Vaal Summon Skeletons, New Microtransactions and First Ambush Atziri Kill

I want the surprise already!!
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
just give me that ball lightning!
ah man...atziri's helm skin looks very cool
i <3 minesweeper
BldSwtTrs wrote:
Same microtransaction for invasion and ambush? pretty stupid.... heh

I double that
Gz mathil!
IGN: MsAnnoyance
Gratz on the kill
There will be a surprise tomorrow.
But now we know there's a suprise, so the surprise is there is no surprise?

Seems we're living in interesting times.
There will be a surprise tomorrow.
But now we know there's a suprise, so the surprise is there is no surprise?

That would be surprising.
Congratulations to Mathil from me too!

As someone who has basically no prospect of attempting or completing the Atziri fight I have to say I think it's a fantastic addition to the game. The most dedicated, elite players out there end up maxing out everything put in front of them in the fullness of time... why not give them a challenge set at the extreme end of the game?

I have no doubt that even in invasion all 50 kill slots will get claimed. All the tools are there to make it happen, the powerful build/skill combinations that can succeed are already being discovered and shared, non hardcore leagues provide the opportunity to practice the fight, one week of play is enough to get good enough gear to win and we have 3 3/4 more months! A challenge like this that culminates in a fight is way more interesting than a shopping list of uniques.

In Invasion when people eventually put all their shit on the line it will lead to some of the most memorable moments we've seen, I just hope some of these get recorded for posterity! When the winners emerge, all the claims that the fight is ridiculous/unfair will just make the feeling even more sweet. Even the epic losses will be trophies of a sort although it might take a while for it to feel that way!
Gratz Mathil

And I just love the QQ in this thread... bla bla only 1 build can do it I wanna do it in 2 days with no effort, bla bla I cant use a single Vaal skill because evey single one sucks... LOL L2P

ON Topic: I love Vaal Fireball

But on a serious note change to some of the Vaal skills (Vaal Ground Slam?) and reduction of soul req (Vaal Detonate?) would be much appreciated.
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