Capped Block Ranger (Reave / Double Strike)

The build got some changed, the tree is very different, the build is still very viable.
I've updated the topic with 1.2 trees. This guide is a bit old now, but all the information is still valid, maybe some small values have changed but it still plays the same. Search through the comments if you have a question, it has probably been answered already.
I don't play this build anymore, just the occasional PvP match.

Please PM me if you have a question and cant find the answer in the thread. Loads of info has been posted so I don't check back here much.

Thanks to missuse for his help with the build, and answering a lot of questions in the topic.
Also thanks to; candoerfer, DerdoDerdo, ComradeSerge and anyone else who helped with the 1.2 build.

Oct 27th Molten Strike Update
Hey guys, it's Oos.

I haven't been following the thread much for the past few months, cause I feel everything has been said and the build works fine still.

So on Beyond I got to level 94 with an Incinerate witch then died. So I decided to reroll a variation of this build. I'm only level 76 or something cause kinda bored of PoE again, but i'll write up a little about Molten Strike and also add this to the main topic.

So I've been playing this build but with Molten Strike and a few different changes.


Molten Strike - MultiStrike - Melee Phys DMG - Added Fire DMG - PCoC
(Weapon Ele DMG and Crit DMG also good gem options)

With the gear, I chose Bino's because I'm playing HC and the regen is insane, the high crit also helps with earlier levels. I'd say to most of you to get a master bench crafted Ambusher because they're cheaper and more damage.

Lightning Coil. Everything else is standard. I need more dps rolls on gear (rings/gloves) but it's been hard to cap resists without using PoLight aura.
My auras are Grace + Herald of Ash + Prolif.
So focusing on fire damage I guess, didn't wanna use Hatred because it shatters corpses and doesn't give Ash overkill.
Pots are perfect for what I need.

Passive tree is the same I just get Point Blank to help with the projectiles on Molten Strike.


Hey guys, I wanted to create a character that destroys in both PvP and PvE, this build crushes everything I've thrown at it.

It can tackle any map mod, and beat any build in PvP with correct planning.

Message me in game @Oos if you have any questions, or post in thread and I'll get to it.


All self buff, no Abyssus PvE, Abyssus PvP, no tricks/aura boosts.

Show-off section:

Alright, had a lot of requests to make a new video, I respecced my guy for mostly PvP (more block/hp) so the dps doesn't match the screenshots above. I would have run a higher map but don't have any due to not playing SC leagues anymore.

Running a Residence map (74), with Dominius boss at end. I show my PvE DPS at the start, running Crit Chance instead of Crit Damage gem (fuck reflect).
Dom boss fight at 8:20 and gem setup at 9:45.

Level 74 Residence Map Solo Clear (with boss)

This was my first run on the character.
Had a couple of sketchy moments, I forgot I had Immortal Call during the 3 boss fights until like half way through, and I wasn't paying attention to the bleed. But it's not too hard if you pay attention.

Atziri Boss Fight Video


Player vids:
Kullevi wrote:


with mirror dagger

I bought this dagger. The Ambusher (below) is higher dps, and especially good for Reave, but it will give me mana issues and I mostly only play PvP now anyway, so the Kris is better for my Flicker.

I wont replace the old stats with my old dagger, those are much more realistic to reach, so it wouldn't be fair to advertise the mirror dagger dps stats.

Flicker PvP 326,215 dps
Double Strike PvP 270,896 dps
Reave PvE 192,626 dps

The GG Ambusher:

Will provide higher sheet dps and is better for Reave/DS due to its attack speed, worth it if you can manage the mana cost.

Old PvE Gear




Although I got quite lucky with some drops, and am very happy with my gear level, I believe anyone can achieve this if they work for it. I never really went in trade chat, just passively sold things by having a shop forum and people PMing me. Anyone can get this gear level by the time they're lvl 85 (or even lower).
I use Saffel's Frame and Stone of Lazhwar for hard map bosses and in PvP vs spell casters.
Abyssus in PvP sometimes too.


Current Build (lvl92+):

Build leveling progression:



From this point you can either go IR or Acrobatics, Acro is preferred for 72+ maps, but if you're just starting out then go IR and swap to Acro later.



Final Acro Version:

Final IR Version:

Level 100 Dream Build:

Overall the build is pretty flexible, you can start as Ranger or Shadow or Duelist. I'd aim for all the life/defense first, if you buy a Mightflay unique dagger you wont need many dps nodes until Merciless. You can level with Double Strike or Reave, or any other skill you want in fact.

If you start from 0 currency, use Double Strike / Melee Splash and complete Normal. Once you're level 35 invest in a Mightflay dagger and a Crest of Perandus - these two items are cheap and will carry you up to, and through, most of Merciless.
I wouldn't use Reave without Multistrike.

In hardcore, don't use Crit Multi gems and don't get more than 400% multi, you wont have a problem with reflect.


Skills and Links:

With this build you can use Double Strike with Melee Splash or Reave. Both require Multistrike to really excel. If I only had a 5L chest I'd probably use Double Strike with a 20% quality Melee Splash, it feels like it clears faster. But when you get a 6L chest you can no longer support the mana cost so Reave is preferred (unless you have a really slow dagger). Test them both out though, see what you prefer, maybe even test Lightning Strike too.

Reave Main Attack PvE:
Melee Physical Damage
Faster Attacks
Added Fire Damage
Crit Damage or Power Charge on Crit (6L)

Double Strike Main Attack PvE:
Double Strike
Melee Physical Damage
Melee Splash
Added Fire Damage
Crit Damage or Faster Attacks or Power Charge on Crit (6L)

Double Strike PvP:
Double Strike
Melee Physical Damage
Added Fire Damage
Faster Attacks
Crit Damage or Power Charge on Crit (6L)

Opening Attack:
Flicker Strike
Melee Physical Damage
Melee Splash (swap for Multistrike PvP)
Crit Damage

Whirling Blades
Faster Attacks

Tempest Shield (sometimes linked with Power Charge on Crit or Culling Strike)
Reduced Mana
(can use Grace instead of Tempest Shield)

Critical Weakness
Temporal Chains or Enfeeble

Defensive Buffs:
Enduring Cry
Molten Shell

Ok so, above are the gems that are most optimal, but as my gear has got better, reflect is nasty. So I no longer use Crit Damage as 6L PvE. Instead I use Crit Chance or IIR gem, but am playing around with a few different set ups. Increased Area of Effect and Additional Accuracy gems both solid choices too.
Don't use much Crit Multi in HC.
Some people like Conc Effect on Reave, but I think it's scary vs reflect (more than crit dmg). It has crazy sheet dps but because of the smaller aoe I don't think it's as effective. Try it if you want.



My gear is at the top of the thread for reference.

When gearing, of course max your life and resistances, get a high block shield (Crest of Perandus is recommended, insane block and good leech).
After that for defense you want to stack armour/evasion and also get some life leech on gear. Because we're physical based damage we don't need to use any leech gems, can get sick leech from the tree and gear.

Early on grab a Mightlfay dagger and Crest of Perandus, both cheap and powerful.

All gear is flexible, don't compare your gear to my Domination gear, I played for a solid month and had pretty normal gear for most of it. You can build a crit dagger character for cheap, and then when you have a nice bank you can push your dps/defense like crazy.

For offensive stats Try to get good physical rolls on jewelry and a double crit amulet.
Accuracy and attack speed are also quite strong if you can get them also.
For gloves use either Maligaro's Virtuosity or Thunderfists (put Flicker in the links). In hardcore you can just get some life/res/attack speed/accuracy gloves.

With your dagger, aim for as high crit and phys damage as possible, attack speed too.
Crit > physical damage > attack speed > elemental damage.
All your crit is scaled from your base dagger crit, so the difference between a 7% crit dagger and a 9% crit dagger is HUGE.
Attack speed also scales really nicely with Multistrike.

If you're in Hardcore, I wouldn't recommend going over 400% crit multiplier, physical reflect can get nasty sometimes, even with a Granite up.

Bringer of Rain is a great item to aim for, it provides a 7L for your Reave/DS. Carcass Jack also to be considered, and then you can use Concentrated Effect gem on Reave and do insane damage.
I would have bought a BoR but got a lucky 6L drop.

I use Saffel's Frame and Stone of Lazhwar for hard map bosses and in PvP vs spell casters.

Stat "Benchmarks" for maps:
My Domination character has crazy DPS, but after a certain point that's just bad. Everything gets 1-2 shot solo when you have about 25k sheet dps, anything after that is just scary for reflect

Defensively, aim for capped res, high armour/evasion and 4000 HP. Capped block (75%) too of course. I'd recommend at least 4.5k hp for higher maps.

Offensively, aim for 7k sheet dps, you can clear all 66-69 maps with no problem.
For higher maps aim for around 13-18k sheet dps and you'll be fine.

Overall I think those "benchmarks" are easily obtainable.


Bandit Rewards:
Normal: +40 Life (Oak)
Cruel: 8% Attack Speed (Kraityn) or 18% Physical Damage (Oak)
Merciless: Endurance Charge (Oak) or Skill Point (None)

In Cruel, both rewards are the same dps at end game. I picked attack speed then respecced to physical damage to test, both were the same. Attack speed is more fun in my opinion.
In Merciless it's up to you what charge you pick. I prefer an Endurance charge for more defense, but you can get a skill point or even Power/Frenzy if you want to run Power Charge on Crit or Blood Rage.


Map Mods:
This build can do any map mod, you should also level these gems in your weapon swap:
Mana Leech
Life Gain on Hit
Additional Accuracy

Blood Magic:
No problem, just turn off auras.

50%/No Regen:
Swap Faster Attacks for Mana Leech or Additional Accuracy, and don't Whirling Blades as much.

Physical Reflect:
At the start this mod was no problem, but when I got insane physical damage and crit it started to hurt.
I'd probably reroll most Phys Reflect maps now but if you need to run them then take out; Faster Attacks for Mana Leech, Melee Physical Damage for Life Gain on Hit, Crit Damage for IIR or Added Chaos Damage.

If you encounter a physical reflect monster in a map, make sure your Jade/Granite is activated then burst it down. Try not to hit more than 3-5 monsters at once time, if you crit into a huge pack you will 1 shot yourself. If you play smart this mod isn't that bad, you just have to pay attention.

If you want to be immune to physical reflect then either spec into Vaal Pact or don't get more than 400-500% crit multi.
EDIT: Immortal Call on CwDT is also a great option.

Elemental Weakness:
Over cap your resistances or swap to a strong Kite Shield.

All other mods are easy.


Thanks to Shiru for helping with the build.

IGN: @Oos
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Also known as Oos' rip phys reflect crit dagger ranger.
voidan wrote:
Also known as Oos' rip phys reflect crit dagger ranger.

Haha yeah, it can be scary now my gear is good. After long mapping sessions you can lose focus and get wrecked, but if you concentrate (and Jade/Granite) it's no problem.

placeholder for my dagger incase I sell it.

IGN: @Oos
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Nice build Bro !
up for our leader of RIP MAPS and amazing build as well of course
IGN: Mahakali
why no unwavering stance
how many deaths does this char have ?
tyranyus wrote:
why no unwavering stance

It costs a lot of points and I grab Heart of The Oak instead, with decent armour you'll never be stun locked.

xank wrote:
how many deaths does this char have ?

I feel like this question is pretty irrelevant, the build is obviously strong enough defensively. I have around 30 deaths, most of them from farming Merciless Dominus with MF gear, and some deaths to physical reflect (could have all been avoided had I been playing better, or stacked less crit multi). Pretty sure I haven't died out of those two situations.

I'm currently leveling it up in Nemesis now so let's see how that goes.
In hardcore if you don't stack more than 400% (roughly) then reflect will be manageable.
IGN: @Oos
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bandit rewards?
ign: Terkypits

pm me on forum or ingame if I win.
yummer wrote:
bandit rewards?

Ah yeah forgot, added them now:

Bandit Rewards:
Normal: +40 Life (Oak)
Cruel: 8% Attack Speed (Kraityn) or 18% Physical Damage (Oak)
Merciless: Endurance Charge (Oak) or Skill Point (None)

In Cruel, both rewards are the same dps at end game. I picked attack speed then respecced to physical damage to test, both were the same. Attack speed is more fun in my opinion.
In Merciless it's up to you what charge you pick. I prefer an Endurance charge for more defense, but you can get a skill point or even Power/Frenzy if you want to run Power Charge on Crit or Blood Rage.
IGN: @Oos

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