1.2.0 Improvements to New User Experience

Chris wrote:
While I understand that a better tutorial isn't an exciting feature to hear that we are going to spend developer time on (as you all already know how to play)..

Please allocate resources to improving the new user experience especially with regards to tutorial pop-ups even a new pre-starter level on the ship coming across to Wraeclast. Heard too many stories of people spending 10 minutes in Twilight Strand, dying to Hillock and quitting. GGG needs to spend some time making the transition into the game easier for people which will hopefully translate into more players over time. I still remember getting smashed in Lower Submerged in July '12 and having no idea why - it was due to cold dmg, freeze and having no cold res obviously but newbs don't understand.
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DexDeus wrote:
Something that might be worth doing is an exilipedia that can be accessed through game menu's which explains game mechanics for new players. A lot of new players wont be as into this as i was and spend their time on the wiki learning things as they play they just want to play. Having it in game means its quick and easy for them to do it. Think of the civipedia in civilisation games and you get what i mean here.

It'd be a lot of work to do but it could be done over the course of a year, like 1 article a week just on the basics and such and can be added to over time. In fact you could ask permissions from the wiki guys or ask people to make threads to contribute to it.

The community would then essentially write it for you, youd just have to check it was accurate and build the interface, then just paste it in - easy.

GGG should delegate this work indeed, let it be like a wiki and community based.

GGG only has to provide the interface in game.

Give certain community members, review and / or publish permissions for example.

BTW: Still I think the first point in Chris' post (about the underwhelming start) was also important and should not be forgotten.
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IMO he clunky feel comes from getting zero feedback on missed attacks and the lack of animation-cancelling, but improving attack speed can help mask both of these problems, so go for it. I want people I invite to the game to stick around!

List the recipes in-game to show off the depth of crafting and the options available to players. Give more tutorials because your game is complex and people get discouraged easily. I would love to see long tutorial menu filled with short videos of Chris Wilson explaining the various facets of PoE (and not just because of the sexy accent). Increase the number of quest reward gems at early levels, because Tarkleigh welcomes you to Wraeclast with a choice of, 3 measly gems? Make it 10 gems to choose from and you'll wow people. Do things to motivate new players to explore the game and show off PoE's depth.
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A good in-game tutorial is a must.
Please consider giving some sort of advice about trading. Maybe even recomend a couple of well-known and aproved trading sites to begginers? - most people that stay in the game find them sooner or later anyway.
Wasn't GGG already working on changes to trading?

Then the way that would look might also depend on what those changes are...

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Chris wrote:
Currently, the Path of Exile tutorial is a subtle box that says "Hold Alt to show items on the ground". ..

I LOLed hard ;D, "tutorial" is a nice euphemism ;)

But i am sure it will be very helpful for PoE and GGG to have a cool tutorial for new players.
It should point out common newbie pitfalls like not paying attention to stat requirements while leveling gems which may only be enabled by stat-increasing equipment.
ephetat wrote:
Surprised to see Early Accuracy not getting a mention alongside Attack Speed, particularly because the slowest attackers are also the ones that miss the most -- which is
more or less double the pain for the new player's experience.

Came here to say exactly this.

The attack speed is way less of an issue in my mind compared to "I swung and missed this monster twice (or even three times) in a row."

The low accuracy of melee attacks in particular in the very early game is the the thing that makes my characters feel the weakest.
I suggest adding a small note to the infobox on currency items to indicate the rarity of the currency so that newer players can have an idea of the rarity of a currency item.

This would, I believe, improve newer players understanding and enjoyment of finding these items as well as slightly reducing the chance for annoyance and vitriol that such questions garner in the global chat.

Something simple as rarity rank 11 out of 15 or something maybe.
Chris wrote:
We're currently internally testing a change where early weapons have been rebalanced to be slightly faster, while still doing the same overall damage per second.

I hope you won't overlook possible aura and CoC builds that will use level 1 daggers/rapiers if they are 2.0 base aps :)
Very good changes to hear.

Other games in the past I've enjoyed, didn't have a very good tutorial or starting options to new players.

With a game like PoE, it can be very daunting and confusing what to do.
I'd like to see developer videos, or an in-game tutorial feature, where it is explained to players: how the tree works, how currency works, certain types of builds (caster, melee, support, defensive/offensive, etc)

That I feel is one way GGG can quickly improve some information and the tutorial aspect to new players, without having to commit a large portion of your resources into doing so.
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