[1.1.2] [Invasion] My Fire Trap Build - lvl 23 AA, EB, MoM

so I notice you don't use carcass jack any reason?
im also conflicted if I was to say get boots or gloves with like + 400 to evasion OR armour
wouldn't that be better then a item with evasion AND Armour if the vaule is lower?
Well, the plan was to get a Kaom's heart at some point, i even found one aswell, but i found the current chest im using awhile back and it just gives me sooo much mana so i could never get rid of it. From that chest alone i get 1300 Mana, wich again gives me a ton of mana regen and allows me to use lvl 21 AA.

If i had some sick EB helm with 300-400 ES and some decent EB gloves/boots i would probably use a carcass jack or kaoms' heart instead. But atm i don't and im to lazy to buy upgrades.
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Slightly worked on my passive tree today and changed it up abit. Also updated my gear as i was bored and exalted all of it :P even tho lots of them wasn't worthy of an exalt.
6500 life + 1977 Mana after aura's putting me at 8477 HP how u got so much life?
Uhm, not sure how to reply to that? you can see all my gear and passives man.
well u including the mana thru me off so you have almost 9k hp dam I wanted to ask can I subsutite the evasion es chest piece for a armor es one?
also u switchec out grace for discipline? when did u do that and how come?
Yes, either type of chest works, armor/es, evasion/es or a pure ES one aswell, prefferebly you want some ES on all your items.

Yes i recently switched grace for disc, my disc finally dinged lvl 20, and my armor was so low anyways and AA negates most of the small phys attacks, so i opted to go for discipline. Lost about 3000 armor and gained 500 ish mana after auras and lots of mana regen.
your fine with losing all that armor?

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