Client Performance (Updated June 16)

pls ggg make an option to lower particle effects dont upgrade them they are fancy
sidtherat wrote:
Couldnt you just add an option to disable the offending part? We all know what these are. And sadly weve got an answer that 'that would ruin the atmosphere' but i hope that was simply a joke.

These kinds of comment make me so sad.
nice work, im glad to hear that your are working on the text rendering and at the engine at all. keep going
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Sounds nice. Though i never had problems caused by sounds.
Although my rig (some 4 years old laptop) isnt really state of the art, using ssd and putting /t(e)mp into ramdisk solves many of the loading related problems.

Party Play still gives lag when combined with fireworks of skill and many monsters. Same applies to some corrupted areas - got heavy fps drop in those areas form piety temple (lunaris?) maybe due to heavy use of that red cloud thing. Reducing resolution doesnt help much. Only thing that helped was to rise the process-priority from normal to above normal. (under win7 at elast) That boosted more than i expected.
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Chris wrote:
Preloading of Large Sounds (New: May 16, 2014)
We've found an issue where many objects in-game have really long sounds attached that could instead be streamed from the drive as they play. This causes them to take too long to load, and is easily noticable in areas that contain Vaal side areas (as the heart has a long sound on it). Fixing this will reduce RAM requirements and load times.
Will there be an option (command-line) to revert to old full-preload behavior?
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.
Fix Palace boss room plss..
@_inQontrol lvl 100 Ambush
gear, tree:
Please do something about instance loading time deaths. 20 hours of gametime lost because of a 20 second load time just doesn't seem fair.
Superpredator wrote:
Please do something about instance loading time deaths. 20 hours of gametime lost because of a 20 second load time just doesn't seem fair.

20 seconds?

any battlefront or docks based map takes between 30-60 seconds for me and if im not already dead once I get into the map the game crashes because my party has already moved up the map and set off a bunch of skills and they all come in at once and cause the game to log out to login screen. "An unexpected error has occurred" yeah see that at least 3-4 times a day.

now when I make map I have to say no sum/dis/coc and now it seems that some Gavel's and molten strike builds are also causing issues...

I don't even need to be in a full party. 3 teammates can cause a crash of this nature.

Eventually I just wont be able to play in public parties at all. To run this game smoothly you need to drop 2g's on a desktop so in reality you only have the illusion that POE is free to play.

Honestly, I don't want any more content updates until these issues are fixed. The more content you add the worse the problems get.
I would love to see an option where you can disable or reduce the skill animation of other players. This would mainly be geared towards large parties where with many vaal skills (spark or skellies for example) in addition to the builds themselves (CoC builds). I care only about what the effects look like to me--don't really care about how it looks to others.

Also I noticed that over time if the client is up and running for long periods of time (all day for example), animations degrade over time. For example, portal effects instead of being smoothly rendered appear pixalated and no longer have a smooth rotating animation. Restart the client, and the problem goes away for another couple of hours.

The Ctrl+Enter doesn't always switch from one conversation to a new one. Instead of the @name changing to the most recent tell, it will remain to the name of the last person who you had a conversation with. Is that going to be addressed in the client text chat fixes?

And while not related to the client specifically, for goodness sake, mailboxes with CoD for item trading and/or auction house!
MANY crash in Dominus and some maps, you just kicked from game or crash cleint when enter location or map + sounds way way too loud, must be less sounds from fire or water in act 2 and more.

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