[1.1.2b] Invasion/Ambush - Dyadus Avatar of Fire Templar

poe_volka wrote:
Instead of Avatar of fire you could go elemental equilibrium and trigger EE with:
- a cwdt setup (maybe quality arc/shock nova with ele prolif? Or GMP/Chain arctic breath for double dipping EE + chilled ground effect)
- tempest shield
- lightning warp as movement skill

Shield charge might also be worth considering as it can get a high more multiplier at distance. Might be too clumsy for casual mobs though.

Well the character isn't being played at all anymore, just waiting for the new Leagues, which will be HC for me.

I changed it around so I'm using Arctic Armour at just Lv 1 for the Chilling Ground which gives me free +40% Increased Burning Damage.
I did have an idea of going some unorthodox CwdT setup, but again Sockets/Links would be such a pain really.

I'm not saying Shield Charge is bad, but it's GARBAGE, most of the time enemies will come to you, reducing the damage-effectiveness of the Shield Charge, Leaping Frogs comes to mind here, and let's not forget the famous Devourer-gangbang.

Edit: But really, your CwdT-Shock Nova with EE sounds fun and you should give it a try if you like to use "horrible Uniques" and laugh at people selling it to you for a mere Chaos.

But bear in mind we took the Avatar of Fire for a reason, to boost our damage really hard for just 1 point that we walk past anyways.
And since you only get Damage from Anger anyways, this is your only other option to stack up some additional Damage really.
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