[1.1.2] [Invasion] My Fire Trap Build - lvl 23 AA, EB, MoM

Finally made it to level 100! :) should be proof enough its an overall solid build :D

Been getting a few requests to post my build and gear here. All in all its a pretty basic Ignite / Prolif based fire trap build with searing touch, AA, EB and MoM. Very good surviability and high dps.

This build aims to have fast clear speed and high survivability for end game maps, it is mostly a solo build but works very well in parties aswell if you run dual curse, i normally put on Windscream for parties.

My defensive stats atm are:
6000 life + 2000 mana after clarity and discipline putting me at a total of 8000 life with Mind over Matter.

Running level 23 Arctic Armour wich makes me very tanky against physical and fire damage.

294 Life Regen, 336 Mana Regen
3600 armor.
77% all resists.
12% block chance.

Clear speed is very good, traps 1 shot everything solo (even in smaller parties even tho i made this for solo play), including magic and rare monsters. Unless they are very fire resistant high HP mobs like rock golems.

Most bosses also die in very few traps.

The biggest weakness this build has is probably Arc mages and storm herald rares as they destroy traps and i don't have clever construction. Don't think its worth spending 8 points to get it for the very limited use it has.

Passive Tree for level 98:

Gear and Gems:

If you have any questions or feedback please leave it in the comments :)

Edit: Changed some stuff on the build, started using windscream for dual curse and Empower for firetrap and AA, level 24 fire trap and level 23 AA now.
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Where should I spend points when leveling, and where should i prioritize in the tree? Also, what skills should I use for leveling?
For leveling i would use searing bond, stick to the north part of the tree and justt grab life/Burn/Elemental dmg nodes. You can also use fire traps to level up with aswell, with a 4/5link searing touch that will give you insane leveling speed, but searing bond is so good to level up with anyways and very cheap, but either works.
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do u not use windscreams to duo curse? just curious has u have 3 curses when do u use all 3 or do u just use 1 in certain siturations

also how come u don't use determination with grace and clarity? do u run 3 auras also?
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No i don't double curse myself, i just use the curses in different situations, i use flammability 99% of the time, temp chains or enfeeble for certain invasion bosses.

I only run Grace and Clarity, If i run more auras it would reserve too much of my Mana which is bad since i'm using Mind over Matter.
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hm so would it be better to get boots like yours and ditch windscreams im using this build but imtrying to follow yours as I wanna be tanky http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/788064
Depends, do you play alot in 5-6 man parties and nobody has dual/tri curse?

If your mostly soloing i would ditch the curse boots and get some tanky ones. That said, Darni's build is basicly the same build as mine, but his is slightly more offensive and party based as he uses that in 1 week races. I mostly play solo with mine and aim for level 100 so its abit more defensive specced, invasion is also a lot more scary then normal HC which his build was used in.
ah true true ya I dunno seems I get more xp solo sometimes I group which I guess I can switch out the boots when I solo and when I don't im lvl 73 atm with 3.7k health imam go more defensive like your build
when do u use purity of elements when u group?
Don't really use purity much anymore. But i have it slotted for when i meet invaders or nasty mobs who curses in elemental weakness maps. Not overcapped for dual curses in ele weakness maps.

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