What's Being Kept from Ambush/Invasion? (Updated July 4)

You finally made end game viable for everyone and now you want to nerf cartographer? People is >having fun< on ambush, this is the only feedback Chris, listen to it, don't start to ruin again what you have done. We play 4 months leagues, it's a "short" time, then we just restart again, let people enjoy the game. I think you got enough critics about the whole atziri gated content, don't bring back again map system to that
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Cartos with +0 level are not necessarily more exciting than a good drop from a rare.

Cartos with +5 level are kind of ridiculous. Multiple 75s from a 71 map? Silly good.

Cartos with +2 level (maybe even +3) should be just about right.
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I'd like to see the Cartographers boxes not nerfed too much either. It is kind of cheezy getting a bunch of 78s from a 73, but I don't want to see high maps too much more valuable than they are now. As it is now, I can actually play stuff worth doing without feeling like it's stupid to waste a valuable map to do it. I know they're way more common now than they were before, but I don't think it's a bad thing. I don't want to feel punished for wanting to play my high level character rather than making a new one.

I would get rid of the +level mod on them (or maybe make it +1 or +2), decrease the bonus quantity mods, but make the boxes themselves more common. I'd like for them to significantly help sustain maps once you can actually do that level of map.
So you are putting Strongboxes into the normal game despite the fact that it's causing alot of player's to lag really hard when opening them?

Do you not care about the technical constraints of your own game engine and just try to put as much shit into this game as humanly possible?

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I think cartographer's boxes should still be in the core game. The current map drop rate is pretty frustrating. Adding a little extra with less occurance of chests will help to build a better map pool. Maybe reduce the amount of dropped maps a bit, so people don't throw 5-10 chaos at them and get like 15 76-78 maps in return.
But for invasion right now, I have yet to expand my pool into the 70's because it occurs from time to time that I run mutiple maps (>5) with 30-50 quantity and get exactly 0 maps in return. Map drops as they are right now in the core game are pretty frustrating.
I think this is a good call, the invasion bosses can be game braking with bad luck and the current effort/reward state of the game is screaming for strong boxes (although I don't play ambush and haven't experienced them myself)

BTW: What will happened to Vaal gems and orbs? Are those already in the normal leagues? I personally don't like them at all.
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Nice to see some of these future changes.

I for one hate Invasion with a passion and all I can say is I hope for a more interesting HC league next season beyond broken, overpowered mobs that one shot you. None of my small pool of friends play anymore this season and we are all waiting for next to begin in July. Please make it a good one Chris!
I'm pleased with these developments. I also have to say -- if you guys only need about a month and a half to decide which features to keep for the base game (as this post appears to be pointing at) then I sincerely hope that you'll consider (for example) one-month test leagues in the future for other new features.
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Chris wrote:

The system of guest base monster types was successful and will be integrated into the core game. It will be toned down substantially so that guest monsters are mostly noticeable in higher difficulties (we ramped it very high for Invasion).

I don't see how the inclusion of base guest monsters can be concluded as a success, when in the present state of Invasion it has ruined the "themes" of every zone in the game. Toning down the guest presence won't alter that, it'll still feel like a random cesspool of tentacles and horns.

Now the Invasion bosses could have served the function of a "Guest presence" instead, if they were a random occurrence and not literally were there in every zone as is the case now.

The inclusion of base guest monsters is a loss to immersion and atmosphere.
I don't like the invading monsters being kept. They're a nice idea for a challenge league, but they just harm the immersion. It doesn't feel right fighting certain monsters at certain places.
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